James Blackburn’s NC Phenom 150 Scouting Reports and Notes

Phenom 150 Spring 2015
Phenom 150 organizer and scout Rick Lewis speaks to the players prior to team play.

I was able to attend the NC Phenom 150 showcase this year held at Forsyth Country Day School. There were over 200 players in attendance with plenty of talent on display. The PG and posts positions were each deep with talent and athleticism. I did my best to scout all 3 courts that were being utilized and below are some writeups of the top players I saw.

Class of 2015

Micah Smith (Eastern Wayne, 6’2″, SF)

Micah was one of the most impressive players in attendance here today. The unsigned senior who also plays football was dominant all day, getting buckets almost at will. Smith has a high motor which he uses to rebound the ball and defend multiple positions. He plays much better then 6’2″ and is an incredible athlete. Has a quick 2nd jump. Showcased a the ability to post up smaller players and had some fancy post moves and footwork to show-off. He can slash to the rim and is a threat in transition. Smith needs to continue to improve his shooting consistency and get stronger but Smith is someone coaches from all 3 college divisions should check out.


Class of 2016

DeShawn Patterson (Victory Christian, 5’11”, PG)

Easily a top 3 PG in attendance today, Patterson simply got wherever he wanted to on the offensive end of the floor. He is shifty and changes speeds well. He can re-create for himself and others and draws fouls at a high rate. He is a tremendous passer and has great court vision. Has great body control and is a D1 talent. Can hit the 3 but needs to improve range.

Hunter Ladler (Atlantic Shores, 6’2″, G)

Athletic and strong player who can play either guard position. High motor player.

Zavian Jackson (Burlington Cummings, 6’2″, G)

Big time athlete who can finish above the rim and bring energy to a team.

Charles Norman (Prominance Academy, 6’3″, G)

One of the best dunkers and most explosive players in attendance. Strong and a Westbrook type player. Needs to tighten up his handle.

Kevin Schmitt (Trinity Christian, 6’7″, C)

True back to the basket big. Has a great hook shot. Good hands and is efficient. A little slow.

Michal Seals (High Point Christian, 5’11”, PG)

Can play the P/R and has tremendous vision. High motor PG. Sees the floor well and is unselfish.


Class of 2017

Ubong Okon (Prominance Academy, 6’10”, F/C)

One of the top bigs in attendance today. Runs the floor well and has ton of potential. Has good hands and is efficient inside. Can finish in P/R above the rim. Needs to improve back to basket game but is a MM prospect.

Omari Wilson (Fayetteville 71st, 6’3″, G)

Can finish with contact and is tough. Great slasher who can get to rim in minimum dribbles. Good athlete who can hit the 3.

Justin Rhode (Christ School, 5’11”, G)

One of the best pure scorers I saw today. Good footwork and utilizes ball fakes.

Donaldson Fanord (Ft Mill, 6’7″, F)

Big guy with potential who can face the basket. Mobile. Has a solid back to the basket game.

Mason Hawks (North Surry, 5’11”, PG)

True PG who was consistent throughout the day. Unselfish player who gets teammates good shots. Solid ball handler.


Class of 2018

Cody Shubert (Lincoln Charter, 5’11”, PG)

I had never seen Cody before today and I left a big fan. He was arguably the top PG in attendance today and was able to make his teammates better throughout the day. He reminded me of Jason Williams in many ways and was fun to watch. He has the ball on a string and an excellent crossover dribble. Has a high IQ and is unselfish. Highlight reel with the ball.

Drew Greene (Chapel Hill HS, 5’11”, PG)

High IQ player who defends and plays hard. Has good length. Shooting needs improvement but definitely stood out today.

Andreas Fuller (Village Christian Academy, 6’5″, SF)

Versatile wing who can lead the break, pass the ball, and shoot from the outside. Has good potential. Needs to improve consistency and motor.

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