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Across the U.S., each new basketball season brings a bevy of fledgling minor league basketball teams, all looking to establish themselves in the world of semi-pro sports. Unfortunately, almost all of these teams will fold in less than one season. Some estimates place the number of failed basketball teams over the past decade as higher than 200.

For the newly forming Pro Basketball Circuit, the existing model is flawed. Minor league sports in the United States cannot draw enough attendance to support the professional model; even the NBDL, affectionately known as the ‘D-League’, cannot draw enough fan support to be considered successful, despite the fact that the league is a subsidiary of the NBA.

So what makes the PBC think they can succeed where so many have failed? For starters, the league intends to create a system where teams play tournament-style play, with several teams at a single location, eliminating much of the cost of travel that often spells doom for new franchises. The majority of minor league teams barely break even or suffer slight losses on each home game, but take it on the chin when they hit the road.

Additionally, the PBC breaks the level of play into multiple divisions, allowing teams to move up or down in competition. The PBC also will heavily manage and regulate many of the things that wreak havoc in minor leagues: scheduling, referees, transactions and rosters. Many minor league owners complain about the lack of organization among existing teams and leagues.

The league also has options for players who want to gain exposure but cannot afford to leave their current jobs and families to chase a roster spot overseas. The league is going to propose a system for those players that will allow them to band together and play in games which fit around their schedule.

While only in the early stages, it’s unclear if this new model is radically different than what has come before, and only time will tell. Players, coaches, agents and potential team owners can learn more about the PBC by visiting

Elijah Johnson (PG, 6’4″) of Kansas talks to us about the Portsmouth Invitational and what he’s working on right now to try and further his basketball career with a pro gig somewhere.

Giovonne Woods Update

Gio Woods 2012

By James Blackburn

Basketball Elite prides itself in following and scouting all levels of basketball, not just HS or college basketball. We have been fortunate enough to be able to scout overseas combine events, NBA games, and NBA Summer Leagues in the past.

Giovonne (Gio) Woods was a player that James Blackburn first scouted 3 years ago in Raleigh, NC at the Overseas
Basketball Camp ( Gio was fresh out of college after a terrific career at Central Washington University and was looking to pave a way for himself playing professionally overseas. After playing a year in Spain, the 6’3” guard was back in the gym working out and ready for his next opportunity where ever that may be.
Gio attended the Overseas Basketball Camp again this July, which was held in Las Vegas and then went to the Courtside Camp in Vegas later the same week. He performed well at both events, which have yielded results. He signed with the Courtside agency and just landed a job in Austria, playing for the ECE Kapfenberg Bulls basketball club. ECE competes in the top division in Austria which is called the Austria-A Bundesliga.

“I look forward to meeting my new team in a different country”, says Woods. “It’s a new start and a blessing after being off for a year. I am looking forward to getting out there and competing and helping my team. I appreciate Basketball Elite keeping up with me and following me”.

We enjoy watching and following the careers of players and Gio has been one of our favorites. Seeing him go from college to playing professionally and now playing again after being off for a year is a testament to his dedication to the game and work ethic. We wish him well and will continue to track and document his career as it unfolds.

The documentary “Rebotes” (translated as “Rebounds” in English) is a documentary which follows two pro basketball players as they land in Chile to play for a team they know little about, in a country where they are completely out of their element. The entire film can be viewed above; it shows the realities that many basketball players face when their collegiate careers end and the NBA doesn’t give them a shot.

Too many basketball players think that there are easy riches by simply “playing overseas ball” if the NBA does not work out for them. The life of a professional basketball player trying to make a living outside of the NBA is not an easy one. First, there are no guaranteed contracts – you might land in a country, play two games, get cut from the team and stiffed on your payment. In the NBA, players ride in luxury jets across the country and stay in five-star hotels before their games; internationally, players may ride 16 hours on a cramped bus, play a game in a gym without heat, then jump back on the bus for another long ride to their next game.

Are there players who make a nice living outside of the U.S.? Sure. But it’s another reminder that when you are a player in high school and looking to land a college scholarship, it’s important to recognize that once all of your playing options are over, that degree might be what pays the bills, not your ability on the court.

Rebounds is a documentary that shows how players have to cope with life in another country, in a league not loaded with big salaries. While the players in the film do have some success on the court, it’s a far cry from the bright lights of the NBA.

