On Saturday June 25, the first ever Basketball Elite Southeast Summer Showcase was held at Proehlific Park in Greensboro, North Carolina. The showcase featured over 30 players from all over the southeast and it was a great chance for scouts and college coaches to evaluate some top hidden talent.

The Showcase started with drills ran by HS coaches and current and ex-overseas players. This was a great opportunity for the players to work on
their ball handling, post moves, and improve on their ability to create their own shot. After putting in hard work with the coaches, the pick up games started.
Below are notes and scouting reports taken from scouts on a few of the top players that attended. The notes and reports are from the games as well as the drills.

Today we’ll start the coverage with some scouting reports; over the next few days, we’ll list the All-Stars, the All-Star MVP and release highlight video from the showcase. Of course, you’ll also see the games on Krossover.com.

Note from Marcus: Since I was managing the event and the off-court activities I did not scout the event fully, so my notes are incomplete. I will be going over the films in detail to get complete notes on all players.

Scouts: Matt Wood, James Blackburn, Harper Compton, Marcus Shockley

C. J McClain (SF/SG, 6’5″)

Scout: Wood

  • Hustles on both ends of the floor, lock down defender. Can get in the lane and finish with contact. Has a nice spin move that he used to get by defenders several times. Runs the floor and fills correct lanes well.

Nick Collins, (PG, 5’11”, 2011)

Scout: Compton

  • He liked creating his own shots after he blew past you. His explosive change of speed was very notable and caught the attention of everyone. He was confident with the ball.

Scout: Wood

  • He was one of the best scorers at the camp and he can create his own shot. Showed consistency shooting the 3 and was able to get in the lane and draw contact. Made smart decisions off the pick and roll.

Scout: Shockley

  • Has improved offensively since the last time I saw him, strong with the ball and creates problems for the defense. His shot looked better than the last time; did not fade as much on jumper as when I previously saw him, has put in work. Will scout him again when video is available.
  • Strong player, looks like he has college size now and would be ready for the physical play of the next level
  • Can handle the ball with either hand and can push the ball in traffic to the top of the key
  • Change of speed is effective and works well even against the speed of smaller guards
  • Ballhandling is solid for next level
  • Looks to score and push the ball
  • Had a tendency to overlook entry pass today, but in showcase players sometimes look to score more
  • A player to keep an eye on.

Chase Ward-McEwen (SG/PG, 6’2, 2012)

Scout: Wood

  • This kid can flat out jump out of the gym; he is aggressive on the offensive end and didn’t hesitate to attack defenders. One of the best ball handlers at the showcase. He has a quick first step and always had control of the ball. He had a few nice crossovers that left the defenders guessing. He showed the ability to knock down the 3 point shot and displayed a solid midrange jumper.

Scout: Compton

  • He was one of the few players who you could hear talking to his teammates on both ends of the floor. He was a master at blowing past the defense and getting the shot that he wanted. He also attacked, and finished, at the rim very well. For a small guard that is impressive, but once he showed off his dunks, finishing at the rim became an expectation. He is definitely able to elevate very well and is not intimidated by any means.

Scout: Blackburn

  • Tremendous leaper- plays above the rim. Was able to break down man off dribble and get into paint where he can finish over the defense. Solid ball handler, who can use either hand-, tends to over dribble at times, leading to a turnover.

Jalen Hatton (PG, 6’1, 2012)

Scout: Compton

  • Two main things stood out with him. 1) He creates his own shots. He is able to drive past you and get to wherever he wants to shoot from. And 2) he has a high release.

Christian Ejiga (C/PF, 6’9″, 2011)

Scout: Wood

  • Extremely aggressive on defense, always a threat to block a shot, caused havoc in the lane on defense. Runs the floor well and always communicates with his teammates. On the offensive end, he’s a little raw with his post moves. He finishes nicely around the rim and had several putbacks off of missed shots/rebounds.

Scout: Harper

  • Looked a little uncomfortable with the ball in the post in the drills. He did very well in the games though as he was dominating within ten feet of the rim. His footwork was decent, something he could work on. But standing at 6’9 he is a big presence in the paint. He was always sure to swat any shots taken within his territory. But more than his game, he talked. He was not about to lose, and he made sure his team knew it. He directed them on both ends of the floor and was a source of energy.

