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Full game replay from the third broadcast game of Championship Sunday at the 2014 Phenom Hoops Challenge AAU tournament in Greensboro, NC. This game features Brand X 17U vs. Showtime Ballers 17U. Featured players for include Corey Sanders (PG, 6’1, 2015), wearing #3 for Showtime Ballers. Sanders holds offers from LSU, Southern Cal, Memphis, UNLV, Xavier and several others. Showtime was missing their heavily recruited shooting guard Dwayne Bacon in this game.

Replay from the second broadcast of Championship Sunday at the Phenom Hoops Challenge AAU tournament, originally aired on Sunday, April 13. This game features CP3 17U vs. Team Loaded (Jones) 17U.

This is the full game replay from the Phenom Hoop Challenge AAU tournament, featuring East Coast Fusion 17U vs. Brand X 17U. This game took place during elimination play on Sunday, April 13, 2014.

You can watch all of the day’s broadcasts in replay at

PJ Dozier upward star basketball

Harry Giles (PF, 6’9″, 2016) and PJ Dozier (CG, 6’4″, 2015) are two of the top basketball recruits in the nation, with Dozier holding offers from North Carolina, Kansas (among many others) and Giles holding offers from Duke, UNC, Kentucky, Georgetown and pretty much everyone else.

But the recruiting world hasn’t seen them in a while; both had serious injuries that have kept them off of the court for some time. That will change this weekend, as both are participating in the Phenom Hoops Challenge with their respective AAU teams in Greensboro, NC.

While it’s just their first time back in uniform, with such sought-after recruits, there is a lot of interest in how their recovery has gone thus far and how they look on the court.

For fans of Kentucky, Duke, UNC, Kansas or any of the other far-flung schools that are actively recruiting the two players (among several other high profile recruits), many of the games on the final day of the event (Sunday) will be broadcast online at

Full schedule of the day’s broadcast coming soon, and we’ll have more information about the broadcast times – the games being broadcast on Sunday are several of the playoff games for the 17U teams at the tournament, so the final matchups won’t be set until the teams finish pool play. But we’ll work to keep everyone updated. You can also follow @NetCastSports on Twitter for more updates.

NC Showcase Schedule 2014

NC Showcase Schedule 2014

NC Showcase 2014 AAU Schedule

NC Spartans AAU Tryouts 2014

NC Spartans

The tryout dates are below for the NC Spartans 2014 teams! Tryouts are free to attend.

14U (Rising 9th grade)
Sunday March 2 @ Bishop McGuinness HS in Kernersville from 200 PM- 400 PM
*Approx team fees- $250
This team will play 4/5 mostly local (Greensboro/HP/Winston area) tournaments from March-May.

16U (Rising 11th grade)
Sunday March 2 @ Bishop McGuinness HS in Kernersville from 400 PM- 600 PM
*Approx team fees- $250
This team will play 4/5 mostly local (Greensboro/HP/Winston area) tournaments from March-May.

17U Elite (Rising 12th grade)
Tuesday February 25 @ Calvary Baptist HS in Winston Salem from 600- 800 PM
Tuesday March 4 @ Calvary Baptist HS in Winston Salem from 600-800 PM
*Approx team fees- $650
These teams will play 4 tournaments during the NCAA Live Evaluation Period in April/July and one ‘non-live’ event the last weekend of May. Likely locations are Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, Washington DC, and Richmond VA.

Once teams are selected, each team will practice at Bishop McGuinness HS in Kernersville every Monday and Wednesday beginning Monday March 24.
14s and 16s will practice from 600- 730 PM.

17 Elites will practice from 730- 900 PM.

For more info, visit or follow us on Twitter- @NCSpartans

The 2014 schedule for tournaments hosted by the Garner Road AAU program for 2014 has been released. For more information, check out the J.D. Lewis Center site.

Garner Road basketball 2014 schedule

Fri Court #1
Court #2
Court #3
6:30 PM 11th GRBC vs WCBA – Blue
11th Bull City Select vs WCBA – Hamrick White

7:45 PM 5th GRBC – Elliott vs GRBC – Hukins
10th GRBC vs WCBA – Hamrick
7th GRBC – Abdullah vs Durham Hurricanes
9:00 PM 9th GRBC – West vs Durham Hurricanes
9th GRBC – Faison vs WCBA Blue
8th GRBC – Thompson vs Royal Knights
Sat Court #1
Court #2
Court #3
8:30 AM 8th GRBC – Reed vs NC Flight
8th Durham Hurricanes vs Squires Richmond
6th GRBC – Debnam vs Carolina CrossOvers
9:45 AM 9th WCBA Blue vs GRBC – West
9th Durham Hurricanes vs GRBC – Faison
6th GRBC – Perkins vs Team DMV
11:00 AM 8th GRBC – Thompson vs WCBA – Blue
8th Royal Knights vs DWBA
7th Durham Hurricanes vs U-turn Elite
12:15 PM 9th GRBC – West vs NC Blazers
9th Durham Hurricanes vs WCBA Blue
7th GRBC – Parrish vs Team Felton
1:30 PM 8th Squires Richmond vs GRBC – Reed
8th WCBA – Blue vs DWBA
6th GRBC – Debnam vs Team DMV
2:45 PM 11th Cape Fear Elite vs GRBC
11th NC Blazers vs Bull City Select
6th Carolina CrossOvers vs GRBC – Perkins
4:00 PM 9th GRBC – Faison vs GRBC – West
8th NC Flight vs Durham Hurricanes
7th U-turn Elite vs GRBC – Abdullah
5:15 PM 8th DWBA vs GRBC – Thompson
8th Royal Knights vs WCBA – Blue
7th Team Felton vs Team Carolina
6:30 PM 9th NC Blazers vs GRBC – Faison
11th WCBA – Blue vs Cape Fear Elite
11th WCBA – Hamrick White vs NC Blazers
7:45 PM 7th 2A vs 3B
7th 2B vs 3A
8th NC Flight vs Squires Richmond
9:00 PM 11th 2A vs 3B
11th 2B vs 3A

