Name: Damian Dunn
Class: Freshman “2019”
Height/Weight: 6’3” 180
High School: Kinston High School (Kinston, NC)
Position: Point Guard/ Shooting Guard / Small Forward
AAU Team: Stackhouse Elite
Projected Level of Play: Division 1
Video Link:
Damien Dunn

Damian Dunn is a smooth, poised and talented young freshman guard (14 years old). He appears poised to be the “next” in line for a storied Kinston High School basketball program. Currently standing at 6’3”, he’s quick, elusive, can shoot and he’s as versatile as they come. Plays multiple positions for Kinston High (including point guard) and appears primed to grow a few more inches. His coming out party came against 2A powerhouse Goldsboro HS in the conference championship, where he went for 21 points and 7 rebounds in the highly anticipated rivalry matchup (see video below). Look out for him in the coming years. He’s going to be a fun player to watch!


Versatility – Damian stands at 6’3”, but plays very strong for a 14 year old freshman. He really gets after it on the glass, goes up strong in the paint, handles the ball well, has good court vision and he can create his own shot in the post or on the perimeter. Being so young, it’s likely that he will grow, potentially making him even more of a nightmare in the future for opponents on both ends. He gets low and moves his feet well defensively. Damian isn’t afraid to get physical with bigger and older players.

Scoring Ability – He’s an effortless scorer that gets in the paint at will using minimal dribbles. Dunn is very efficient with the ball and doesn’t waste much time before making a move towards the basket. Surprises defenders with quick hesitations, crossovers and pass fakes. Has shown a nice touch on his pull up jump-shot. Knocks down free throws at a high rate. Converts on midrange pull-ups and spot up three-pointers. Finishes well at the rim with either hand.

Size for Position – Having point guard abilities as a 6’3’ freshman is always a promising sign. He doesn’t let pressure speed him up. Gets to his spots to run the offense when he’s playing the 1 and on the wing. He’s shown good strength and patience. Uses his height well to shoot over smaller defenders and uses his quickness and creativity to get by bigger ones.

Areas for Improvement:

Consistency – As with most freshman, he’s up and down, showing flashes in some games and not so much in others. That may have to do a lot with Kinston High School having a surplus of seniors. He began to string together more and more strong games as the conference season came around, so all signs point to him having the understanding that players such as himself always have some room to improve.

Athleticism – As noted earlier, he’s only 14 years of age, so he’s young for his class with plenty of time to grow in stature and as a player. He must get stronger and quicker to become more consistent and to improve as a finisher against bigger, stronger and more athletic opponents. This will also allow him to be quicker on his feet when applying defensive pressure and it will enable him to play more physical with bigger opposing guards and wings.

Remember his name. He has the talent to become a very special prospect.

Photo Credits: Junious Smith III (Kinston Free Press)

Evin Caswell Player Splash

Name: Evin Caswell
Class: Senior “2016”
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 180
High School: Ocracoke (Ocracoke, NC)
Position: Shooting Guard / Small Forward
AAU Team: Elizabeth City Blazers
Projected Level of Play: D2 / D3
GPA: 3.5
Video Link:
Evin Caswell

Evin Caswell is a 6’4” athletic wing for Ocracoke High School in Hyde County, NC. He just recently surpassed the 1000 point mark in his high school career. To say that Evin has been playing “under the radar” is an understatement. His high school is located on the outer banks of North Carolina on Ocracoke Island. Despite attending a high school with a total enrollment of less than 60 students, Evin Caswell has managed to put up some impressive numbers and was named Coastal 10 Conference Player Of The Year. In this current season (2015-2016) he has averaged over 18 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals and 1.6 blocks per game while competing against perennial powerhouse 1A opponents such as Camden County, Plymouth HS and Gates County HS in conference play.


Athleticism – Evin is a very impressive run and jump athlete that plays both below and above. He is very quick with the ball and has sneaky bounce. Can and will rise up and dunk over defenders before they have reached the top of their jump. (see video below) In the games I was able to watch him, he didn’t waste many movements. He uses his speed and leaping ability really well to fill lanes for easy layups and uncontested dunks. When he gets the ball at the high post, he turns quick and leaps up really high for jump-shots. On the defensive end he has quick hands and solid anticipation. He outleaps most of his opponents for rebounds and does a very solid job timing weak side layups for acrobatic blocks, despite only being around 6’3”- 6’4” tall.

