Adidas Jr Phenom 150 2011

The Adidas Jr Phenom 150 showcase has become an established event in the Fall, this year taking place in Winston-Salem, NC. Here are our notes from the high school games, with several standout players, some of whom we’ve seen in the past and some new faces to keep our eye on as the high school basketball season is about to kick off.

Patrick Rooks (G 6’3” 2013) – Charlotte Christian (NC)
Rooks is an impressive combo guard with good slashing ability and soft hands on the inside. Had a couple of nice dunks off the dribble easily beating his defender with a quick first step. Has good range on his jumpshot and has a quick pullup off the dribble. Showed good ball handling even in traffic and looked for the open man on the fast break. Has a tendency to fade when posting up or on shorter range shots even against smaller defenders. Verbally committed to Clemson.

Chuck Ogbodo (C, 6’11” 2013) – High Point Christian (NC)
Ogbodo has long arms and is an athletic shot blocker with quick feet defensively. Runs the floor well for a big man but sometimes disappears after making a mistake, must learn to play hard and have intensity on a more consistent basis. Offensive game is somewhat raw but showed potential with several quick moves with his back to the basket. Mid-range jumper inconsistent but has a soft touch on the inside. Ogbodo brings the ball down too low on rebounds and during post ups, making it easier for guards to strip the ball.

Quayshad Williams (PF/C, 6’7″, 2012) – Greensboro Day (NC)
It’s hard to believe the roster sheet, which had Quayshad listed at only 6’6″, because he works the lane like a true center, even against other bigs. Other sources have him listed at 6’7″. Great hands, great footwork, and and efficient scorer, Williams is solid and establishes position very well in the paint. Gets position for rebounds and putbacks, but also is a good target for the guards and knows how to score inside. High basketball IQ and an intelligent player.

Jon Elmore (SF, 6’3” 2014) – South Charleston (WV)
Elmore is a hardworking, tenacious player with good understanding of defensive principles. Quick first step, especially when going to his right and seems to enjoy contact at the rim. Good finisher in traffic and on the fastbreak but needs to work on the consistency of his jumper. Has decent vision and will pass to the open man, but needs to improve ball handling.

Logan Jackson (PG/SG, 5’10”, 2013) – Marvin Ridge (NC)
Jackson is a disruptive force on both ends of the floor. He plays defense like a safety, picking off defenders at midcourt and racing back to the rim. Jackson does a lot of things that drive his team; defensively, he has quick hands and is active all over the floor. Offensively, he puts the ball on the floor and gets to the rim repeatedly, leaving defenders out of position as he finishes uncontested. Jackson is effective in transition with look ahead passes that lead to full court transition layups. His top area for improvement is his outside shot.

Andrew White (SG-SF 6’6” 2012) The Miller School (VA)
Athletic wing player that is very quick on fastbreaks and always runs hard in transition. Needs time when shooting from distance but can spot up with a fair amount of consistency. Needs to take better angles when trying to stop defenders and not rely so heavily on his quickness to beat opponents to a spot. Needs to work on ball handling and passing ability but has good potential in both areas; showed good ability to finish over defenders.

Jackson Kent (SF, 6’7″, 2013) – High Point Christian (NC)
A slender player with agility, Kent can run the court and even push the ball on the break. He’s really a natural small forward right now, with above average ballhandling at his position and an ability to score that shows he might be able to make the move to play at the 2 some in the future. He wasn’t an outside threat in the games we scouted but did show an ability to get buckets and impact the game. Will need strength but has potential.

Jaiquan Lynch (SG-SF 6’4” 2012) -North Springs (GA)
Lynch, who goes by Shawn, had several dynamic plays at the Phenom camp including a monstrous tomahawk dunk over a defender on a fast break play. Lynch is a good athlete with decent range on his jumper but sometimes rushes when he has the ball and can be stripped by smaller defenders, must improve his ballhandling. He has a big body and is a strong player who doesn’t mind contact in the post and is a good finisher. Plays more like a power forward although his height would suggest he is better suited for guard or small forward duty.