Scout: Blackburn

  • Brought defensive intensity to every game. Tries to block everything.

Scout: Shockley

  • Big, mobile defensive post player with tremendous size and aggressive on shot blocks.
  • Strong, could easily handle the banging in the paint at the college level.
  • Takes defending the lane personally. A warrior in the paint.

Andrew Pirie (PG, 5’11, 2012)

Scout: Wood

  • Great court vision and leadership- always knew where his teammates were on the court. One of the best passers at the Showcase, very unselfish player and you can tell he cares more about assists than points. He gets after it on the defensive end and seemed to be after every loose ball.

Scout: Compton

  • He wasn’t the highest scorer or the flashiest player by any means, but he was one of the most solid players here today. High Basketball IQ. I could count on one hand the number of guys talking on both ends of the floor, and this man was by far the loudest and most consistent. He is a coach’s dream player the way he leads his team and is a floor general. He truly is an extension of the coach out on the floor. He saw the floor extremely well and had such a “pass first” mindset, but don’t be fooled, he could definitely score. He had a nice change of speed to get around his defender and was able to handle the ball very well.

Scout: Blackburn

  • Changes speeds well off the P/R. Poised and calm at all times. Directed traffic and made sure players were spaced and in the right spot.

Scout: Shockley

  • Works hard on defense
  • Talks on the floor, understands the defense/offense
  • Can handle the ball at full speed in traffic

Tony Nunn (C/PF, 6’8, 2013)

Scout: Wood

  • The MVP of the Showcase, Tony was a force inside on the offensive end. Defenders had a lot of trouble keeping him out of the paint in the post position. He finishes really well around the rim and has good touch for a player his size. He is a good defender who can block shots really well without picking up fouls. He has a great attitude and shows the desire and want to improve even more.

Scout: Harper

  • In drills and in the games, he was very comfortable and natural in the post. Once he got the ball he was extremely strong with the ball and was sure to finish. Running the floor isn’t his strongest attribute, but if you wait on him he’s a big threat.

Scout: Blackburn

  • Strong and wide- has ability to finish through defenders. Had several And 1 plays today. Must improve conditioning.

Scout: Shockley

  • Big, good footwork for his age
  • Good hands
  • Work ethic – wants to get better; coachable
  • Needs conditioning but has a lot of upside

Craig Hinton (SF, 6’6, 2013)

Scout: Wood

  • Extremely athletic player who won the dunk contest. He is comfortable playing against bigger guys down low when he steps in from the wing. Solid midrange jumper, quick first step off the dribble. Has the ability to knock down 3 point shots and if he is on can be a real threat from outside.

Scout: Compton

  • Simply put, he’s a nightmare for the opposing team. He can take his defender to the block and post up. He can also go on the wing and hit 3’s. Loves to run the court and finish at the rim with authority. His post play is natural and comfortable, without any hiccups. His strength becomes very evident when he has the ball in the post.

CJ Woodberry (SF, 6’5, 2012)

Scout: Wood

  • Extremely high basketball IQ. Good ball handler can knock down the 15-18 foot shot consistently. Can get to the rim and finish, hustles back on defense and doesn’t take any plays off.

Scout: Blackburn

  • Long and athletic.

Johnathon Gaddy (PG, 5’9, 2011)

Scout: Wood

  • One of the top PG’s at the showcase, can hit the pullup jumper effortlessly in transition, and has very quick hands which lead to him getting a lot of steals on the defensive end. Can knock down the contested 3 point shot. Plays with tons of heart.

Scout: Compton

  • He is one of the few defensively strong players. He was very solid on defense and always kept his hands and feet moving at very fast speeds which lead to steals and points. Offensively he was skilled at changing speeds drastically and getting past his defender.

Zeb Richardson (C/PF, 6’8, 2012)

Scout: Wood

  • Solid post game and showed some nice moves including a near automatic hook shot over the right shoulder. Positions himself so
    he has a chance at every rebound. Isn’t intimidated by bigger defenders in the post. Runs the floor well, can finish off the pick and roll.

