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During the 1998 NBA lockout, players made many public relations missteps as they worked to try and secure a deal with the owners. This time, they hope that they won’t make those same mistakes, although some of the players this time around have already made the kind of comments that hurt their negotiating leverage. That’s lead the NBA players to try and keep the players’ communications in check, especially in an age of Twitter:

“It was a huge emphasis,” Derek Fisher, the president of the National Basketball Players Association, said in a telephone interview. “The reality is, we’re in a great position, where guys have worked to put themselves in this place where they can potentially earn millions of dollars.”

It seems that this NBA labor brawl is not only seen by the owners as their chance to level some of the salaries and contracts that they got themselves into, but also seen by some as a chance to completely remake the NBA, and fix the problems that have plagued the league for years:

The NBA now has the opportunity to do the same thing with the draft and examine baseball’s in-or-out model and hockey’s draft-and-follow model.

Finally, Forbes has an idea that the players should just abandon the idea of working with the NBA and start their own league:

[…]imagine if NBA players decided to start their own league. That would change the dynamics of the negotiations. And it wouldn’t be that difficult. The players could start a new league, for example, by creating a large cooperative to which all players share in the revenues. None of the teams need an owner; each team just needs a general manager, who can be paid out of revenues. The players – or the cooperative to which the players belong – will be the owner(s).

It’s an interesting idea, but the players would have to align with some new business forces to make that happen. An interesting note about this NBA lockout is that there are some minor league teams in the United States, and apparently not one of them has attempted to make new money by signing NBA players. It could be that the price of an NBA player is just too high.

It’s not a joke… NBA player and former Georgia Tech baller Javaris Crittenton has been charged with homocide, related to the shooting death of a 23 year old woman in Atlanta, GA.

Jones was walking with others near 2915 Macon Drive in southwest Atlanta around 10 p.m. Aug. 19 when she was shot, Campos said. Jones, a mother of three, was struck in the hip and later died during surgery.

Javaris Crittenton

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You might remember the last time your heard of Crittendon, he and Gilbert Arenas were pulling guns on each other in the Washington Wizards’ locker room, which made national headlines and cost both players most of a season. He was drafted in 2007.

The crime was considered an accidental killing as Crittendon allegedly sought to retaliate for being robbed. Jullian Jones, the victim and a mother of three, was shot in the hip and died later during surgery.

To The Hoop 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

The “To the Hoop” 3 on 3 basketball tournament will be held on September 24, 2011, in Winston-Salem, NC. This event is being organized by Coach Rybek of Calvary Baptist in Winston-Salem and will feature 3 pool games and then tournament play.

Basketball Elite will be attending this tournament and scouting the event, as well as sponsoring the 3 point shooting contest and dunk contest. For more information, head over to, where you can sign your team up!

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Some of the top stories in the world of basketball today:

Missouri may be having second thoughts about hiring coach Frank Haith from Miami after last week’s news of potentially massive recruiting violations at the U. But Missouri, for now, is content to take a wait-and-see approach. Officially, the university says there were no red flags in hiring Haith.

Following their much-publicized brawl with a Chinese team, the Georgetown Hoyas have become a hot ticket in Shanghai, and it’s caused coach John Thompson III more headaches than he anticipated for this trip:

“It would be misleading if didn’t say that the last couple of days have been trying and stressful,” Thompson told ABC News. “But for me as coach and for the players it’s good to get back on the court.

It’s not clear if Delonte West is seriously looking for a job in retail, but last week he Tweeted that he had put in an application at Home Depot.

With the strong possibility of no NBA season this year, or at least, no professional basketball in the United States for some time, sports media focused on summer games at Rucker Park and various Pro-Ams like never before. The Drew League vs. Goodman League battle managed to even land on the front page of ESPN.

By Marcus Shockley

Miami Hurricanes guard Durand Scott (1) fights for a rebound against Virginia Cavaliers left Assane Sene (5) during their NCAA men’s basketball game at the 2011 ACC Tournament in Greensboro, North Carolina March 10, 2011. REUTERS/Chris Keane (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)


The Miami Hurricanes football and basketball programs have found themselves the latest target of the NCAA, and it’s tied to the ever growing story of Nevin Shapiro.

It’s almost become synonymous with boosters involved in big time financial advisers who work with sports clients that there is a possibility that they are running a Ponzi scheme, which will eventually crash and take down a lot of people in the process. This isn’t entirely reality, but it does bring us back to the point we made last week that players need to develop their off-the-court life skills.

One myth that I see in high school and college basketball is that there are big pools of money floating around, even for unknown players. While there is money being thrown around in some circles, you have to realize that one of the telltale signs to a scam is someone flashing a lot of money and “lifestyle”. Someone who flashes diamond rings or Rolex watches and tells you he wants to help you manage your money is a guy to stay away from.