J.T. Miller (PG/SG, 6’3″, 2012) – Clinton (NC)
Miller is back from a ‘jumper’s knee’ injury that he suffered in the Bob Gibbons TOC last Spring, finally at 100% and showing off his athletic prowess at the Adidas event. Miller is explosive in transition, with an ability to dunk in traffic. Definitely a college level athlete that plays as a combo guard, but looks more natural at the 2 right now. Miller races up and down the court, moving without the ball in transition and working hard on defense, with solid defensive fundamentals. Can hit from the perimeter as well. Doesn’t disappear, impacts the game whenever he’s on the floor and stays active.

Chiagozie Udoh (F 6’7” 2013) – Fayetteville Christian (NC)
Udoh is a good rebounder and decent shot blocker but sometimes tries to block shots that he shouldn’t. Brings the ball down too low when posting up and on rebounds but showed some strong post moves as well as decent range to about 12-14 feet but consistency will have to improve. Gets lost on help defense at times and needs to learn to box out on a more dependable basis. Sometimes gets discouraged after a mistake and was slow to get back.

Jordan Jones (SF, 6’7″, 2013) – Durham Riverside (NC)
Jones is an agile player with length, who is effective in the transition game. He rebounds well and can play above the rim, moves well without the ball and his length causes defensive problems. Although his rebounding and length are effective, he doesn’t look like a pure post player, but more like a true small forward. He would have to add bulk and work on establishing position to play in the paint at the college level. However, the most impressive and possibly overlooked aspect of Jones’ game is his vision and passing from the forward spot. He has phenomenal vision and will throw laser passes to an open man for an assist.

Carlos Thrash (PG 5’7” 2015) – Benedictine (VA)
Thrash showed good poise and leadership at the point guard position, especially to be just a freshman. Although small, Thrash is strong with a great first step and good ballhandling ability. Thrash is not intimidated by taller defenders and is a pure point guard that is very vocal on the court and has great vision for a player so young. Thrash has an inconsistent jumper which he will have to improve since his quickness will make defenders respect his driving ability.

Trey Lofton (SF 6’6” 2012) – Winston-Salem Glen (NC)
Lofton is an athletic player with good transition skills and jumping ability. Quick feet on defense and shows intensity on defense. Inconsistent long range shot but decent shooting ability within 15 feet. Needs to follow his shot better and be a more consistent rebounder.

Tyrek Coger (C-PF 6’8” 2013) Upper Room (NC)
Coger is a big, strong player with a lot of potential. Very quick for his size and runs the floor very well. Showed good stamina for a big post player and showed some good post moves including a nice baby hook shot and has good vision in the lane. Talks a lot on defense and provides good help defense for teammates that get beat off the dribble. Hardworker that seems passionate about the game has a lot of upside but he must improve his jumpshot as well as his finesse around the basket.

Brayden Masten (F 6’8” 2013) R.J. Reynolds (NC)
Masten is a tall, rangy player with a good shooting touch from the outside and can spot up with consistency. Good shot blocker because of his length but is not tremendously athletic and must improve his strength because he got beat by stronger opponents in the post. Has the shooting ability of a guard but needs improvement in other aspects of his game, especially his passing, court vision, and ball handling. Tends to get lost on defense when there is a lot of passing by the offense and can be timid when facing a stronger opponent. Overall has good potential.

Josh Mellette (F, 6’5”, 2012) – Southern Lee
He’s long and tall, very athletic. He gets up to dunk and get rebounds. He gets blocks but he also alters shots because of his length. People are afraid to come in the paint when he’s there, and if they do shoot they are fearful of getting blocked. No one can shoot a normal shot anywhere near him. He finds the loose ball. He’s the cleanup guy on the glass and gets easy put backs because he hustles down the floor.

Diante Baldwin (SG, 5’11”, 2013) – High Point Christian (NC)
Has strength and is an active player. Athleticism allows him to get multiple opportunities but sometimes can get out of control on the break or on slashing moves.

Jeremy Wallace (G, 6’3”, 2013) – Crossroads Charter
He’s long and tall, very athletic. He hustles after the ball. He passes the ball well and looks for the best opportunity for the team to score. He hustled on defense and got steals. He’s a good shooter too. His best quality was his unselfishness with the ball, especially when many try to show off in a showcase.