Scout: Shockley

  • Fluid, runs the court well, rebounds well, good size
  • Good hands on the offensive end
  • Needs to be more consistent with footwork; has the moves in the post but will need to watch his pivot foot when he gets pushed off the block against bigger defenders
  • Had some trouble with the bigger Ejiga, needs some bulk to be able to be a post banger against that size of post player. However, did not back down from other bigs
  • Smooth in transition
  • Has a lot of upside – definitely one to watch

Jon Brown

Scout: Compton

  • He stood out for his ability to attack and finish at the rim and also drop three’s. A pretty solid player all around. His defense was also solid. Not a flashy player, but he gives you solid minutes.

Kendall Danglade

Scout: Compton

  • His strength was defense. For his defense alone, he was noticed by and talked about by those at the showcase and even voted into the all-star game. His defense was simply lockdown. He had quick hands and quick feet. Not to say he can’t score, because he most certainly can, but his defense stood out as one of the best in the entire showcase.

Ke’Shun Sherrill (5’10”, 2012)

Scout: Shockley

  • Quick guard who has a knack for getting to the open mid range
  • Can handle the ball with either hand at the college level
  • Can also play off guard but is undersized for 2 guard

Nick Hudson (PG, 6’0″, 2011)

Scout: Shockley

  • Has bounce as a PG
  • Plays eyes-up
  • Good mid range

Marquise Moore (PF, 6’7″, 2011)

Scout: Shockley

  • Good strength, conditioning
  • Athletic in the post; has agility at the PF
  • Can catch the ball on the move in traffic
  • A leaper who has a college ready physique
  • Coachable; wants to improve

Damien Tavares (PG, 5’10”, 2013)

  • Has decent mid range shot
  • Overall jumper needs consistency
  • Solid ballhandler
  • Can get to the hoop
  • Developing player, will be watching to see his growth

BasketballElite.com Southeast Summer Showcase

Much more to come!

By Marcus Shockley

Well, as they say, it’s a wrap.

The inaugural BasketballElite.com Southeast Summer Showcase is in the books, and I was extremely happy with how it came out, from the high level of play to the coaching, the drills, the showcase games and the attending college coaches. But I’d have to say the highlight of the day was the dunk contest, which pitted some serious dunkers from the region against each other, and the players brought some dunks that brought the house down.

In the next few days we will have complete write ups of the event, the top players, more video highlights and the All-Star selections. Thanks goes out to all who helped make the event such a success, including the coaches of the teams, scouts on hand and everyone else.

Much more to come soon!

Southeast Summer Showcase basketball north carolina

So we’ve been talking about the Southeast Summer Showcase for a few months now and this weekend, June 25,2011 is the day. With quite a few colleges expected to be on hand, media and some of the regions rising talent, we’re excited – and a little bit exhausted – to finally get this showcase under way.

We could have called it the Battle in the Paint – with over 12 post players coming in, most of them over 6’8″, this will be a great chance to show off half court sets and nothing will be easy inside. If your in the area, drop by – attendance for the public is $5, and that includes all day access, including the dunk contest and all-star game.

By Marcus Shockley

Arizona Wildcats’ Derrick Williams celebrates against the Duke Blue Devils during their NCAA West Regional college basketball game in Anaheim, California in this March 24, 2011 file photo. The Cleveland Cavaliers finally caught a break after a nightmare 2010-2011 season when they were awarded the number one pick in next month’s NBA draft on Tuesday. Cleveland will have the top overall choice for the first time since 2003, when they selected LeBron James, and are expected to choose Duke’s Kyrie Irving or Arizona’s Derrick Williams as the new face of their franchise. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson/Files (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)


What do you take away from an NBA draft in a year where nobody expects games to be played?

It’s too bad for the players who are entering the draft with the hopes of achieving their dream of playing pro ball for the top league in the world, but the reality is that it’s a near-certainty that there won’t be much a season this year, if a season even occurs at all.

The business of the draft itself has chugged right along; the writers pontificate over who should go as a late lottery pick, and mock draft sites work their magic to try and predict which team will select a certain player. But after the confetti and fanfare, the hats and the handshakes with the commissioner, the cold truth is that it could be a while before we see any of these players play their rookie seasons.

How many players will bolt to play overseas to start earning a paycheck? Once a player has decided to stick it out and try the draft, he’s pretty much like the rest of society, which means he’s got to earn a living, somehow. It’s unlikely any of them are going to get the TV commentator jobs that many coaches land between gigs, or veterans slide into when they can no longer stick on a roster.

