Phenom Hoop Report and Basketball Elite Form Partnership

Phenom Hoop Report

Phenom Hoop Report and Basketball Elite are pleased to announce a new partnership which will create the largest independent scouting service in the Southeast.

Phenom Hoop Report, which operates the Phenom basketball showcase series and several AAU events in the North Carolina and Virginia areas, is teaming up with Basketball Elite, who also covers much of the Southeast region as well as offering some national coverage. The scouting reports offered by Basketball Elite’s scouts will now be part of the Phenom Hoop Report service.

“We are pleased to have Marcus Shockley and James Blackburn part of the Phenom Hoop Report,” said Rick Lewis, owner of Phenom Hoop Report, “By consolidating two of the most prestigious brands in the state, we will be better able to serve the players and coaches at a higher level. I have personally known Marcus and James for over five years and have much admiration and respect for their work and professionalism. Their vision dovetails with the vision of the Phenom Hoop Report.”

“This partnership is really a perfect combination of two organizations that are focused on offering real solutions for helping athletes and colleges find each other,” said Marcus Shockley, the Director of Basketball Elite. “Phenom Hoop report has the same mission as we do, which is to cover every square inch of basketball recruiting in the region with as much accuracy as possible, and offering a real alternative for parents and colleges across the region. We’ve always supported each other and this just makes perfect sense. Together, we will be able to offer what I feel is the absolute highest quality scouting and events service in the region and one of the best in the nation.”

In addition to combining the scouting resources and player database under the Phenom Hoops umbrella, both organizations will be partnering on several additional events this coming year, including broadcasting the NC Top 80 event on March 29, 2014. The NC Top 80 is an exclusive invite-only basketball showcase which will feature the top 80 prospects from North Carolina, including many ACC recruiting targets.

Phenom Hoop Report also organizes the Phenom showcase series, including the Phenom 150 in March, this year to be held in Greensboro, NC, and is expanding this year with several new AAU events. Basketball Elite organizes the Southeast Summer Showcase, held in June. This year’s Southeast Summer Showcase will be held in Winston-Salem, NC.

Fans and coaches are encouraged to follow the individual scouts and partners for Phenom Hoop Report and Basketball Elite:

Rick Lewis

Marcus Shockley

Jamie Shaw

James Blackburn

Justin Byerly

Charles Clark

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