Red Bull 3x Raleigh – Path to 2020 Olympic Team

United States basketball is one of the highlights of the Olympics; while basketball in general is incredibly popular at the Summer Games, very few teams draw attention globally like the US stars, loaded with NBA talent and rarely tested by their competition.

The 2020 edition of the Olympic games will feature even more basketball fans, as USA Basketball will debut their first 3×3 team to represent the U.S. in the games. 3×3 teams have already started competing internationally for the United States in 2019, but the Olympics are a stage that is unmatched for global competition.

For American players interested in playing for the U.S. team, it is important to note that NBA players will likely not be on the USA Basketball roster for 3×3, which opens the door for the many talented players who either are still in college or playing professionally elsewhere. There are a large number of professional players who earn their paychecks from playing outside of the NBA, and then there are players who are still within the U.S., either playing minor leagues, college or are between professional contracts.

Players looking for a shot at the 2020 Olympic team and earning FIBA points towards that possibility should attend the Red Bull 3x event in Raleigh, NC (there are several other events nationally as well) on August 24 as either a solo player or with a team.

Entry fee is $105 and the prize for first place is $2000. There are both men’s and women’s brackets. Importantly, Red Bull has partnered with USA Basketball as a means to help build the 2020 Olympic team. Recent events in Atlanta boasted a high level of pro and college talent.

Current Division I players can participate in the event, but it should be noted that they would be excluded from the prize money if they were to win. For more information on the event and to register, visit:

Info on the details (per site):

FEE: $105 (inclusive of all fees) per team of (4) fourAll players will receive:

• Reversible Red Bull 3X jersey

• Red Bull 3X drawstring backpack

• Red Bull 3X towel

• A guarantee of at least 2 game minimum in pool play for women and 5 game minimum in pool play for men

*Registration is available on a first come-first served basis here, but Red Bull reserves the right to confirm all team registrations. Registration fees are non-refundable. Registration closes on August 18 at 11:59pm PT or at sellout, whichever comes first. For questions or concerns please email:*Subject to change based on field size. Women’s guarantee assumes 12 teams with 2 game minimum in Pool Play and winner plays 5 games. Men’s guarantee assumes 24 men’s teams, with 5 game minimum in Pool Play and winner plays 9 games.

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