Personally, I’ve always thought that the draft itself was far too hyped, teams can get a great player from time to time but usually a great draft just means a chance to build around a player; even Micheal Jordan was a starting point, not the entire Bulls franchise when he was drafted out of North Carolina.

For the players who are in the draft, especially the college graduates, they must feel as though they’ve spent an eternity trying to get to their pro career only to have it pulled away from them just as they reach for it.

By Marcus Shockley

Chris Funderburk (#1) and the Charlotte Tigers battle SC Fusion
Chris Funderburk (#1) and the Charlotte Tigers battle SC Fusion

The 2011 Summer Showdown was held on June 18 at A.L. Brown High School in Kannapolis, NC, and featured several AAU teams from North or South Carolina. Here’s some notes about players from the event. There was one player whose information I wasn’t able to get, and any players whose information (such as graduation year) that I have wrong, let me know.

Top Prospects of the Day

Elijah Moton (PG/SG, 6’3″) Big combo guard who can play more than one position, strong and with a solid outside shot. Has good patience on offense, has a good first step even against much smaller guards. High release on three point shot and accurate. Has heavy interest from several colleges, including UNC Greensboro. Has also talked to Winston-Salem State and Livingstone.

Christopher Turner (G, 6’2″, 2014) Versatile playmaker and competitor, can handle the ball and passes extremely well from different positions. Long, with a good outside shot and ability to put the ball on the floor and slash to the hoop. Talks on the floor, understands the defense. A leader on the floor. Quick hands. Great passing vision, although not a true point. Definitely a player to keep an eye on.

Chris Funderburk (SG/SF, 6’3″, 2012) Solid transition player, can finish with contact or in traffic, a slasher who can score even when being fouled. Strong guard who understands the game and has upside.

Ke’Shun Sherrill (PG, 5’10”, 2012) – Blazing quick point guard who can get an open mid range shot almost at will. Can run the point as a true point, but also plays off the ball well as the off guard. Handles the ball with either hand and plays completely under control. Definitely has the skills to play the point at the college level.

Nate Jones (SG, 2012, 5’10”) – Explosive athlete, deadly outside shooter. Undersized but incredibly athletic, plays excellent defense and is a sharpshooter from outside the arc. Looks like a pure off guard, but plays the position extremely well. Cannot be left open.

Deandre Hall (PG/SG, 6’0″) – Long point guard, solid ballhandler and defender. Has good size/length at the point position. Can really impact the game on both ends of the floor. Attacks at the half court on defense. Can score in transition very effectively, finishes in traffic on the run. Plays with confidence, should have a breakout year.

Peter Goodman (SG/SF, 6’2″, 2014) – Explosive player who is extremely effective in transition. Put the ball on the floor in the half court, slashed to the rim for a dunk over his defender. Plays above the rim.

Johnathon Gaddy (PG, 5’9″, 2011) – Fast point guard who plays eyes-up at all times and understands how to distribute the ball.

Elijah Moten Works Against The Charlotte Tigers with the score tied
Elijah Moten Works Against The Charlotte Tigers with the score tied

Players To Watch

Justice Cuthbertson (PG/SG, 6’1″, 2013) – Shoots well from deep and has good strength. Learning to play off of the ball and is effective with the ball in his hands. Solid free throw shooter.

Brandon Pressley (SF/PF , 6’5″, 2012) – Great attitude, high basketball IQ, runs the floor well. Had to play the post but is definitely a player who looks like he could move to the college 3. High motor, blasts up and down the court on both defense and offense. Extremely effective at the outlet pass. Does not take plays off. Talks on the floor, understands the game. A leader on the floor.

JaQwan McCauley (SF/PF, 6’4″, 2013) – Good strength, can finish in traffic. Athletic, explodes up and down the court in transition.

Keshawn Watson (SG, 5’10”, 2013) – One of the highest basketball IQ’s I’ve seen in a while. Can handle the ball, pass, shoot lights out from outside. Was playing injured and may need to work on conditioning. Has a deceptive, flashy game, good passing vision, hard to defend. With work could develop into a really special player.

Demonte’ Martin (PF, 6’5″, 2012) Solid post player, undersized for the college level but holds his position well, has good footwork and hands. Understands how to play the post, can score off of the blocks.