Court Awareness – He has a very high motor and is seemingly always involved in plays, with or without the ball. He doesn’t need to have plays ran for him to be an effective ballplayer. Shows a great ability to move without the ball and doesn’t hold it very long once he does have it in his hands. Possesses a very unorthodox yet efficient face up game, consisting of a variety of pump fakes, jab steps, spin moves and hesitations. Doesn’t need but a split second to beat a defender using mostly 2 dribbles to get all the way to the rim. Seemingly always in a position to compete for a rebound on both ends. Very hard to keep off the glass because of his nose for the ball and quick leaping ability.

Fundamentals – He is very fundamentally sound on both ends of the basketball (boxing out, triple threat, pump fakes, post feeding, sealing defenders, forcing baseline drives) and gets the most out of his abilities. Not flashy. Just gets the job done. Doesn’t make a ton of mistakes, lets the game come to him and shows great patience. He uses the glass very well and communicates very well on both ends with his teammates.

Areas for Improvement:

Ball Handling – At this moment, ball handling isn’t a big strength of his. He has great instincts, so he’s able to get by at the high school level, but at the NCAA level his handle will have to become stronger or teams will eventually aim to pressure him to his off hand, limiting his athletic ability. He also tends to pick up his dribble too early at times on the perimeter, leading to him attempting to make long passes that are highly susceptible to being picked off. Adopting a successful dribbling regimen and staying consistent with it in training sessions could help him in this area. Developing a tighter handle will also enable him to capitalize on his already good offensive instincts, his athleticism and it will help him trim down on some of the turnovers he commits caused by intense pressure defense.

Physique – Evin has a wiry frame that makes him look smaller than he is. However, his body type looks very well equipped to handle another 15 – 20 lbs comfortably. Right now he out-leaps everyone and overwhelms his opponents with his athleticism. In college, players will be bigger and stronger at every position, so he’ll need to put on muscle to compensate for the increased intensity, speed and physicality of the college game on both ends of the floor. Adding muscle and strength to his upper and lower body should enable him to take bumps better on drives to the basket, keep his position for rebounds and improve on his lateral movement so that he won’t become a target for opposing guards defensively. If he transforms his body combined with his leaping ability, don’t be surprised to see him become a double-double threat in college, despite being just 6’4″ tall.

Shot Consistency – He has good form on his jump-shot, but can be extremely streaky, even at the free throw line. Simple repetition and working on building a habit patience and following through on his shot will correct the issues with his jumper and free throw shooting.

Overall Outlook:

As noted earlier, he goes to high school on an island in Hyde County, so experience early on competing against similar athletes and similar players will be key to his development, as well as getting acclimated to the college life. In the right program and with some patience, Evin could develop into a very solid, do it all type NCAA level basketball player. Bigtime sleeper prospect with a high motor, great athleticism and tons of potential for a D2 or D3 school.

Game Film: Courtesy of HoopFarm Mixtapes (Plymouth, NC) & Ocracoke Dolphins

Photo Credits: Peter Vankevich


Raheem Nixon 2016

Name: Raheem Nixon
Class: Senior “2016”
Height/Weight: 5’9” 160
High School: Northeastern High School (Elizabeth City, NC)
Position: Point Guard/Shooting Guard
AAU Team: Elizabeth City Blazers
Video Link:
Projected Level of Play: D3/NAIA
Raheem Nixon

Sharpshooter! Raheem Nixon is a very quick sharpshooting senior guard that has accounted for nearly 1/3 of Northeastern High School’s made 3 pointers. He plays both some point guard and shooting guard for a very deep Northeastern High School basketball team. He currently is their 2nd leading scorer and overall leader in 3’s made, 3 point percentage and also 2nd in steals. While he’s basically been a virtual unknown, smaller schools (D3/NAIA/JC) in need of a player who can immediately bolster their team shooting should definitely watch his video below and be on the lookout for him in the state playoffs, as his team currently sits at 21-2, poised to make a deep playoff run. He has plenty of potential to go along with his current game and shooting ability.


Attacking – Raheem shows an uncanny ability to get in the paint and finish amongst the trees as well as in transition. He makes some very tough shots inside, even when taking plenty of contact on his way to the basket. In transition he’s very tough to contain as he has really sound body control and a soft touch at the basket, even at high speeds. Adjusts very well in the air for acrobatic finishes.

