Basketball Elite Early Bird AAU Tournament

Isaac Copeland Garner Road
Top recruit Isaac Copeland and the Adidas-sponsored Garner Road Bulldogs will be in attendance.


One of the biggest myths in college recruiting is that in order to get exposure, you should play AAU basketball, and that will automatically get you “seen” by college coaches and scouts. But the reality is that not all AAU events are created equally. Some are valid, big time events with many college coaches and scouts in attendance. Others are held in empty gyms with little competition and do little to impact players’ recruitment.

Finding quality AAU events is not always easy, and AAU teams are constantly looking for good places to travel which will not only have good competition but hopefully some exposure as well.

This is one of the events that accomplishes both of those things.

The inaugural Basketball Elite Early Bird Review AAU Tournament will be held at the J.D. Lewis Center in Raleigh, NC on March 15-17, 2013.  Cost to enter the tournament is a mere $200 and several high profile teams will be in a attendance. Not only that, but it’s the same weekend as the North Carolina High School state championships – also held in Raleigh – which means that the college coaches who descend on those games will be able to hop over and catch as many recruits as they can in one weekend.

In addition, Basketball Elite will have multiple scouts covering all courts at the event – looking for players who colleges should be recruiting and tracking. We will have more scouts at this event than any event we’ve ever covered in the past.

Even better, will be broadcasting this tournament live as well. NCSN has broadcast high profile high school and AAU including nationally ranked teams such as Oak Hill and Wesleyan, and brings high definition broadcasting into the gym, giving the players even more visibility.  This is not just a fuzzy camera phone catching some action (usually with someone’s head in the way), but a full HD broadcast with play by play, multiple camera angles and color commentary.

You can sign up your AAU team for the tournament at this link, which shows all of the upcoming tournaments at Garner Road, or contact:

Byron Solomon
Cell: (919) 395-6243

Sign up today! The deadline to get in on this is fast approaching!

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