Gerald Snooks (PF, 6’5″, 2013) Playing as a post player, was effective in early games but was less effective going against other bigs like Demonte’ Martin and Brandon Pressley.

Keshawn Watson looks to work the offense as Deandre Hall closes in
Keshawn Watson looks to work the offense as Deandre Hall closes in

Other Players of Note

Quandarius Crump (PF, 6’4″, 2012) – Strong, solid post player who moves well without the ball and works on defense. Has a football offer from NC State.

Jamar Howie (PG/SG, 5’11”, 2012) – Really versatile guard who can play well both with and without the ball in his hands.


Southeast Summer Showcase basketball north carolina Hey! Have you heard about the Southeast Summer Showcase? It’s a premier individual players’ showcase, taking place on June 25. Rivals affiliates, college coaches and scouting services will be on hand for this high level, high competition basketball showdown. Click here and get more information today.

Andrew White(SG, 6’6″, 2012), who we saw in action recently at the Chris Paul elite guard camp, has great size and has a big list of interested schools, including offers from Miami, BYU, Utah, Richmond, Virginia Tech, USF and George Mason. Oklahoma State, Louisville, West Virginia, Missouri, Providence, Boston College, Texas Tech, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, NC State, Florida State and Xavier are all showing strong interest as well. Andrew plays with NC State commit Tyler Lewis for Team Loaded on the AAU circuit.

Christian Hairston (SF, 6’7″, 2013), a player we named as the top player from a recent showcase and recently attended the Wake Forest elite camp, has gotten offers from Oklahoma State and University of Texas – Arlington.

Jonathan Severe (SG, 6’2″, 2013) is recovering from a wrist injury but expects to be back in time to play in July. He has an offer from Houston and interest from Miami, Florida, Rutgers, St.John’s and Iowa state, among others. ESPN Profile


Southeast Summer Showcase basketball north carolina Hey! Have you heard about the Southeast Summer Showcase? It’s a premier individual players’ showcase, taking place on June 25. Rivals affiliates, college coaches and scouting services will be on hand for this high level, high competition basketball showdown. Click here and get more information today.

By Marcus Shockley

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade (L) and teammate LeBron James wait to leave the stadium after losing the NBA Championship to the Dallas Mavericks in Miami, June 12, 2011. REUTERS/Joe Skipper (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)


Lebron James has been getting advice – almost all of it bad – for his entire life. That’s not uncommon for sports stars, or musicians, or anyone who has a talent that makes them famous and might make them rich. Lebron might have five opinions available in the world for every dollar he earns. But right now, as he lashes out at the media and the fans and still seems convinced that he’s won it all despite not having won a college title or pro title, I’m sure all he’s getting is either people soothing his ego or verbally bashing him as hard as they can.

But if I had Lebron’s ear right now, I would tell him the truth.

I would tell him that this happens to everybody, eventually. You see, when you are a teenager you think you are unstoppable, that you’re going to show everyone how easy it is, and that you’re smarter than everyone else.

Then, life happens. At some point, you realize that no matter how smart you are, or how talented, you’re not invincible, and, believe it or not, there are some pretty talented, savvy people out there who just might be able to take you down.

This, Lebron, is called growing up. It takes longer for big time athletes to ever achieve this, fostered by gushing fans and yes-men, who help you skate through life and tell you that you can do no wrong. Those people aren’t helping you, and eventually, they’ll bail on you.

But, even though it hurts to critic oneself, this is where growing up either goes right or goes wrong. See, when we (all of us, not just you) get slapped around by life and put in our place, we have to decide how to react to it, and how to move forward. We can ignore it, making a subconscious decision to not grow up, and this ends badly. Lives can derail and tank very fast.

Just ask Tiger Woods. He’s trying to decide right now if he wants to grow up or not.

Kobe Bryant faced this decision a few years ago. After years as a spoiled brat who demanded that his center be traded away, he realized that he wasn’t Superman, and asked for real help, got it, and winning a couple more titles.

Kobe grew up.

This is important for you to understand. While most fans think it’s about winning a title, it isn’t. It’s about playing hard non-stop, about working harder than anyone else to achieve something. It’s about talking less and doing more. It’s about doing the hard things, even when we don’t want to. It’s like Dirk and Jason Kidd toiling for years to get a ring, despite coming into the league with loads of talent.

