Prospect Report: John Collins (Wake Forest)

Game Scouted: Wake Forest vs Pittsburg

Wake Forest wins 63-59

John Collins, F, 6’10”, 235 lbs, SO

Stats- 28 min, 10-16 FG, 13 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 block, 1 TO, 22 points


Offensively John has shown improvement from a year ago and is now a highly reliable post scoring option. Has has great touch around the basket and can score in a variety of ways. He scores the ball with an array of moves including dunks, hooks/running hooks, drop steps, and facing up. He is incredibly efficient scoring the basketball and is #1 in the country in PER (Player Efficiency Rating). One of his big jumps from last year to this year is his ability to shoot the short corner jumper and midrange shot consistently. The short corner shot from 12’ to 15’ has become one of his sweet spots. He has solid mechanics and is shooting with confidence this season. While he is still a roll man at this stage in PnR sets, I could see him doing more short rolls and some pops as he continues to stretch his range.

Collins is a terrific athlete who can run and jump with just about anyone in the country. Has a great motor and stays active on both ends. He runs the floor very well on both ends and his 2nd jump is tremendous. He loves to dunk the ball with 2 hands as well and doesnt struggle to finish above the rim.

Seals off inside nicely and seems to have a better understanding this season on how to score from various points on the floor and from different angles. He has great hands and can catch and finish inside very effectively. He also has underrated body control.

Has develop into a nice shot blocker getting most of these from the weakside. He has really good timing and can get off the floor high and quick and catches most players off guard. He is getting better and better figuring out if he should leave his man to go for the block or stay with his man and rebound. The foul trouble from last year has not been as much of a problem this year as he has gained muscle and also done a better job of staying straight up and not reaching in.

He is a great rebounder on both ends. He attacks defensive boards and uses his energy, athleticism, and quick 2nd jump to go after offensive boards as well. He rebounds outside his area.


Needs to continue to improve his feel especially on the perimeter. While his left hand has gotten better this year he still needs to improve it and get more confidence in it. Was pulled away from the basket tonight defensively guarding Michael Young of Pitt tonight. Didnt do a bad job at all- he contested shots but needs to be more consistent staying low in defensive stance- does a nice job of moving his feet for a player of his size- quick/active feet.  He needs to continue to add some weight to his frame particularly in his lower body which will come with age.


John continued his amazing month of play with another big one tonight with a double-double. He had some huge plays down the stretch including a tip in to give Wake the lead with 18 seconds left. John has now scored 20 points in every game since January 18th and his play as of late has been exceptional. He was coming off of a career high of 31 points against Duke last game.  I love his body language- even with some poor foul calls against him and not getting the ball as much as he should, he doesnt hang his head, complain, or sulk.  He is a player with a very high ceiling and he is still very young, at just 19 years old. His improvement from last year to this season shows how hard of worker he is and he checks all the boxes off the court. His stock has been rising all season on mock drafts and is now listed as a top 20 pick on most websites/ draft experts. I can see John going as high as top 11 especially if he continues his hot play. His draft position will only improve after workouts and once teams interview him.

Freshman Report: John Collins (Wake Forest)

John Collins Wake Forest


By James Blackburn

Game Scouted: Wake Forest vs Coastal Carolina

Wake wins 83-77

Box Score

John Collins, F, 6’10”, 218 lbs

Stats: 14 min, 12 TP, 5 rebounds, 1 steal


Very athletic player who uses his athleticism on both ends on the floor. Great rebounder who boards the ball outside his area and grabs rebounds above rim level with 2 hands. Also he rarely misses a box out. Has a high motor and plays hard. Sets wide screens and rolls hard to the rim. Good FT shooter- has a nice follow through and release. Also showed the ability to hit the 10′ jumper and looked comfortable doing so. Runs the floor well and his movements are fluid.  Does a great job of finishing above the rim- dunks it with authority.

Moves his feet very well for his size on the defensive end. Can hedge screens and recover to his man pretty easily. Protects the rim- uses his length and athleticism. He also contests shots on the perimeter nicely.


Collins is only a freshman so many of his areas where he needs to improve will come with time and experience. He rushes at times and he needs to slow down. Needs to continue to build lower body strength. For the next level will need to continue to extend range out to 15’ or beyond and get more consistent offensively. Foul trouble has hurt him this year, but he was fine tonight. That wont be as much of an issue at the next level where they let more go, but he needs to become more disciplined on reaches and staying straight up to protect the rim.


Collins has had a superb freshman season so far and makes an impact every time he touches the floor. He has about as high of ceiling as anyone on the roster and plays extremely hard. His size, length, and athleticism you cant teach and he seems extremely coach-able and a quick learner too. Having a former NBA big man in Danny Manning as his coach will only help accelerate his development.