Shooting – He’s one of the more underrated shooters in the Eastern NC region. He’s had multiple games where he’s knocked down at least 4 triples. Once he gets it going, teams can’t afford to lose track of him. He can get on a roll knocking down barrages of 3 pointers and mid-range shots in succession in no time. His release is also very quick and consistent. He follows through well and doesn’t change his shot regardless of how defenses react to him, leading at times to him making trips to the line for 3.

High Motor – Never really stops moving. Very active on defense and understands spacing on offense. In transition he fills lanes really well and sprints to his spots. His movement combined with his shooting ability puts a lot of pressure on team defenses and causes a lot of havoc. He does a good job closing out on shooters and has quick hands on defense and jumps passing lanes well.

Areas for Improvement:

On Ball Defense – He works really hard on defense, but can get overzealous in man to man. This enables quicker guards to beat him off the dribble and it can sometimes leads to foul trouble. If he stays aggressive, puts in the work in the off-season working on his core and improves his lateral movement, he could become a real pest defensively at the next level.

Size For Position – He’s more of a combo guard than a point guard and at 5’9” he must work harder than his peers to maintain. He is very quick, fast and handles the ball well enough to get by at the high school level. His shooting ability also helps him get by right now as well, but at the next level he’ll have to improve on his off hand and put in countless hours in the weight-room to fully adjust to the physicality and daily grind of NCAA/NAIA level basketball.

Video Credits: MrStdaghost (YouTube)

Shawn Walker Jr.

Name: Shawn Walker Jr
Class: Freshman “2019”
Height/Weight: 6’3” 150
High School: Northeastern High School (Elizabeth City, NC)
Position: Point Guard
AAU Team: Boo Williams
Projected Level of Play: Division 1
Video Link:
Shawn Walker, Jr.

Shawn Walker Jr. has all of the makings of a potential big time prospect. Early signs show that he’s a winner. Only a freshman for his Northeastern High School team, he’s already making a huge impact while running the show for one of the deepest high school teams in NC averaging approximately 10 points, 5.5 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 2 steals. A lengthy 6’3” point guard, Walker has had some really solid games against some very strong competition, showing some serious poise and savvy. It’s extremely early to project exactly what level of Division 1 he will eventually play at, but do not be surprised down the line to see him become one of the most highly coveted players from the area in a long time. He has elite potential.


Poise – For a guard to be so young and poised is a promising sign. Doesn’t get sped up and shows a ton of patience with every movement. Due to this, he operates very well in a variety of offensive sets, whether it be a slowed down half-court offense, in transition or in an up-tempo offense. Much of the same bodes for him on the defensive end, as he shows a sound understanding of team defensive concepts and communication. Possesses a very high basketball IQ.

Skill – Although he’s just a freshman and has a few more years after this season to continue working on his game, most of the skill necessary to play at the next level is blatantly already there. He handles the ball very well with both hands, shows excellent footwork defensively and is seemingly getting stronger, faster and quicker each and every game. Shows a good repertoire of crossover moves, hesitations, spin moves, floaters, step-back jumpers and throws very good lob passes and entry passes to the post.

Size for Position – Standing at 6’3’ with long arms, he’s able to see over most defenses and make some great passes that most guards can’t pull off. He’s also able to cause some havoc defensively against opposing guards using his length and from being aggressive on defense. As said before, he’s only a freshman so he may not be done growing.

Areas for Improvement:

Free Throw Shooting – While he is not a bad free throw shooter, there is some room for improvement. As the seasons go by, he will start to get to the free-throw line more and more due to his ability to get in the lane and handle the ball. Becoming a better free throw shooter will make him so much tougher to guard, as teams will not want to risk putting him at the line.

Muscle – Being that he is extremely young and only a freshman, it’s only expected that he doesn’t have a ton of weight. As of right now, bigger and stronger guards can move him out of position and make his drives in the paint tougher by getting really physical with him. With some added muscle over the off-season, expect his recruitment to really heat up maybe even as early as this coming summer.

