J.D. Lewis Fall League Playoff Update 2011

This past Sunday, October 9, 2011, Garner Road’s J.D. Lewis League entered into their playoff games. In a win-or-go-home bracket, players and teams were forced to bring it all in order to have a chance to keep playing. Many players showed their ability to stay consistent under pressure, and some showed their ability to excel under pressure. In a league with great talent, there were some that really stood out.

Quinton Ray (PG, 6’0”, 2013)

He reads the defense extremely well and exploits its weakness. He always finds the open man and loves to run to the floor. He’s very explosive on Offense and Defense. His quick hands lead to steals and open dunks. He blows past his opponents and finishes well. If he does miss, he grabs his own rebound until he makes it. When he doesn’t have the ball he finds the open spots on the floor so that there is an easy pass to him and an easy basket for his team.

Pervis Louder (G, 6’2”, 2014)

He continued to impress with his hustle and aggressiveness after every rebound and loose ball. Over half of his points come from easy put backs that he gets simply because he goes hard and isn’t afraid of contact. He is great at finishing through and in spite of contact.

Carlee Clemons (G, 5’11”, 2014)

He is extremely explosive and makes big plays that energize his team. He lets his emotions and bad calls affect him sometimes. But in considering his youth, he is a dangerous player with a load of talent. For the most part he scores and attacks the rim.

William Walker (G, 5’11”, 2014)

He manages his team well and knows his personnel. He also knows his opponents personnel so he is able to manage his team and clear out when he knows his team has a mismatch. He is great in reading the defense, especially off of screens. He loves to call for a screen, read the defense, and then attack the basket. He is a great defender who really knows how to steal the ball very well. He is also able to alter his opponents shot and mess with their usual shooting percentage.

Willie Gaskins (PG, 5’10”, 2013)

He is a true PG who looks to setup his teammates and works to find them open. He also makes his teammates open by controlling and coaching his team where to move in order to be able to get them the ball. He doesn’t look to score first but he can score. He has moves and quickness that gives him the ability to get in the paint and finish around the rim. He is consistently talking to and encouraging his team. Even when he’s on the bench he’s talking and coaching. He makes his team better. Because he is a leader, his teammates begin talking too.

Dominique Reed (C/F, 6’5”, 2012)

He gets rebounds. Once he gets the rebound, he keeps the ball up high, is strong with the ball, and finishes well close to the rim. He is a big presence in the paint on both ends of the floor and he is great at running the floor. When he runs the floor his gives his team great opportunities for easy baskets and more momentum. If he misses, he is sure to get his own rebound until he does make it. He is good and comfortable in the post. He has good moves and is very fundamental. He is great at finishing at the rim through contact. He had multiple opportunities to make a three point play at the free throw line, and he took advantage of every one. He is a good shooter and he is good at his free throws too. A good part of his points came from the line. This is a leading cause as to why he is one of the top three leading scorers in the league. He is definite about getting the ball and calls for it. Once he gets the ball he is tough and physical. He also has good hands and can catch bad passes as well as good passes. He is a very dependent player who his teammates trust. This was evident when his team was tied in the closing seconds of their game and decided to go to him for the game-winning shot. Needless to say, his team won and is set to play in the championship game.

Shaquille Dance (F, 6’4”, 2012)

He is explosive off the floor and gets way up to dunk. He easily gets up to grab rebounds over his opponents. He is great to finish close to the basket. He has decent handles and is a good shooter. He’s a big presence on defense and a deterrent to driving to the basket.

Rodney Moore (G, 6’0”, 2013)

He has great handles, moves, and ball control. His speed is evident when he is able to effortlessly split an entire defense in order to get to the basket. He is a good shooter and is aggressive when he attacks the rim. He has quick feet and is good on defense. He has great talent and knowledge of the game. He is also a good passer and is able to find his teammates.

Trevor West (G, 6’1”, 2012)

He has a quick change of direction and great speed. He is a leader for his team by example and vocally. He has good moves and is just a fundamental player. He can shoot but he also looks to pass and create shots for his teammates. Overall he is fundamental and team player.


  • any weaknesses for willie gaskins that you had noticed ? need to know what
    to work on as well as what to continue exploting … also , thabks
    for coming out and watching my bros !

  • Willie, will you be at JD Lewis on Sunday? We could talk with you then if you want.

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