By Al Woods

Where is it written that it’s only the high school coaches’ responsibility to help get their players recruited and placed in college? It is assumed that the job of a high school coach is to see to it that the players are getting exposure to college programs.

The problem is that high school coaches do not have the time or the resources to consistently get their student athletes exposure to college coaches.

It is a known fact that most high school coaches are also teachers because that’s the job that pays them the most money and that’s the job that they’re going to protect first.

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Generally, you’ll see a lot high school coaches get out of coaching because of the enormous amount of time spent coaching. I’m sure it’s hard enough to be a full time school teacher and a full time coach and on top of that, being asked to assist student athletes with the recruiting process.

The parents have a responsibility in the college recruiting process but their problem is more of laziness and an assuming that the high school coaches are somehow college recruiting experts.

Parents become upset with the high school coaches because they feel that their coach is not doing enough to help their kid with recruiting when it should be the parent’s responsibility first with the assistance of the high school coach.

When you think about what you actually have to do to get a student athlete recruited for college, it would be impossible for high school coaches to be involved in the many aspects of college recruiting. There is a lot of work involved in this process.

Just to be a full time college recruiter would require emailing college coaches, making phone calls, mailing out DVD’s to college programs, mailing out athletic resumes, being available for return calls, and responding to emails from a college coach in a timely manner and the list of responsibilities can go on and on.

Now there is a solution to this problem of the limited role and responsibility of many high school coaches and that is coaches at a private high schools.

Many private school coaches have more time available to them to deal with the many aspects of college recruiting. This is part of the reason many student athletes enroll in private schools because of the personal attention that a student athlete would receive as opposed to being at a public school.

Many of the coaches at a private school have limited classroom schedules and are dealing with smaller class room sizes. Many of the student athletes who attend private schools seem to fair better academically and athletically because of the individual attention they are receiving.

The bottom line with recruiting is getting the exposure to college programs but it ultimately comes down to the responsibility of the parents of high school athletes consistently working with their high school coaches to effectively gain exposure for these student athletes.

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