Allow Me To Introduce Myself: Jadakis Bonds

Jadakis Bonds

Name: Jadakis Bonds
Class: Sophomore “2018”
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 170
High School: Riverside (Williamston, NC)
Position: Shooting Guard / Small Forward
Projected Level of Play: Division 1
Video Link:

Jadakis Bonds has a ton of potential. Only a sophomore, he has very good length, size, athleticism, passing ability and a strong basketball IQ for a sophomore wing. He plays for a very well coached Riverside High School in Williamston, NC and really began to step his game up as conference competition began heating up. Remember the name. If this kid continues to work hard on his game and grow into his body, he could become an extremely versatile wing prospect in the loaded NC Class of 2018!

Versatility – Jadakis as of right now can play and excel at multiple positions on the high school level. As a guard he does a solid job pushing the ball in transition, passing the ball ahead and driving it strong to the basket for finishes at the rim. When he plays on the wing, he uses his length, a variety of hesitation moves and speed to get around bigger defenders. When matched up with smaller defenders, he rises up over them for floaters and jump-shots. Defensively, he’s very active and uses his length well to get deflections, steals, long rebounds and weak-side blocks. Wreaks havoc in zone defenses and works hard in man to man.

Instincts – Possesses very good basketball instincts on both ends… In transition, he can be very unpredictable in a good way. Underrated passing ability… Has a nose for the ball… Possesses very solid body control on drives… Very elusive when he attacks the basket and does a great job absorbing contact once he’s leaped towards the rim… Rarely called for charges… Defensively, recovers well and forces teams into extra passes… Does a good job bothering shooters with his length and activity along the perimeter… Has all of the tools to be a defensive nightmare for opposing players…

Slashing Ability – Extremely difficult to prevent from driving to the basket… His length, reaction time and body control allow him to consistently get in the paint using minimal dribbles. His first step is above average and puts a ton pressure on defenders to be keyed in when he catches the ball. Doesn’t leave much room for error and does a great job attacking defensive closeouts.

Areas for Improvement:
Shooting – At this stage, Jadakis is more of a shot maker than he is a shooter. His form is unorthodox and he has an inconsistent release point. This results into dry shooting spells along the perimeter and a low free throw percentage. If he works hard in the off-season and transforms himself into a legit threat shooting from the outside and from the free-throw line, it’ll take his already versatile overall game to a new level.

Strength – Bonds plays strong for his size, but could use some time in the weight-room. Bigger wings tend to try and body up with him on both ends. Offensively this leads to him attempting awkward floaters, tough contested layups and losing the ball on drives, resulting in turnovers. On the defensive end, stronger wings aim to drive and attack him, forcing him into cheap fouls and knocking him out of position for defensive rebounds. Gaining strength combined with his length and versatility should enable him to overcome these issues early on in his HS career.

Depending on how hard Jadakis works in the off-season will determine how good he’ll be next season. He has all of the tools to develop into a great and extremely productive all around player. It’s going to be fun to watch his development over these next few years!

Video Credits: StreetzDotNation (YouTube)
Photo Credits: Coach Bobby Williams (Riverside HS)

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