Hot 100 Scouting Notes

Hot 100 Showcase 2015

Jalen Benjamin, C/O 2019– Has a very good feel for the game, good IQ player with outstanding court vision, knocks down shots and knows how to run a team. Has all the tools to be a very good PG in the future, Has impressive lateral quickness that he use to stay in front of his opponent on the defensive end of the floor.

Derrick Robertson, C/O 2019– One of the best passers at the event, has an unorthodox shooting form but was pretty consistent shooting the ball throughout the event.

Jarius Northam, C/O 2020– Is a natural scorer that seems to always know how to get to the cup, has a lethal spin move that he uses on the regular to shake off defenders. Also has good quickness and is a strong player.

Jalen Breazeale, C/O 2021– Knock down shooter that was consistent scoring off the dribble, although he looked to score throughout his time at camp, he also showed on numerous occasions that he has exceptional passing abilities.

Ricky Council IV C/O 2020– Has a very nice midrange game and finishes well through contact when attacking the basket, was one of the best passers at camp. Seems to enjoy making the right pass to a teammate just as much as he enjoys scoring points.

Ronnie Thompson Jr. C/O 2021– One of the youngest and smallest players at the event, but he definitely turned heads with his ability to play the game, can shoot it from the perimeter and has outstanding ball handling skills. Has no issue at all breaking down his defender because of the numerous amounts of moves that are in his arsenal

Jahzeer Baker C/O 2019– Outstanding feel for the game, this young man was one of my favorite players at camp, he was one of the top ball handlers and seemed to thrive in pick and roll situations. One attribute that really stood out to me about him was how patient he was when getting his squad into their offense; he really knows how to allow the game to come to him.

Jalen Williams C/O 2019- Very athletic player that can get up and down the court in a hurry, he is always looking to attack the basket, he shot a very high percentage throughout the camp and has a very solid frame.

Silaa Mason C/O 2020– Smooth lefty player that showed how versatile of a player that he can possibly be, can play inside as well and step out and shoot the ball, moves well without the ball and got after it on the defensive end of the floor.

Joseph Green C/O 2019– Was outstanding on the defensive end, has a very good motor and brought consistent energy for his squad throughout the day, has a very smooth handle and handles defensive pressure very well.

Greg Gantt Jr C/O 2019– Already very has good height and size for a wing at the H.S level, attacks the paint well and was solid rebounding the ball. Has solid ball handling skills and is a very good on ball defender. Came up with quite a few: steals, blocks, deflections throughout the day, definitely one to watch.

Joey Baker C/O 2019– Joey has been a player that I’ve watched closely all season; he was very a solid role payer for his varsity squad during the season so I knew he would dominate when playing against players his age. He can play inside as well as stepping out and shooting the trey ball, his ball handling skills are very solid especially for a player who is 6’5, definitely a prospect with HM potential.

Juwan Gray C/O 2019– Juwan showed tremendous athleticism throughout the entire day at camp, he is a strong player that finishes through contact. As camp went on he showed that he was more than just simply an athletic player, he showed that he can pass the ball as well as handling the ball through pressure. Defensively he had numerous blocked shots and even more shots that he was able to alter because of his length and athletic ability. Juwan has a chance to be a very good player and will be a prospect to definitely keep an eye on; he was awarded MVP of the camp

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