Jefferie Gibson (SG/SF, 6’4″, 2014) – Gray’s Creek(NC)
To put it bluntly, Gibson is a player who catches your attention. He’s long, he’s active and he’s a showman. Active and using his length, he plays well in transition and can get above the rim easily. He does play out of control at times and will need to learn when to slow down, but he also works hard on defense and got several steals. Gibson also can shoot very well from deep, at one point hitting three 3-pointers in a row. Impacts the game. Needs to work on ballhandling to be more effective as a slasher.

Robert Brown (PF, 6’7″, 2015) – Millbrook (NC)
Brown plays as a big and works in the lane, looks like he might develop into a serious banger in the middle with more bulk. Decent footwork, still somewhat raw overall but athletic and runs the floor well. Good hands, can throw it down and is very active on defense.

Stavian Allen (PF, 6’7″, 2014) – Word of God (NC)
Allen is a big who could develop into a true post. Effective shot blocker and rebounder with length. Needs to work some on establishing position on the block, but runs the floor easily and looks a player who could raise his stock over the next couple of years. Has some definite upside.

Brandon Buchanan (SG-SF 6’3” 2015) -Freedom (VA)
Buchanan is a rangy, athletic player with a good deal of potential. He is raw offensively but showed flashes of talent with slashing moves to the basket and by beating other players down court on fastbreaks. Already 6’3”, it seems likely from his body structure that he may have some growing to do but must work on his jump shot as well as his ball handling. Gets lost on defense at times but showed high energy throughout the game.

Matthew Woods (SG, 6’1″, 2014) – Swannanoa
Excellent shooter with solid, consistent form. Looks most comfortable and effective playing off of the ball right now. Solid passer, although doesn’t look like a true point right now.

Garret McCarty (PG, 5’9”, 2014) – Charleston Catholic
He has great handles and control of both his body and the ball. He’s very quick and crafty. He’s good at splitting the defense and getting to the paint. Then he creates his own shots with some strong moves. He simply makes opportunities for his team.

Derek Barnes (F, 6’5”, 2014) – Hickory High School
He’s a sound, fundamental player who plays defense well. He sees his man and the ball well. He goes hard after rebounds. He can shoot three’s and run the floor well. With his size and skill, he’s a dangerous player and difficult to have to match up against. He’s unselfish with the ball and not afraid to pass if it helps the team. He has a good attitude and hustles. He has good moves and is able to attack the basket.

Caleb Martin (F, 6’7″, 2014) Davie County (NC)
Caleb looks like he could play the PF spot effectively with an active and athletic game. Still a bit raw in some aspects, but runs the floor like a small forward and has excellent hands. Works hard on both ends of the floor but still needs to work on positioning and finishing – sometimes goes for ‘home run’ plays and misses opportunities. Needs to improve ballhandling and shooting range, but plays big, above the rim. Can slash to the basket with a decent first step – just needs to finish consistently.

Gejuan Long (F, 6’5”, 2013) – Mt. Tabor
He has good handles and moves. He is very quick. He gets steals and takes it the length of the floor and creates a shot. He gets up high on defense to get blocks and rebounds. He’s a good all around player who is very talented, especially considering his size.

Justice Cuthbertson (SG, 6’2″, 2014) – High Point Westchester (NC)
Justice continues to show his ability to shoot from outside and has strength. Was effective both on and off the ball today. Has been working on his ball handling in order to be more effective as a combo guard. Will need to continue to improve his ability to play point. Recently played well at Pangos event in Atlanta.

Trey Chapman (SF, 6’6″, 2013) – High Point Wesleyan (NC)
Chapman has good length, agile and runs the floor well. Plays solid defense and is active on both ends of the floor.

Matt Madigan (SG, 6’5″, 2013) – Reagan (NC)
Madigan still plays smart and impacts the game, but looks bigger and stronger than last season. An active player who passes well, can handle the ball and play multiple positions. Looks like he is getting to the rim more easily than the last time we scouted him. Expect him to have a solid season.

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