Hampton’s Chain of Friends Sweepstakes

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This is without a doubt one of the coolest grand prizes I have ever heard of. It’s called the Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes, but what it really boils down to is that the grand prize winner will get an entire hotel (100 rooms) for 2 days, in other words, a weekend stay for you and 99 of your closest friends.

That is unreal.

Not only that, the winner will get $5000 in cash to help cover the tax for the weekend, so it’s not like you would have to pony up the occupancy tax for 100 hotel rooms. The grand prize and the sweepstakes are not just open to Hilton Honors members or people who have previously stayed at a Hampton. It’s open to everyone.

If I win this prize, I think I would try and bring in my entire family from across the country for a weekend, because I literally have family all over the map. California, North Carolina, Michigan, Florida, Texas…it would be a dream to get everyone together for just one big family reunion weekend. To be honest, it would be great to do it anyway, but I sure couldn’t pay for it without winning the prize.

A whole weekend with my entire extended family, with a hotel pool, everyone getting their own room, is just a killer idea. With the entire family not having to pay for rooms, it would be great, and we could probably organize more group activities with the money we’d be saving.

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