Chris Ferguson basketball

By James Blackburn

Game film from Overseas Basketball Camp- #49 Black

I had the privilege again this year to scout the Overseas Basketball Camp in July ( which is a showcase event for college players who want to be seen by European coaches and agents. This was my third year scouting the event and this year it was held at the Tarkanian Basketball Academy in Las Vegas, NV.

Over 65 players attended the event hoping to secure a European contract and attract interest from teams. Many of these players played college basketball at the D1 level, had previous overseas pro experience, and some had D-League experience.

The top player in camp in my opinion was Christopher Ferguson (6-9, 200, SF, Mid-Continent University) who just finished his collegiate playing career this past season at Mid-Continent, an NAIA school in Kentucky. In his sophomore year at MCU, he set a school-record with 26 rebounds vs. Indiana-Southeast on Nov. 24, 2009, and grabbed 18 defensive rebounds, the second-most ever in an MCU game. By his senior year, he was averaging a double-double and leading his team in scoring.

I was just as impressed with Chris’s attitude, demeanor, and personality off the court as I was with his skills and attitude on the court. Chris garnered the interest of many of the agents and European coaches in attendance and is destined to have a successful pro career ahead overseas. He could be really special as he has the skills/body/potential/upside to attract interest from D-League and even some NBA teams for workouts/summer league.

Chris is a very long and athletic wing forward who can handle the ball and advance the ball in transition. He can score in one on one situations, is active on the glass, and moves with effortless, fluid movement. What stood out the most to me (amongst other things) was his ability at his size to defend on the perimeter, primarily against quicker, smaller players. Chris runs the floor hard and is excellent in transition, where he can finish above the rim. He blocks shots and could become prolific shot blocker and elite defender with his mobility, length, athleticism, and versatility. Is an above average shooter who can hit midrange and jumpers off the dribble as well as the occasional 3 pointer. He can break his man down and score and get to rim or pull up and shoot in the half court. If .he can add about 20- 25 lbs. of muscle- watch out.

Chris recently signed with BDA Sports Management (, the same agency which represents over 25 NBA athletes and many overseas players. He currently has options to play in France or Spain for there respective 2nd division teams. Chris wants to be the best player he can be and maximum his potential. When asked what his goals were in basketball, he said, “I want to be the best defensive player in the world and win the defensive player of the year award in every league I play in.” This is not out of reach or far fetched, as Chris has the drive, skills, and athleticism to accomplish this goal.

Comparing the Success of College Seniors to International Players drafted in 2nd round since 2000

Juan Carlos Navarro
Juan Carlos Navarro sits atop the list of good international NBA draft picks.

By James Blackburn

Notes About How This List Was Created

• Good pro means they played for 5 years or more in NBA and/or played/contributed significantly
• For draft years 2010-2011, I left off some Int’l and some seniors because there has not been enough time to evaluate them.
• A bad international player means he hasn’t played in NBA yet at all or hasn’t contributed, same with college senior. Or they played for a year or two, then they were out.
• 4-year guy means senior- no matter if they were a 4 or 5 year guy
• Some of my personal opinion is factored in as well about weather they are a good or bad pick- but my opinion is based mostly on the players stats, upside (if they are current pick- last 2 years), and how long played in NBA, if at all.

Total Good Senior Picks: 51
Total Good International Picks: 17 (4 years of 1 good player picked and 3 years of 0 picks)
Total Bad Senior Picks: 82
Total Bad International Picks: 66

Out of all the picks that were graded (all were not, some players were considered a wash/even/not really good or bad), there were 133 college seniors drafted since 2000 in 2nd round that were graded by myself. 61% of these seniors picked were considered bad picks (may of not stayed long in league, if at all, or didn’t really contribute), leaving 39% of seniors drafted graded as a good pick. 83 international players were evaluated that were drafted in 2nd round of NBA draft since 2000. 79% of these players were considered bad picks, 21% were considered good.

There doesn’t seem to be much of a change with any group after 2005, which was the last year HS players could be drafted. Overall, the results give a slight edge to drafting college seniors over international players, with 39% having success over just 21% of players coming from Europe and overseas. But there are also more college seniors drafted 133 to just 83, so there is less room for error for international players. I will say this though, international players seem to be either star or bust (never even reaching the NBA/or America in that case), and very few in betweens, though there are a few. As with college seniors there seems to be more that fall into that middle category (neither star nor complete bust).

