Alex Mims

Name: Alex Mims

Height: 6’4

Weight: 185

High School: EE Smith HS

AAU Team: Express Showcase

GPA: 3.0

Position: Wing

Projected Level of Play: D3/NAIA

Alex is a player whose recruitment has been very quiet up to this point, After a very good showing at Fab 40 camp and a solid start to his senior year , we expect college coaches to begin to contact this young man. We stopped in to the EE Smith vs Westover to check him out and he had a very impressive game almost leading his team to a win against a very good Westover squad.

Stats vs Westover HS : 25 points & 10 rebounds


Athleticism & Quickness– Alex is a very athletic/slasher type of  player that knows how to use his athletic ability on both ends of the floor. On the offensive end of the floor He changes speeds and direction quickly to keep a defender guessing , he also uses a quick first step to get in the paint to score it as well as finishing plays above the rim. On the defensive end of the floor he blocks and alters shots as well as using his athleticism and quickness to play the passing lanes to come up with steals.

High Motor- These days you have to love a player that seems like they love to play the game and have a strong desire not to lose and Alex seems to have those attributes , he brought constant energy, enthusiasm and intensity throughout the game. whether he was: diving on the floor for lose balls , taking a charge, crashing the offensive boards, or forcing a tie-up he definitely made sure to try to will his team to victory. Every teams need a guy that can not only put the ball in the bucket but that can bring energy for the team on a nightly basis and for the right program , Alex could be that guy.

Areas for Improvement

 Shooting– At this point we would have to label Alex as a somewhat streaky shooter, if he’s hot he can knock down shots from midrange and the perimeter at a high rate , but if he’s not then he struggles knocking down those shots.  We would love to see him improve in this area , which would make him not only more dangerous as a high school player but also an even more intriguing prospect for the college level.

Off Ball Defense- Throughout the game there were a few moments where he gambled on a play by trying to play the passing lanes for a steal instead of staying honest. Although on a few occasions he was successful , overall we would much rather have the player stay honest and play solid defense. Alex has all the tools to be a very good defender not only in high school but also at the next level if he makes the correct adjustments.