Photo Credits: DailyAdvance
Video Credit: MrSTDaGhost (YouTube)

Tyler Maye basketball

Name: Tyler Maye
Class: Junior “2017”
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 170
High School: Farmville Central HS (Farmville, NC)
Position: Point Guard
AAU Team: Carolina Raptors
Video Link:
Projected Level: Mid Major Division 1
Tyler Maye

Tyler Maye is an elite scoring point guard that plays somewhat under the radar for Farmville Central High School in Farmville, NC. He previously played his first two seasons for the Greenfield Knights in Wilson, NC and was one of the team leading scorers as a sophomore. Now that he’s moved back to his hometown, he is dominating all opposition while averaging 24 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals per game for his Farmville Central HS Jags while playing in a loaded NC 2A classification.


Defense – Very good defender at the high school level. Whether it’s playing defense on the ball or off the ball, Tyler has exhibited a natural feel for the defensive end that makes him a nightmare for opposing guards that don’t possess a tight handle. He communicates very well in a team defensive setting and has good instincts in regards to knowing when to gamble for steals and when to stay put. Doesn’t foul much because he doesn’t do much reaching. He does possess very quick hands defensively however. Moves his feet very well.

Scoring Ability – This kid can flat out score with minimal effort. He has an array of dribble moves, pull-up jumpers, reverse layups, spin moves and crossovers that he uses. Very laid back demeanor on the floor, but quietly competitive. Changes speeds well and has a beautiful release on his jump-shot. Countless times you will see him get extremely easy layups and mid-range shot opportunities, simply because he knows where to be and picks his spots extremely well. He never looks to be sped up, out of control, nor does he look rattled, even during some of the tougher stretches of games and has proven to be a clutch performer as well. Even with his elite scoring ability, he’s very unselfish and creates often for others as well.

Leadership – It’s very obvious that his teammates love to play with him, he’s unselfish and he’s very coachable. He exhibits very good body language and let’s his game speak for him. It rubs off on his teammates as they all look for one another and share the ball extremely well, despite Tyler being the elite scorer that he is. Has all of the qualities that coaches look for and want out of their guards and has proven to be a clutch performer. (Great Communicator, Sound Work Ethic, Positive Demeanor)

Areas for Improvement:

Core Strength – Even though his defensive instincts are very good, he can tend to stand more and more upright deeper into defensive possessions and late into close games. Offensively, he has enough skill and creativity to get to the rim at will, but will need to gain more explosiveness and lower body strength to continue finishing efficiently over bigger and taller defenders at the next level. Increasing his core strength and transforming his body even more will make him even harder to guard offensively. It will also make him even better of a defender, improving his lateral movement and preventing bigger guards from overpowering him.

Size – While he isn’t necessarily small, he isn’t a dominating physical presence either. I must note that not many point guards are elite physically as high school juniors. His somewhat slender frame doesn’t matter much at this level, but he could stand to put on about 10 – 15 lbs of muscle for the future. Doing so would enable him to absorb more contact (as stated earlier), maintain balance on tough drives, fight through more screens defensively, dribble or pass out of traps, hold position on post-ups and corral more rebounds at his position.

Only a junior. If he continues to improve, don’t be surprised to see his recruitment soar.

Photo Credits: Charles Clark (BasketballElite)
Video Credits: The Hoops Column (YouTube)

Name: Jaquan Miles
Class: Junior (2017)
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 195
High School: Northampton County (Conway, NC)
Position: Shooting Guard / Small Forward
AAU Team: Richmond Squires
Projected Level: Mid Major/High Major D1
Video Link:

Jaquan Miles (also known as J.J. Miles) is a sweet shooting SG/SF from Northampton County HS in Conway, NC. He has been playing varsity basketball since he was the teams designated shooter as a 6’2” freshman. He had a great sophomore season during the 2014-2015 campaign, capped off with a 33 point outing during the 2015 NCHSAA 1A State Playoffs in a matchup against Northside Pinetown. Fast forward to now, he’s 6’6” and has retained his shooting stroke and improved his other skills along the way. He produces big numbers consistently for his Northampton County HS. So far this season (2015-2016), he’s currently averaging staggering numbers of over 28 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks per game. He’s only a junior and has plenty of room to continue growing as a player.