Last observation is that the best 2nd round senior picked in my opinion in last 10 years is probably a tie between Matt Barnes and Steve Blake, based on their years played in the NBA and their contributions on teams, including playoff teams. The best international player picked in my opinion was Luis Scola and Marc Gasol, who are both better players then the college seniors picked. Scola and Gasol are on the verge of being All-Star guys and are both major contributors for their respective teams. Its no accident or coincidence that Scola was a Spurs draft pick.


Good Senior Picks (5)
1. Jake Voskuhl
2. Eddie House
3. Eduardo Najera
4. Brian Cardinal
5. Jason Hart

Good International Picks (1)
1. Marko Jaric

Bad Senior Picks (10)
2. Dan Langhi
3. AJ Guyton
4. Lavor Postell
5. Hanno Mottola
6. Chris Carrawell
7. Dan McClintock
8. Chris Porter
9. Sconnie Penn
10. Pete Micheal
11. Jaquay Walls

Bad International Picks (4)
1. Soumaila Samake
2. Olumide Oyedeji
3. Josip Sesar
4. Igor Rakocevic


Good Senior Picks (4)
1. Brian Scalabrine
2. Loren Woods
3. Earl Watson
4. Jarron Collins

Good International Picks (0)

Bad Senior Picks (9)
5. Jeff Trepagnier
6. Damone Brown
7. Ken Johnson
8. Sean Lampley
9. Eric Chenowith
10. Ruben Boumtje Boumtje
11. Andre Hutson
12. Bryan Bracey
13. Alvin Jones

Bad International Picks (2)
1. Antonis Fotsis
2. Robertas Javtokas Lietuvos Rytas


Good Senior Picks (6)
1. Dan Gadzuric
2. Matt Barnes
3. Lonny Baxter
4. Flip Murray
5. Darius Songaila
6. Rasual Butler

Good International Picks (2)
1. Juan Carlos Navarro
2. Luis Scola (Spurs Pick)

Bad Senior Picks (7)
1. Steve Logan
2. Robert Archibald
3. Vincent Yarbrough
4. Chris Owens
5. Jason Jennings
6. Tamar Slay
7. Corsley Edwards

Bad International Picks (5)
1. Milos Vujanic
2. Peter Fehse
3. Mario Kasun
4. Federico Kammerichs
5. Mladen Sekularac


Good Senior Picks (8)
1. Jason Kapono
2. Luke Walton
3. Steve Blake
4. James Jones
5. Matt Bonner
6. Keith Bogans
7. Willie Green
8. Kyle Korver

Good International Picks (1)
1. Zaza Pachulia

Bad Senior Picks (4)
1. Travis Hansen
2. Derrick Zimmerman
3. Tommy Smith
4. Brandon Hunter

Bad International Picks (10)
1. Maciej Lampe
2. Sofoklis Schortsanitis
3. Szymon Szewczyk
4. Slavko Vranes
5. Sani Becirovic
6. Malick Badiane
7. Paccelis Morlende
8. Remon Van de Hare
9. Nedzad Sinanovic
10. Andreas Glyniadakis


Good Senior Picks (2)
1. Royal Ivey
2. Chris Duhon

Good International Picks (1)
1. Anderson Varejão

Bad Senior Picks (13)
2. Jackson Vroman
3. Lionel Chalmers
4. Antonio Burks
5. Ricky Minard
6. Denard Robinson (Bobcats pick)
7. David Young
8. Justin Reed
9. Romain Sato- bad pick from Spurs- very surpising
10. Rickey Paulding
11. Luis Flores
12. Marcus Douhit
13. Blake Stepp
14. Rashad Wright

Bad International Picks (8)
1. Peter Ramos
2. Albert Miralles
3. Sergey Lishchuk
4. Ha Seung-Jin
5. Viktor Sanikidze
6. Vassilis Spanoulis
7. Christian Drejer
8. Sergei Karaulov-another bad Spurs pick


Good Senior Picks (3)
1. Daniel Ewing
2. Ronny Turiaf
3. Ryan Gomes

Good International Picks (3)
1. Ersan Ilyasova
2. Roko Ukic
3. Marcin Gortat

Bad Senior Picks (4)
1. Robert Whaley
2. Orien Greene
3. Dijon Thompson
4. Lawrence Roberts

Bad International Picks (7)
1. Mickaël Gelabale
2. Erazem Lorbek
3. Uros Slokar
4. M. Andriuskevicius
5. Mile Ilic
6. Axel Hervelle
7. Cenk Akyol


