JD Lewis Fall League Update

By Harper Compton

On October 2, 2011, Garner Road was in their third week of their J.D. Lewis Youth League. The league features high school basketball players randomly drafted to teams. There are no coaches on the sidelines, just players who play ball. The teams don’t run plays or sets, they just play ball and try to win. In a place that only family and friends seem to know about, there is a load of talent to be seen.

Quinton Ray (PG, 6’0″, 2013)

He was an extremely great passer. Always found the open guy. He can shoot from deep very well too. He can get by you with his moves and attack the basket and finish. But he seems to really enjoy passing just as much, which he is great at. He’s not tall but he can jump up with most anyone. He was a vocal leader on the team, making sure everyone had their man and what they needed to do. But he also leads his team by example. No one on his team was a top scorer in the league and it’s because of the leader. His quick feet also make him a good defender. He is all over the ball. He was also one of the best all-around players.

Quinton Ray Highlights:

Ahmad Abdullah

Being the leading scorer in the first two weeks of the league speaks for his ability to find ways to score. He is good shooter from above the arc. His dribbling skills were evident, but hindered because of a sprained wrist. In the end when his team needed points, he came through and scored to help them win. He seemed to have a little too much confidence and too little competitive nature.

Nick Lenox

He’s not a leading scorer but he is fundamentally sound. He plays hard and is a very dependent player. What he gives you one game, he gives the exact same thing the next, very consistent. He finishes well around the rim but he can also make shots above the arc. When he shoots, he follows his shot. When he doesn’t shoot, he makes a move and gets by you. His handles and moves are good for a guy his size, they are unexpected. He also finds the open guy and has great passing skills. He gets blocks and plays good solid defense down on the other end. He also had a great attitude and loved playing. He was competitive the entire game and never gave up. He was one of the best all-around players.

Khamari Bobbit

He went very hard in the games and was definite about getting to finish. He is tough and he was competitive as well. He wanted to win and score to help his team win. He was very strong with the ball. His attitude was all about the game and about trying to win. He was very focused and tuned into the game.

Pervis Louder

He went hard and was the cleanup crew. He attacked the basket for rebounds and always seemed to find the ball. Because of his aggressiveness he got multiple rebounds and put back combinations. Has a nose for the ball.

Roger Ray

He’s a good shooter and passer. Great ball handling skills and control. He’s not very tall but he’ll jump with anyone. He has a good attitude on the floor, he’s not too cocky. He’s talkative and controls the team as to where to go and what to do. He has quick feet and is a good defender. He’s not afraid to drive and be aggressive against bigger guys. Creates shots for himself and his teammates.

Carlee Clemmons

He has a tremendous vertical, he can get up. He’s also a good shooter. He gets blocks and is solid on defense. He’s always right up on the ball and giving them nowhere to go. He has good handles and moves. He’s a solid player who really helps his team.

William Walker

He’s not flashy, cocky, or got an attitude. He lets his game do his talking. Even watching him you can lose track of how much he contributes. He finds a way to score. He’s a silent killer who can easily score 24 points without you noticing. He doesn’t always look to score; he’s unselfish with the ball and finds the open man. He can drive and split the defense and finish. He was one of the best all-around players.

William Walker Highlights:

Alex Hall

He has great handles and shoots threes well too. He’s aggressive, attacks the basket and is not afraid of contact. He’s similar to a Steve Nash type of play. Solid defense and all around player. He’s not flashy or cocky; he is all about the team. He gives 100%, he’s refreshing to watch, and is simply a good ball player.

Willie Gaskins

Simply put, he’s a floor general. He’s always talking to his team. He’s the coach on the floor. He can drive and finish well up close. He’s a good passer and brings energy to the team. He comprehends and understands the game like a coach and controls his team in that way. He can get up and throw down. He has quick bursts of speed and is solid on defense. He’s efficient.

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