Shooting/Scoring Ability – Very confident and consistent knockdown shooter. Has a nice high release and solid overall form. Makes shots from all levels, whether off the catch or off the dribble. Has an effortless release all the way out to 24 feet. Scores in huge bunches at times with a barrage of jump-shots, pull-ups and dribble drive moves. Despite being the primary shooter/scorer for his Northampton County HS team, he still manages to be consistent shooting the basketball from the perimeter against a variety of man to man defenses and zone defenses keyed in mainly just to stop him. He is a very solid/confident free throw shooter as well. Very rarely misses free throw attempts. With added gym time and continuing to work on his jump-shot, he could arrive in college as a deadly jump-shooting option from the start of his college career.

Intangibles – It’s typically hard to get a good read on whether or not a kid has the intangibles to progress as a player by watching a few games, but the necessary intangibles are all glaringly evident with this kid. He has a high basketball IQ and the mentality to take and make big shots as evidenced in his big games against Northside (Pinetown) and South Creek (NC). His rebounding instincts are also really good as he’s a solid/quick leaper. Takes some risks that most players would not take in transition, but the risks somehow seem to always result into a layup or a trip to the line for free throws. He has a high motor (which can be an unteachable trait) and always hustles hard on both ends of the court. Has good body language. His teammates appear to love playing with him, as he displays good leadership with a sound finesse and confidence to his game.

Passing Ability – Despite the fact that he’s putting up staggering scoring numbers, he is by no means a selfish ballplayer. Very unselfish and willing to share the basketball. He has showcased an underrated passing ability in pick and roll situations, in transition and in several drive and dish situations. When he grabs defensive rebounds, he’s shown a good habit of looking ahead and throws full court outlet passes with a high accuracy.

Areas for Improvement:

Strength – By absolutely no means is he a weak basketball player, but he could stand to put on about 10 to 15 pounds of muscle to handle more physical play on both ends. Listed at 195, but looks closer to 185. As of right now at the next level, he would be labeled a good but not a great athlete. He already plays strong, but if he vastly strengthens his core, lower and upper body, he’ll become much more efficient playing through contact, finishing at the rim and he won’t be easily moved out of position by opponents at the next level who possess more girth.

Ball Control – Creativity with the ball isn’t an issue, however he does exhibit a habit of being too upright/loose with his handle at times. Better defenders aim to get underneath him and pressure him to his left side. This often times turns into tough contested pull-up jumpers and sometimes results in turnovers. He shoots it well enough that it doesn’t make too much of a difference at this level. However, to translate his scoring and shooting to the next level, he’ll have to strengthen his ball handling so that he could mix it up more, ex: strong drives to basket coupled with pull up jumpers and passes. Repetition pounding the basketball with his off hand, executing a variety of dribbling drills, getting lower and getting stronger will elevate his offensive game to another level.

Defensive Consistency – When motivated he’s shown to be a solid defender in help-side defensive situations and on the ball. However, he has a habit of gambling too early against ball-handlers. It leads at times to open shots and missed defensive rebounding attempts for his team. As with most young wings, he relies on his size often to stay in front of players instead of staying low and moving his feet. If he continues working on his lateral quickness (core) and staying motivated on the defensive end, he could become a really good option to defend opposing team’s scorers.

Game Film: Courtesy of Riverside HS (Williamston) & Northampton County HS

Photo Credits: Sarah Bloom (RRDailyHerald)

Basketball Clipboard

Kinston High School

Taji Moore, 6’0” G Class of 2018
Just a sophomore. Solid athletic guard that displays a ton of confidence in himself. Solid court vision and a nice drive and kick ability. Can get really hot from 3 point range. Very good at attacking the basket and has shown the potential to become a consistent scoring threat and rebounder for his position. Has decent size for the point guard position. At this point, he is playing on a team with a whopping 10 seniors for a storied Kinston program, so we’ll have to wait to see more. With a good summer of working on his jump-shot off the dribble, decision making and strength, he could become a very solid scoring point guard. Only a sophomore.

Tracy Whitfield 5’8” PG Class of 2018

Another sophomore for the senior laden Kinston Vikings. Very fast little guard that applies full court pressure and rarely turns the ball over in spot minutes. Very tight handle and uses spins very well to get to his spots and run the offense. Worth keeping an eye on as the season progresses and in the future. Jumpshot is unorthodox, as he seemingly fades sideways on the release but has shown a nice floater and poise. Will be tracking to see how he progresses.