What you shouldn’t do is listen to people like Bob Dorfman, who claims you won’t lose any money over your comments after the finals. You will. Already the sponsors are sniffing around for the next great superstar they can sink all their money into. When Tiger Woods slammed his SUV into a tree in Florida, people were saying he wouldn’t suffer, either. You haven’t hit that kind of skid, but you are, as of today, no longer the guy to watch. You’re the guy who needs someone else to win it for you. I know that stings, but believe me when I say, that sting is felt by all of us, in one way or another, at the moment we grow up. Remember, when you talk about having an amazing life, I would point out that you, like almost everyone else on the planet, still work for someone else. That paycheck is going to go away eventually, despite the fact everyone calls you a businessman.

If you’re going to be one of the great players, here is where you truly show it. By growing up and becoming a man, taking your lumps, and deciding to shut up and really try to win something. I know, I know, the scrutiny of millions of fans is incredible and ridiculous. You’re right about that. But you also invited that scrutiny, so you really can’t throw stones now. You need to learn from your mistakes. Some players do. Many don’t.

By Marcus Shockley

Chris Paul Elite Camp 2011
Chris Paul and Seth Curry aren’t happy with the call, even in a pickup game

The Chris Paul camp is not a showcase, it’s a hard core workout. Players who show up ready to learn from one of the best players in the NBA leave exhausted and hopefully more educated than when they arrive. For some of the college guys, it’s business as usual in some respects, with the exception that once players get to their collegiate teams they rarely have chances to play in a camp against their peers from other schools.

For a lot of the high school guys, it’s a short education in big time competition, especially for players making their first real tour of the national circuit, or for players who recently became nationally known. NBA scouts on hand, pro ballers and college athletes can be intimidating when it’s your first time around.

The scouts are pretty much there to see the college guys. Did last year’s CP3 camp set the stage for Kemba Walker’s rise into the draft spotlight? Possibly. He had to put in the work, but the event is a great way to gauge where a player is at in his skill level and development.

This year’s big college names include Harrison Barnes, Kendall Marshall, Seth Curry and Kenny Boynton. But a player who showed he has big time game and hasn’t been heavily talked about so far is Bradford Burgess, a 6’6″ rising senior at VCU. Burgess is strong and has the body and explosiveness to play against anyone, and he showed it this weekend.

The last day of camp was missing three of the bigger names, including Barnes and Marshall, as well as high schooler Rodney Purvis. Day 3 was a mix of drills and pick up ball, with a chance to get a look at some of the players in a few minutes of full court action.

Tyler Lewis Codi Miller-McIntyre Chris Paul Elite Camp
Tyler Lewis and Codi Miller-McIntyre work to cut off the passing lanes

We’ll have more interviews from the event available soon.

By James Blackburn & Matt Wood

Harrison Barnes Chris Paul Camp 2011

College Players

Bradford Burgess (VCU) – Very strong, physical player. Can get to the rim and finish with contact.

Brandon Triche (Syracuse)- Extremely athletic for PG.

Jordan Taylor (Wisconsin)- Hard worker, winner.

High School Players

Ryan Arcidiacono- Looked really good in dribbling drills in the mourning- has a low dribble- below knees- tight. Keeps eyes up. Great attitude. Verbally committed to Villanova.

Bronson Koenig- Pure jump shot- one of the best looking jumpers in his group- nothing missed short- had good misses.

LJ Rose- Did a great job of talking in shooting drills.

Jevon Thomas- Very impressive in 3 on 3 games. Had a nice up and under reverse lay- up with the foul. Very tough, hard nosed player. Can get into the paint. Uses body well to shield defenders and uses creativity to finish around basket. Verbally committed to play at St. Johns.

Patrick Rooks – High volume scorer. Smooth. Verbally committed to Clemson.

Codi Mller-Mcintyre- Under control through out games, whether it was 3 on 3, 4 on 4 with no dribble, or Full court 5 on 5. Has an automatic pull up jump shot. Committed to Wake Forest.

Jaquel Richmond- Very quick. Has the ability to break man down with dribble and get to painted area, where he can hit the open man. Better than average shooter with 3 point range. Competes and plays hard. Solid young PG to keep an eye on.