But this case strikes a harsh blow into the Miami program, whose football program was trying to find it’s way back to serious prominence. The evidence in this case is significant, with money being paid by players and the guy who was paying them now in jail.

By Deante Scott

Now that the AAU season is wrapping up time, it’s to break down the class of 2013,2012 and 2014 breakout players in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Class of 2012

Eric Laster 6’6″ WF DE Team Takeover (Poly HS) This kid really impressed me on the circuit is a gritty hardnosed player who can finish above the rim. Although his ball handling isnt spectacular, Laster can keep the ball away from his defender.

Ronny Paden 6’4 G (Trenton Catholic) NJABC Paden has a college basketball frame who can hit the 20 footer with ease, and is able to open up for his teamates. Recently got his first offer from St. peters.

Mourice Watson 6’0 PG (Team Philly) Great potential! Started off Spring with no offers and now holds 16+. Really showed what he can do this summer.

Darrick Wood 6’5 SG Playaz (hargrave military)VA His long frame helps him finish in traffic, jumps really well and can shoot from NBA range.

Andre Horne 6’4 SG ECE (Newark HS ) DE Skilled combination guard that is more of a shooting guard, although he can help at the point because of his ball handling and basketball IQ. Horne competes and has toughness as well. He can get to the rim off the dribble and does a good job drawing fouls when pressured.

Class of 2013

John Davis Team Final (Nueman Guerreti)PA Davis is an active, long wiry athlete that can get to the rim and finish on the break. In the half court he is a pretty good slasher that likes to use the spin move. Davis is a willing passer and is a good area rebounder on both ends especially defensively.

Isaac Flemming 6’2″ PG ECE (william Penn) DE Flemming is a solid, pure point guard. He is definitely a pass first, run-the-show style point guard. He is a lefty that can score when needed but prefers to set up his teammates. He is effective at getting in the lane with his left handed dribble and either finding open teammates or scoring himself. He is a solid shooter with range to 20 feet.

Antonio Depina 6’3″ SG DE Team Takeover (Poly HS) Depina has a good build and can score in a variety of ways. Uses his size to muscle his way into the lane and score. More of a combo guard but has the ability to handle the ball, change of direction and keep body control in the lane. Good defender that can muscle smaller players around. Must improve jumpshot .

Myreek Folkes 6’3″ SG BMore Elite (Patterson HS) MD Knows how to score and is getting better every time out. He works extremely hard on skill work and will be a great fit at shooting guard in the So-Con/Big South level and mid-major schools, depending on the system.

Jamal Robinson 6’6″ SF DC Takeover (Paul VI)VA A strong and physical wing that attacks defenders off the bounce. He draws fouls because he dribbles through contact and can finish. Robinson also slashes in between defenders. He is a terrific rebounder and passer as well. Robinson is a great defender due to his desire and strength. He has the ability to defend both perimeter wing positions.

Shafeek Taylor 6’4″ SG Team Final (Roman Catholic ) PA has an excellent mid range game off the catch or dribble and did an excellent job making open shots or attacking the defender to make a scoring play when pressured. Taylor can spin and elevate in the lane or hit the open three on a kick out or ball reversal. He is a good rebounder that can push the ball after cleaning the offensive glass.

Class of 2014

Austin Tilghman 6’0″ PG ECE (St Andrews DE) Has the instincts of a pure point guard with a strong on the floor presence, innate feel for the game, and extroverted communication skills. He has excellent court vision and ability to set the table for his teammates but is also capable of making plays in the open court, playing pick and roll, or knocking down shots off the catch or the dribble.

Ben Bentill 6’8 PF ECE ( st Andrews DE) A thin combo forward that is improving by leaps and bounds. He is very, very long and is skilled enough to play the 3 one day down the road. Right now he is more of a skilled power forward. He is a solid athlete and has a tremendous upside. He’s an excellent catch and shoot player out to 15 feet. His release is slow but he’s accurate.

Jaquan Newton 6’0 PG Team Final (Nueman Guerreti)PA Has a tight handle and good quickness, is able to consistently get himself into the lane in both directions, and has a definite weapon with his pull-up jumper. He has a low release point on his jumper from behind the arc, but can nonetheless make open threes when left unchecked.

Romelo Trimble 6’2 SG Dcassault ( Bishop O Connell) MD Young guard that looks to score in transition as well as in the half court. He is very aggressive and has good size and strength for his age. He has a nice pull up jumper that he likes to shoot mostly going to his left and he has the ability to rebound and push the ball and take it coast to coast.

These players have shown they can play and aren’t under-the-radar players anymore. Look forward to seeing these players in the future.

Terry Henderson is a player who will become much more well known by the time he enters college. Last week, Henderson was offered by Maryland and there’s no doubt that more schools are right behind. We caught up with Terry at CP3 elite camp and got his thoughts on the camp, what he’s working on and his overall recruitment.