2014 Intro: Leron Black

By Justin Byerly

Memphis (TN) White Station has one of the top sophomores in the country, in LeRon Black. The 6-foot-7 forward is ranked 25th by ESPN.com in the class of 2014. I spoke with him yesterday about his recruitment and his goals for the next few years.

Justin Byerly: Do you have a list of possible schools your considering?

LeRon Black: Georgetown, Kansas, Marquette, UNC, Kentucky,UConn and Memphis

Justin Byerly: Which parts of your game are you working to improve as of now?

LeRon Black: My shooting, and ball handling.

Justin Byerly: What are your goals over the next two seasons ?

LeRon Black: Win two state championships. Gain 20 pounds and be in the top 5 for my class and become more spiritual with god.

Justin Byerly: Ok. Sounds good. Your at White Station in Memphis. How is it, since being such a big basketball town, how is the hype for a guy like you? A lot of stress or is it not that bad?

LeRon Black: No its not that much stress, I just try my hardest to play as well as I can against every team and everybody.

Justin Byerly: Great. Who are some players or player, that you try to model your game after?

LeRon Black: Thaddeus Young and Kevin Durant

Justin Byerly: Ok. You have some talent at White Station with Nych Smith and Davell Roby. Are you three real close?

LeRon Black: Yessir really close! Me and Nych went to middle school together.. And we got close with Roby in 8th grade.

Justin Byerly: Ok good. White Station (TN) should be very good next two years. Are you planning any visits soon?

LeRon Black: No, not yet.

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