Damian Dunn 6’3” SG/SF Class of 2019
Another intriguing freshman from the storied Kinston High School basketball program! Plays mainly in the post and doesn’t get a ton of plays ran for him on this stacked Kinston team but when his name is called, he’s shown a seemingly effortless ability to get to the rim and create his own shot off the dribble. Has a very nice touch, finishes well, bangs down low, handles the ball well under pressure and is very young. Love his game and toughness. Sky is the limit for this kid.

Dominic Williams 5’8” PG Class of 2016
Starting senior point guard for storied Kinston High School program. Very small but makes up for his size defensively with relentless pressure defense. Very quick hands. Rarely is beat off the dribble. Tends to get stuck on screens and get burned occasionally on backdoor plays off the ball however. Offensively, he’s very creative and can get his shot in isolation situations. His shot is a tad inconsistent, mainly due to a low release point but will knock jumpers down in rhythm. Shooting is definitely an area to be improved. Has excellent court vision and quickness. Could become a productive point guard for a D2/D3 or NAIA school.

North Lenoir High School

L’Shawn Davis 5’10” PG Class of 2017
Explosive is an understatement. Kid is one of the fastest and most explosive players I’ve seen with the ball in his hands. Blows by everyone and has excellent body control and finishing ability. Jump-shot is decent but could use some work. Shot percentage decreases a bit when teams get physical with him. Has to improve his mid-range game. Outstanding finisher, but too often he gets into traffic and goes for acrobatic layups. Has quick hands on defense and gets a ton of breakaway layups from leaving defenders in the dust after an offensive rebound. Moves his feet extremely well and forces even some of the better scorers into contested jump-shots. Currently averaging 19 points and 5 assists for a young North Lenoir High school team. Projected as an undersized but extremely fast and athletic college level point guard. LM D1 type of player as of now, but must continue to improve to attract offers.

South Lenoir High School

Jonte Midgette 6’1” SG Class of 2016
Scoring machine. Has an array of dribble drive moves that end up strong finishes and mid range pull-up jump shots. Extremely slender but his athleticism and ability to finish makes up for it and even helps him to be a well above average rebounder. Has very solid drive and kick ability. Against pressure however, tends to throw very lazy passes that lead to breakaways for opposing teams every now and again. Has a nice fadeaway jumper off the dribble. Goes to it too often at times however. Very good free throw shooter. Time in the weight-room could speed up his college productivity. Projects as a D2/D3 prospect.

Shykiem Wooten 6’1” PG Class of 2018
Athletic, strong and young. Only a sophomore. Has a much-improved jumper and has cut down on many of the turnovers he would commit as a freshman. Very intriguing. Looks to be a solid 185 lbs and more poised. Has the potential to be a lockdown defender. Moves feet really well, gets low and gets physical. Hard to project at this moment, but should know more of who he is as the season goes forth.

Southern Vance

Marcus Harrison 5’10” G Class of 2019
Energizer! Eastern NC is stacked with productive freshmen. Had a 36 point outburst early this season. Very active, finishes well and knocks shots down with a great consistency. Rebounds extremely well for his size. Multiple double digit rebound games early on. If he grows a few more inches, watch out! Plays for an extremely young Southern Vance team that could make some noise in the up and coming years with the right development.

Greene Central High School

Tre Wade 6’1 PG Class of 2016
Underrated! A coaches kind of guard and student-athlete. Good size for the point guard position. A solid 6’1” 190 lb point guard. Never really gets rattled and controls the flow of the game. Has a nice looking set shot, great court vision, strong with the ball using both hands, sturdy and uses his body well to create space. Also an above average rebounder. Teammates appear to love playing with him and he seems extremely coachable. Does almost everything well. Shot can be very slow at times however and overuses his strength at times on drives to the basket. However, he’s an excellent student and has plenty of potential. Solid D2/D3 level point guard.

Imajae Dodd 6’6” PF Class of 2019
Bouncy freshman! Potential is everything with this kid. Blocks a ton of shots, never stops moving, loves getting physical and rebounds well. Freakishly athletic big man with a non-stop motor. Tries to dunk everything around the rim and has a soft touch on his jumper. Had about 4 impressive dunks in a recent 23 point and 14 rebound contest. Plays very consistent and solid minutes for a very good Greene Central High School team that already has 3 or 4 upperclassmen playing the same position. If he continues to improve, grow and improve his strength, he could be downright scary. One to definitely keep on your watch list.