Good Senior Picks (3)
1. Steve Novak
2. Craig Smith
3. Ryan Hollins

Good International Picks(0)

Bad Senior Picks (6)
1. James White
2. Paul Davis
3. Bobby Jones
4. Denham Brown
5. Dee Brown
6. Hassan Adams

Bad International Picks (8)
1. Marcus Vinicius
2. Lior Eliyahu
3. V. Veremeenko
4. Yotam Halperin
5. Eden Bavic
6. Ejike Ugboaja
7. L. Mavrokefalidis
8. Damir Markota


Good senior Picks (2)
1. Carl Landry
2. Aaron Gray

Good International Picks (2)
1. Kyrylo Fesenko
2. Marc Gasol

Bad Senior Picks (7)
1. Chris Richard
2. Derrick Byars
3. Adam Haluska
4. Reyshawn Terry
5. Stephane Lasme
6. Jared Jordan
7. Herbert Hill

Bad International Picks (6)
1. Stanko Barac
2. Renaldas Seibutis
3. Brad Newley
4. Sammy Mejia
5. Giorgos Printezis
6. Milovan Rakovic


Good Senior Picks (3)
1. Sonny Weems
2. James Gist (Spurs Pick)
3. Joe Crawford

Good International Picks (4)
1. Nikola Pekovic
2. Omer Asik
3. Goran Dragic (Spurs pick)
4. Semih Erden

Bad Senior Picks (10)
1. Kyle Weaver
2. Sean Singletary
3. Patrick Ewing JR
4. Malik Hairston
5. Devon Hardin
6. Shan Foster
7. Darnell Jackson
8. Maarty Leunen
9. Sasha Kaun
10. Deron Williams

Bad International Picks (2)
1. Ante Tomic
2. Tadija Dragicevic


Good Senior Picks (8)
1. Jeff Pendergraph
2. Dante Cunningham
3. Sam Young
4. Jon Brockman
5. Marcus Thorton
6. Danny Green
7. AJ Price
8. Lester Hudson

Good International Picks (2)
1. Jonas Jerebko
2. Nick Calathes- went to HS in USA

Bad Senior Picks (4)
1. Goran Suton
2. Jack McClinton
3. Robert Vaden
4. Robert Dozier

Bad International Picks (4)
1. Sergio Llull
2. Sergii Gladyr
3. Nando De Colo
4. Emir Preldzic


Good Senior Picks (6)
1. Dexter Pitman
2. Andy Rautins
3. Landry Fields
4. Magnum Rolle
5. Luke Harangody
6. Jeremy Evans

Good International Picks (1)
1. Pape Sy

Bad Senior Picks (5)
1. Jarvis Varnado
2. Jerome Jordan
3. Stanley Robinson
4. Ryan Reid
5. Dwayne Collins

Bad International Picks (3)
1. Tibor Pleiss
2. Nemanja Bjelica
3. Paulo Prestes


Good Senior Picks (1)
1. Chandler Parsons

Good International Picks (0)

Bad Senior Picks (3)
1. Justin Harper
2. Jon Diebler
3. Vernon Macklin

Bad International Picks (7)
1. Bojan Bogdanovic
2. Davis Bertans
3. Milan Macvan
4. Chukwudiebere Maduabum
5. Tanguy Ngombo
6. Adam Hanga
7. Ater Majok

Henry Sims, a 6’11” PF/C who just finished up his senior season at Georgetown, worked to show he might be an NBA prospect at the Portsmouth Invitational this year. We caught up with Henry to get his thoughts on his draft prospects and what he’s working on to try and get to that pro level.

Portsmouth Invitational Tournament 2012 Day 2
Photo: WAVY

By James Blackburn

Game 1: Norfolk Sports Club vs. K & D Landscaping

Norfolk Sports Club wins 80-67
Box Score

Scouting Reports

Agustus Gilchrist (South Florida, 6’10”, F)

Did a good job defending the post-stayed straight up and didn’t allow any room for offense to operate-stood his ground- strong. Looked uncomfortable on the perimeter on both ends- off balance defensively on perimeter. He was able to get to the FT line again today for the most part looked comfortable and was able to convert despite a hitch and a pause in his release- other wise he kept the elbow in and had good arc and rotation on ball. Had several tip dunks and athletically is one of the top guys represented here. Good rebounder.