Sun Court #1
Court #2
Court #3
8:30 AM 10th 2A vs 3B
10th 2B vs 3A
8th 2A vs 3B
9:45 PM 6th 2nd vs 3rd
9th NC Blazers vs WCBA Blue
4th 2nd vs 3rd
11:00 AM 10th 1A vs 2B/3A Winner
10th 1B vs 2A/3B Winner
7th 1B vs 2A/3B Winner
12:15 AM 11th 1A vs 2B/3A Winner
11th 1B vs 2A/3B Winner
8th 1A vs 2B/3A Winner
1:30 PM 6th 1st vs 2/3 Winner
9th Durham Hurricanes vs NC Blazers
4th 1st vs 2/3 Winner
2:45 AM 10th Championship
11th Championship
7th Championship
4:00 PM

8th Championship

Fri Court #4
Court #5
Gym Site Information
6:30 PM 4th GRBC vs WCBA

7:45 PM 6th GRBC – Perkins vs GRBC – Debnam

#1 J.D. Lewis Center

9:00 PM 7th Team Carolina vs GRBC – Parrish

2245 Garner Road Raleigh NC 27610

Sat Court #4
Court #5

8:00 AM 5th Carolina Bulls vs GRBC – Elliott
10th Fay. Stars vs Cape Fear Elite
#2 J.D. Lewis Center

9:10 AM 5th GRBC – Hukins vs U-Turn Elite
10th NC Spurs vs Carolina Heat
2245 Garner Road Raleigh NC 27610

10:20 AM 4th Ral. Rockets vs GRBC
10th F.I.N.A.O Trojans vs GRBC

11:30 AM 4th WCBA vs U-Turn Elite
10th Fay. Stars vs NC Spurs
#3 Garner Road Community Center

12:40 PM 5th U-Turn Elite vs GRBC – Elliott
10th Carolina Heat vs Cape Fear Elite
2235 Garner Road Raleigh NC 27610

1:50 PM 5th GRBC – Hukins vs Carolina Bulls
10th WCBA – Hamrick vs F.I.N.A.O Trojans

3:00 PM 4th U-Turn Elite vs GRBC
10th Carolina Heat vs Fay. Stars
#4 Fletcher Academy

4:10 PM 4th WCBA vs Ral. Rockets
10th Cape Fear Elite vs NC Spurs
400 Cedarview Court Raleigh NC 27609

5:20 PM 5th Carolina Bulls vs U-Turn Elite
6th Team DMV vs Carolina CrossOvers

6:30 PM 4th Ral. Rockets vs U-Turn Elite
8th Durham Hurricanes vs GRBC – Reed
#5 Word of God Academy

7:40 PM

3000 Rock Quarry Road Raleigh NC 27610

Sun Court #4
Court #5

8:30 AM 8th 2B vs 3A

9:45 PM 5th 2nd vs 3rd

11:00 AM 7th 1A vs 2B/3A Winner

12:15 AM 8th 1B vs 2A/3B Winner

1:30 PM 5th 1st vs 2/3 Winner

Basketball Elite Southeast Summer Showcase

It’s that time again – Registration for the 3rd annual Basketball Elite Southeast Summer Showcase is now live at, and the event will be held on June 2, 2013. This is one of the premier individual showcases on the East coast, and last year we were at full capacity – I love the success rate we’ve had at finding players who will play at the college level, but it’s a lot of planning and preparation in order to make it happen. We have to coordinate our coaches (several have won state basketball titles), and the overall schedule to make sure that players get a full day of solid instruction and play. Our goal for the showcase is the same every year:

“Walk out of the gym a better player.”

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to see some of the best basketball coaches, players and world class instructors on the planet. I love the fact that our staff is able to bring those same drills, experience and knowledge to players at all levels.

The results have been phenomenal. We’ve had a huge percentage of alumni who have gone on to play in college – just yesterday, TyQuan Bitting, an alumni from last summer, committed to play for Charleston Southern. On Saturday, our reigning dunk champion Craig Hinton competed on CBS for the National High School Dunk championship. Craig’s committed to VMI, by the way.

This year, I wanted to expand on the overall experience for players and parents who attend – so we’ll be adding new content and information before the event even happens. Registration for the event is not yet available – it will be soon – but if you want the free info we’ll be giving out beforehand, be sure to register – and sign up on the events email list so you can get the inside track on future announcements – at this link.