Sleeper Report: Kevin Giltner (Wofford)

By James Blackburn

Kevin Giltner

Game Scouted: Wofford @ Wake Forest
Box Score

Kevin Giltner (G, 6’6”, SR)

4-14 FG, 3-10 3 pt, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 TO’s, 1 steal, 11 TP, 39 min

Great set shooter( especially from 3)- great rotation, form, arc, quick release, gets body square to rim curling off screens. Wofford ran a lot of off ball screens for him. Plays well without the ball- constantly is moving, running off screen- sets man up well to come off screen. Guarded Wakes best player in McKie tonight (CJ Harris was out)- did a decent job on him- contested his jump shot nicely- but struggled to keep him from getting to rim. Took several charges on the defensive end tonight.Good size- able to look over defense. Underrated passer- threw a beautiful no look pass in fist half for lay-up- also he was the one to throw pass in inbounds plays for Wofford (speaks of his shooting and passing). Makes the right/correct pass- made several good decisions when curling off screens, catching the ball and flipping it to screener who had rolled and Giltner had both defenders on him. Well conditioned played practically the entire game and did not slow down.

Needs to be more aggressive offensively. Had several possessions in first half where Wake had to switch and he had a big man guarding him and he didn’t attack- he passed it instead. Although he did a decent job defensively on Travis McKie in the first half, but he allowed McKie to go to his right way too much through out the game- which is McKie’s strong hand. TO prone especially against pressure- must get stronger with ball. Needs to improve ball handling. Gets caught on screens too easily. Should be better rebounder at 6’6”-needs to get stronger/tougher. Really struggles to create his own shot. No speed- really slow on perimeter- both offensively and defensively. Must improve P/R offense as ball handler.

Reminds of Rip Hamilton and Kyle Korver. Plays off the ball like Hamilton and curls screens and passes like Korver. Fits into Wofford offense nicely. Is averaging 16.4 ppg and 4.2 rpg for the season. Helped lead Wofford to a big win tonight on the road to bring their record to 8-6 for the year. Leader on the court- senior- knows how to play. Good size for 2 guard- too slow to defend 2 guards at next level. Has a nice future overseas- 6’6” guard who can stroke it from deep.

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