Triad Pro-Am Returns to Form

Triad Pro-Am 2012

In past years, the Triad Pro-Am has been one of the best chances for fans of Wake Forest basketball and other area teams to see their players in the offseason. Often, the first time that incoming freshman are seen with their collegiate teams are in pro-ams like this around the country. The Triad Pro-Am has seen players such as Chris Paul and former UNC player Reyshawn Terry grace the court, for a time this year it appeared the Pro Am might fade. Local organizer Kishon Bishop stepped in and worked tirelessly to keep the Pro Am alive, and by all counts, a success which will continue to thrive for years to come.

With a big incoming freshman class for Wake Forest, the buzz is about the newcomers, such as players we’ve followed for some time, Aaron Rountree (SF, 6’8″) and Codi Miller-McIntyre (PG, 6’2″), both of whom worked to adapt their styles to the college game.

Wake fans should definitely make the trip to see the summer pro-am, it’s one of the best atmospheres to catch the college players up close before they hit the ACC court.

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