Dante Johnson 6’4” SF Class of 2019

Another freshman! Doesn’t play a ton of minutes right now but the potential is easy to see. Solid athlete for a player his age and his size. Looks like he may have another 2-3 inches to grow from first glance at his frame. Good slasher, confident and rebounds well out of position. Left handed. Very intriguing freshman wing to add to your watch list.

Goldsboro High School

Isaiah Wilder 6’3” SF Class of 2019
Freshman! Very athletic for his age. Kid can put the ball in the basket. Plays alongside one of the better guards in the state and doesn’t shy away from the ball. Good finisher with loads of potential. Excellent frame. Should have a college ready body by his senior season. Started the season averaging over 20 points per game on the junior varsity team. Put him on your watch list.

Myron Carmon 5’10” PG Class of 2016
Excellent point guard prospect. Very slender, but extremely quick, explosive, crafty and slick. Lefty can shoot it off the catch and create his own shot off the dribble at any time and for others. Controls the tempo. Doesn’t back down from anyone and causes headaches for opposing defenses. Stays in the paint and is very unpredictable for opposing defenses to key in on. Can tend to have quiet spells when his shot isn’t falling from the perimeter. Must stay aggressive due to his slender build. However, Division 1 schools should definitely offer this kid. Has the potential to be a dynamic player at the next level, regardless of his size. Would end up a steal at a D2.

Eric Bufkin 6’0 G Class of 2016
Hard working stat stuffer. Could be a jack of all trades type of player at the next level. Absolutely relentless defensively, hustles and makes shots. Lots of potential. D2’s and D3’s should start keying in, depending on what they are looking for. Jack of all trades.

Northeastern High School

Shawn Walker Jr. 6’3” PG Class of 2019
Excellent point guard prospect. Young and long. Very poised, mature and under control for a freshman guard. Has a solid step-back jumper and loves using his height for pull-up jumpers. Solid defender and has well above average court vision for a player his class. You can tell this kid was taught the game at a young age. Has the potential to be a high level college recruit. Remember the name!

DaMar Sutton 6’4” SG Class of 2018
Great athlete. Catches and finishes lobs in transition, put-back dunks and grabs a ton of rebounds out of position. Has long arms, causes havoc at the top of zones and has the potential to become a solid knockdown shooter. Ball-handling could stand to improve but has all the tools and mechanics already to become a versatile wing player.

Trey Carver 6’5” SF/PF Class of 2016
This kid has the perfect body for football, and uses it very well on the basketball court. A very strong and solid 6’5” 230 lbs. Very athletic. Settles for jumpers at times when going left but typically gets all the way to the rim for a dunk or strong finish when he goes right. Form is correctable. Wouldn’t be surprised if that shot became a weapon at the next level. Could be a very solid contributor after gaining some college basketball experience. Has several D1 offers. (Verbally committed to Hampton on 2/25/16)

Raheem Nixon 5’8” G Class of 2016
Undersized guard with a decent handle. Has a knack for getting to the rim and finishing. Can flat out shoot! Size may hinder his impact at the next level. More of a shooter/scorer than a point guard. Has had multiple games this season with 4-5 made 3’s. Shooting ability could be an asset to plenty of schools at the next level as a spot up shooter. NAIA/D3 and JUCO schools, take note.

Weldon High School

Koraan Clemonts 6’1” PG Class of 2016
A highly underrated lead guard playing at a small 1A school in Weldon, NC. Quietly has been leading the state of North Carolina in assists per game for the 2nd season in a row. Gets in the paint, excellent passer, quick and plenty of toughness. Has all the tools to be a productive starting point guard in time at the next level. LM D1/D2 level guard prospect.

Louisburg High School

Andreas Wilson 6’0” G Class of 2018
Crafty, quick and confident sophomore guard at Louisburg High School. Has a chance to be a dominating scoring guard. Has excellent form on his jump-shot, good fundamentals and a scoring mindset to attack that coaches love. Would not be surprised to see him put up some staggering numbers his junior and senior season.

Arendell Parrott Academy

Harrison McLawhorn 6’7” PF Class of 2019
Freshman big man has a load of potential. Has an incredible work ethic and really loves the sport. More of an energy player that shows flashes and rebounds well at this point. Has a decent turnaround hook shot and plays tough. If this kid continues to grow and work, the sky is the limit.