Mitchell Watt (Buffalo, 6’10”, F)

Has an NBA ready build- with a frame that will allow him to add about 15-20 lbs. of muscle. Able to use either hand in post. Nimble and fluid movement. Has a quick first step off the reverse pivot. Showed the ability to hit the open set 3 today. Smart shot blocker- great timing and knows what spots to get to. Influences shots he doesn’t block. Efficient in the post. Somehow he fouled out in a game where they were really letting guys play. His play here this week warrants at least a summer league invite and possibly a roster spot in training camp.

Cameron Moore (UAB, 6’10”, F)

Solid shooting form from the midrange and in. Quite in the first half offensively. Soft touch. Long. Uses length to block shots. Stronger then he looks.

Rakim Sanders (Fairfield, 6’5”, F)

Strong upper bodied player who competes on both ends. Attacks the rim with force and can finish through and with contact- secures rebounds- solid on the glass. Tenacious defender- plays bigger then 6’5”- showed the ability to move his feet laterally and guard quicker players his size on perimeter and bang with taller players down on the block. At this point he is more of an undersized PF- which being only 6’5” hurts his chances to play at the next level. To his credit though he displayed the ability to guard a SF, which would be his position at the next level. Plays extremely hard and hustles. Very athletic- plays above the rim. Didn’t see him take any perimeter shots- mainly a slasher from the perimeter. Needs to improve his handles. Utilizes pump fakes. Although his NBA chances are slim, his solid play today more then likely earned him a few individual workouts and a hefty overseas contract.

Game 2: Sales Systems, Ltd. Vs. Roger Brown’s Restaurant

Roger Browns Restaurant wins 74-71
Box Score

Scouting Reports

Herb Pope (Seton Hall, 6’8”, F)

Wide bodied player who crashes the offensive boards. Does a lot of things well- rebounds, unselfish, attacks the rim, defends and blocks shots, and has a decent handle for size. Lets the game come to him- doesn’t force the issue and shots. Sold footwork in on the block- reliable scorer in one on one situations. Rolled his ankle midway through the second half and did not return. One of the top ranked players in the nation several years ago- was able to play his way this season onto the All-Conference Big East team . Will have more chances to improve NBA chances in the future as he will have his schedule booked full of individual workouts. Will most likely find his way on a roster as an undrafted FA.

Chris Johnson (Dayton, 6’6”, F)

Long lefty who can hit the 3 and the midrange- very good rotation and gets high elevation- needs to improve consistency- due to his elevation on jumper and his shot has a tendency to be a little flat. Defends and understands help D- active. Solid athlete. Good rebounder for a guard- boxes out on shots.

Jet Chang (BYU-Hawaii, 6’4”, G)

Knock down shooter with NBA 3-point range- good elevation and great release- pure shooter. Showed the ability to hit the one dribble pull up as well- textbook form and footwork .Underrated defender who held his own on the defensive end. Did show the ability to create his own shot near the end of the game- smooth stroke- you expect his shot to go in every time. Will have a nice career overseas after being a DII All-American his senior year.

Kyle Fogg (Arizona, 6’3”, G)

Heady PG who can score and make plays for others. Controls the tempo. Uses ball screens effectively and can get to the rim. Very good on ball defender. Terrific passer who is at his best in P/R situations which helps his case for the NBA. Showed the ability to turn the corner on multiple occasions this game and get to the painted area. Keeps his dribble until he knows what he wants. Above average ball handler even for a PG- can use either hand and go either way equally- good change of speed dribble. Needs to improve range and shooting ability as well as his FT shooting. Struggled to finish once he reached the paint. D-League should be an option, as well as a few 10-days as a possibility in the future. One of the best PG’s seen this week- does a lot that will translate to the next level. Was an All-Pac 12 selection this past year.

Wesley Witherspoon (Memphis, 6’9”, F)

Smooth, agile, and versatile. Very long and athletic- highlight waiting to happen. Had several nice blocks including denying a dunk attempt in transition. Solid scorer who can score both on the perimeter and inside. Has upside- I could see a team possibly giving him an opportunity with a training camp or summer league spot especially with another solid showing. Nimble enough to possibly play the SF position at the next level, but most likely will be a 4. Quick enough to defend smaller guards on the perimeter. Solid game tonight. Needs to get stronger, especially in the upper body- limits his ability to finish. D-League will probably be his best option.