Kris Wooten 6’2” SG Class of 2018
Lights out shooter from 3 point range and from mid-range, a solid defender and rebounder. Has long arms and a quick release on his jump-shot. Needs strength, but has a nice frame very well capable of putting on some muscle. Has the potential to grow a few more inches and get stronger in the offseason as well. Looks extremely young. Previously played at Kinston High School as a freshman. Was their designated shooter off the bench. Has more of a scoring role this season at Parrott Academy. Off of shooting ability alone, could become a shooting specialist at the next level with the potential to grow as an all-around player.

Wilson Hunt

Rashod Shipman 6’5” W Class of 2016
Very good athlete. Finishes with dunks, strong around the rim using both hands and a very reliable defender. Very good positional rebounder and uses length well to secure rebounds out of position as well. Jumper has good mechanics and can become more consistent with work. Can go through quiet stretches but when focused has few peers that could stop him around the basket. The talent is definitely there, but will he put it all together? Could possibly break out at any time this season and garner some LM D1 offers. Would be a great pickup for any D2 school and has all the tools to transform into an extremely productive ballplayer.

Shemar Hudson 5’10” PG Class of 2016
A winner! Has won a ton of games at Wilson Hunt HS in his career. Very solid point guard with very good natural instincts and a high basketball IQ. Has a decent-looking stroke from 3-point range but it could be better. Gets into his man on defense. Has the foot quickness to be a nightmare defensively. Rarely turns the ball over and shows good poise and control under intense ball pressure going both ways. Doesn’t really get sped up, goes wherever he wants to go with little to no extra exertion. Seems to be fresh all the time. Does not tire even after maximum effort. Could become a coaches dream guard at the next level due to his effort and intangibles. Projects as a strong D2/D3.

Fayetteville 71st

Tyler Thomas 5’9” PG Class of 2016
Confident and solid point guard. Possesses a very strong mid-range game and a solid pull up shot from 3-point range as well. All coaches love a kid that can run a team and can shoot the ball. He’s short and doesn’t blow you away with athleticism, but he’s very solid and does a lot of things very well. His shooting ability and toughness would allow him to fare very well at the D2/D3 level. Would be a solid backup with the potential to develop into a starter in due time.

Omari Wilson 6’4” W Class of 2017
Didn’t see much from him in the games I watched but saw enough to see the potential. Has an excellent frame and moves very well. Had a few nice slashes to the basketball that looked great. Form on his shot looks solid and he moves his feet well on defense. With the right work ethic, attention to detail and hours in the gym working on tightening his handle could develop into a late-blooming D1 college player.

Farmville Central

Tyler Maye 6’1” PG Class of 2017
Kid can flat out score! Has an array of dribble moves, pull-ups, spin moves and crossovers. Very laid back demeanor on the floor, but quietly competitive. Has a beautiful release on his jump-shot and has shown great ability to finish at the rim with either hand. Scores over 22 points a night in his sleep. Gets beat off the dribble occasionally by quicker guards, but does a good job moving his feet for the most part. When locked in has shown to be a very solid on ball defender as well as a good team help defender. Communicates well and has tons of room to continue growing as a player. Solid Mid Major Division 1 prospect with potential to go higher.

Shaft Parker 6’2” G Class of 2016
Shooter! Has had games where he’s canned at least 8 3’s. Once he gets it going, he’s lights out. Has a solid handle and a few nice crossover moves and keeps his teammates involved. Has great size for the guard position but will need to transform his body to handle the increased rigors and speed of the college game. Don’t be fooled however. This kid can flat out play and produce all around the board. Passes the ball very well. Very unselfish and scores in a variety of ways. Very solid D2 prospect.

Michael Taylor 6’5” W Class of 2016
Late blooming athletic wing with great length. This kid can go. Smooth lefty. Very, very lanky. Will need to put on some muscle at the next level. Good form on his jump-shot, dunks in transition and has solid leaping ability that helps him to get a lot of weak-side blocks. Length also creates havoc for opposing offenses in zone defenses and man to man. Gets a ton of deflections. Has some sneaky handles. Could be an intriguing guard/wing for LM and possibly MM D1 schools. Would be a steal if he’s signed by any D2 school. Loads of potential!