Eric Griffin (Campbell, 6’8”, F)

Surprise player so far of the week. Good shooter with a high release- able to stretch the floor because of shooting ability. Plays hard and defends- blocks shots and has active hands. Earned the respect of all the opponents by the end of the game. Runs the floor. Draws contact at a high rate and coverts at the line. Played very well this game. If he wasn’t on NBA scouts radar before, he is after this game. Will be a pro somewhere next year and fits the mold of the modern day PF to a “T”. Was a member of the Big South All-Conference team this year after averaging 15.7 ppg and 8.7 rpg.

Game 3: Mike Duman Auto Sales vs. Portsmouth Partnership

Portsmouth Partnership wins 85-79
Box Score

Scouting Reports

Ashton Gibbs (Pittsburgh, 6’2”, G)

Excellent ball handler- has the ability to break man down off the dribble and score. Very quick release- nice midrange stroke. Showed good shot making ability in the half court set and in transition. Size is going to be an issue at the next level, whether that is the NBA, D-League, or overseas. Most likely will receive multiple individual workout invites with NBA teams, but will probably begin next season in a D-League uniform.

Yancy Gates (Cincinnati, 6’9”, F)

Very good size- could stand to lose about 10 lbs to get to prime playing weight. Did a good job of shading on screens and then hustling back to his man. Soft hands. Hustled back on defense. Nice looking FT stroke. For the most part, he is an under the rim type player. Post game consists mostly of him banging and throwing his weight around- draws fouls and is a load on the low block. In my opinion would be a solid late 2nd round pick.

JaMychal Green (Alabama, 6’8”, F)

NBA ready size wise and athletically- one of the top prospects here. Versatile defender- plays hard and competes, diving on the floor for loose balls. Fluid movement. Very good rebounder on both ends- boxes out and cleans the glass at high rate- always in good position. Runs the floor and fills the lanes on the break where he finished nearly every time- strong upper body- finishes through defenders. Has the ability to step out and knock down the 15-18’ jump shot. Does an excellent job of clearing out and establishing deep post position. Was named SEC All-Conference after averaging 14 and 7 per game last season. I doubt he will get drafted unless he wows in individuals, but has a good chance of landing on an NBA roster as a FA- definitely has the skills set to play in the League.

Nick Barbour (High Point, 6’3”, G)

Capable of putting up points in a hurry- prolific scorer- averaged over 20 ppg this past season in the Big South. Quick. Played solid defense today- practically shutting down Kyle Kuric from Louisville, turning him over and forcing him to take bad shots. Good pull up shooter with a quick release. Lefty. Will never be accused of being gun shy- will put up shots in a hurry. Is listed at 6’3”, but looks to me to be on the shorter side. Played both on the ball and off the ball today. Practically automatic from 3- hit almost half of his attempts in this past college season. In order to have a shot at the NBA, scouts want to see his ability to run the PG position- has proven that he can play off the ball, but is too small to play the 2 at the next level. Somewhat TO prone when being the primary ball handler and he must improve his play making ability- has scoring on his mind every time he puts the ball on the floor and/ or turns the corner off ball screens.

Henry Sims Agustus Gilchrist
Photo Source:The Daily Press

By James Blackburn

Game 1: Portsmouth Sports Club vs. Norfolk Sports Club
Portsmouth Sports Club wins 88-76
Box Score

Scouting Reports

Henry Sims (Georgetown, 6’10”, C)

Looked comfortable and calm on the FT line-soft touch. Has the ability to step out and hit the 18’ midrange shot. Good size and good timing when blocking shots. Struggled this game early on but showed good footwork and post moves including a running hook and a good slide dribble, but struggled to score because of lack of quickness and athleticism-factors that will hurt his draft stock. Played better in the second half. Will be safe fire first round pick-a player of his size and skills will find a place to contribute.

Erving Walker (Florida, 5’8”, G)

Very good on ball defender. Does a good job of feeding the ball to the post. Lightning quick with and with out the ball. Keeps his dribble alive and uses picks-solid passer who always has his eyes up. TO prone. Showed the ability to get to the painted area where he can finish with a floater. Walker is an interesting case as far as his NBA stock goes. His PG skills are still a work in progress and not yet NBA-ready in my opinion. His size is an issue. He is a good 3 point shooter and very quick in the open court. He finished up a terrific 4-year career at Florida by being named to the SEC All-Conference team. I wouldn’t be surprised if a team took a chance on him late in the second round because of the value the NBA places on guards that can get to the rim. If he doesn’t get drafted, I see him as a good fit with a D-League team.

Braydon Hobbs (Bellarmine, 6’5”, G)

Division II player of the year. Pretty good lateral quickness and on ball defender. Contests shots. Communicates on the floor and is unselfish. Will be a solid overseas player, but does not have the physical tools or skills necessary to play the NBA level.

Agustus Gilchrist (South Florida, 6’10”, F)

Very athletic-active on the offensive boards. Did a good job of contesting perimeter shots. Finishes with dunks-capable of finishing with contact. Very solid and strong upper body. Body and athleticism are NBA ready but he is still a bit raw offensively. Has a hitch in his shot where he hesitates on the way up but is surprisingly accurate at least from the FT line. May earn a few individual workouts with teams with a solid showing, but that is where his NBA timeline will most likely end.

Kyle O’Quinn (Norfolk State, 6’10”, F)

Surprisingly the most impressive player on the floor early on. Great rebounder on both ends-secures board and chins it. Solid frame that is NBA ready. Good shot blocker both in the paint and on the perimeter. Impressive and underrated passer-hits cutters and throws good outlets to start the break. Uses strength to push players off black and keeps players from establishing deep position on him. Struggles to defend quicker players past 15’- does contests and block shots but stays too tall and doesn’t get low and move feet laterally. Showed the ability to put the ball on the floor for a couple of dribbles and kick to open man. Efficient around rim with either hand including a high hook shot that is very reliable- showed an array of post moves throughout games- always kept defenders guessing. Strong finisher-a big athlete who plays extremely hard and runs the floor. Plays hard in stretches but then because of lack of great conditioning will get beat down floor a couple of possessions in a row to rest- shouldn’t be a big deal at next level, as he will most likely come off bench to provide brief sparks. Has the ability to play the PF position at the next level. Showed the ability to reverse pivot and hit the 12’ jumper with a hand in face. Good FT shooter- soft hands- caught a rocket pass from Erving Walker on the break, gathered himself and finished with a 2 hand strong dunk. Playing with a lot of confidence in this game- he really impressed me in all facets this game. In my opinion, he is definitely worthy of a training camp invite and possibly a roster spot at the next level.

Mitchell Watt (Buffalo, 6’10”, F)

All over the floor today. Excellent shot blocker and rebounder. Has the ability to score in a variety of ways. Can finish above the rim with authority. Was the MAC Player of the Year this year after an impressive senior year.

Game 2: Cherry Bekaert & Holland vs. K & D Rounds Landscaping

Cherry Bekaert & Holland wins 85-73
Box Score

Scouting Reports

Greg Mangano (Yale, 6’10”, F)

Good Pick and Pop player- a 6’10” guy who can hit the 3 is attractive to NBA teams. Good rotation and arc on perimeter shot- can hit the 3 with consistency- quick release for big man. More of a perimeter guy then a banger inside- shied away from contact on both ends. Needs to do a better job securing rebounds- allowed guards to take ball away from him several times. Would like to see him be more of a rebounding threat and scorer inside. Good outside shooter- but settles for it instead of going inside- did not see any post moves from him today. Will like to see a more consistent game from start to finish next game.
Did a Sleeper Report on him earlier in the year when Yale played Wake Forest.

Darryl Bryant (West Virginia, 6’2”, G)

Out of control and loses balance easily. Showed the ability to split the defenders in P/R situations and get to rim and finish over defenders. Tough player. Needs to improve his shooting ability.

Jordan Taylor (Wisconsin, 6’1”, G)

Poised. Plays the game under control. Struggled offensively early on to get it going. Zack Rosen from Penn did a terrific job defending him- Jordan struggled to get to the rim and when he did he had a hard time finishing. Lack of speed and size was evident- will limit his pro chances. Good footwork coming off screens for shots. Looked tired from ball pressure late in first half. Really forced some shots when he felt it was his time to shoot. Came out in the second half looking more comfortable offensively knocking down a pull up jumper and a floater in traffic. This up-tempo game does not suite him, as he likes a slow-down game- he looked tired and winded. Will gets some individual workouts, but he is most likely headed overseas to play. More of an undersized 2 then a playmaking PG. His inability to get to the paint and break man down off dribble will hurt his NBA chances.

Cameron Moore (UAB, 6’10”, F)

Agile and fluid. His length really makes him a solid versatile defender. He collected several steals and was active throughout. A bit tentative offensively. Runs the floor- long stride. Needs to improve ball handling, especially his left hand. Needs to add about 15-20 lbs of muscle to bang with PF at the NBA level- has a frame that should allow this to happen. Can finish above the rim- highlight dunker. Low release but solid form on jump shot. Good body control in air. Disappears for stretches.
Did a Sleeper Report on him earlier in the year when UAB played Southern Miss.

Zack Rosen (Penn, 6’1”, G)

Excellent on ball defender- quick hands and does a great job pressuring the ball from end line to end line. Had a couple of on-ball blocks as well- good considering size. In the opponents shirt defensively- best on ball defense seen today. Lefty who sees the floor and will hit the open guy. Floor general and vocal leader- was not afraid to tell teammates where to be- extension of coach on the floor- gathered guys together at FT line during dead ball situations. Didn’t look for own offense much- was mainly concerned with getting team in sets and starting the offense. Did show a nice head fake and ability to shoot over taller defenders. Accurate and reliable set shooter. Not as explosive going to his right- when he went right went back to his left for scoring move. Has a future as a coach after an overseas career. Reminds me a bit of Jaycee Carroll who played for Utah State and for the Boston Celtics Summer League team a couple of years ago.

Portsmouth Invitational Tournament Scouting Reports

By James Blackburn

USA wins 88-77
Box Score

Game Notes

First Half

• The USA is lacking a play making PG- has mostly scoring guards on roster
• Sloppy game early- USA is turnover prone
• USA is really struggling- giving up open 3 pointers, not getting back on defense, and allowing too many straight line drives to the hoop- poor help defense too.
• Brazil is doing a great job with the pick and roll, which the United States is having a difficult time defending.
• The United States roster is filled with mostly NBDL players- showing it early- too much 1 on 1, no ball movement, and poor shot selection.

Second Half

• Chippy half- skirmish broke out at end of game- no ejections though or technical fouls- the NBA should take note.
• The USA is doing a much better job of defending- they are pressuring the ball and causing problems for Brazil’s guards. End result… USA moves to 2-0 with the win and Brazil drops to 1-1.

Scouting Reports

Jerome Dyson (Tulsa 66ers, 6’4”, G)
10 TP, 4 steals, 26 min


Good defender- strong, fights through screens well, contests shots, smart defender, quick hands, pressures the ball well. Attacks the rim hard- strong, physical guard- can get to basket and finish- tough to guard when going right- has a effective through the legs, crossover move. Showed an improved 3 point shot from his days at Connecticut- had feet set, showed good mechanics. Draws fouls at a high rate.


Poor FT shooter- gets to line a lot- needs to capitalize better there. Virtually no midrange game- either a lay-up or a 3. Struggles with dribbling against pressure. Needs to improve decision making, especially in open court situations. Loves to go right- needs to improve left hand. Takes some plays off- doesn’t play as hard as he can every play.

Not a true PG- in between positions. Needs to develop a midrange jump shot and/or floater. Also needs to develop ball handling and play making skills if he hopes to make it to the NBA as a PG. Not a consistent enough shooter to play the 2 at the next level. His defensive tenacity will definitely translate to the NBA. Full of potential.

Lance Thomas (Austin Toros, 6’8”, F)
8 TP, 12 reb, 23 min

Long, length helps with perimeter defense. Energy guy- great rebounder, especially on the offensive end. Attacks rebounds with 2 hands and goes and gets the ball, rather than waiting on it to come to him. Hustle player- works hard.

Raw offensively. Looks over anxious/hurried in post and with post moves-lost control of ball several times and needs to finish better.

Same type player that made him a co-captain from his days at Duke. Probably a D-League lifer- but has the energy and rebounding skills to surely get him several call up and summer league opportunities in the NBA

Blake Ahearn (Erie Bayhawks, 6’2”, G)
21 TP, 2 assist, 21 min

Great FT shooter- set the record in college for best percentage. Great shooter in general- can hit the set 3 with consistency. Difference maker in 2nd half- made all the right plays and decisions. Moves well with out ball. Great catch and shoot guy off screens.

Slow. Not able to get by man offensively. Hurts him defensively as well.

Intriguing prospect. Showed the ability to play the 1 or the 2 guard slots. Has the IQ and ball handling ability to play the 1, but lacks the speed and athleticism to get into the paint to create for others. Tremendous shooter and is good enough in that one area to get him some 10 day contracts in the league- but lacks the size to play that position in the pros- would not be able to defend a 2 guard. Needs to improve his game off the dribble and passing skills.