NC Phenom 150 Scouting Notes – Fall 2012

NC Phenom 150 Fall 2012

By Justin Byerly, Marcus Shockley and Justin Shockley

Winston-Salem, NC – The largest attendance ever at the Fall NC Phenom 150 brought in 200 players to try and get some open run in front of college coaches and scouts, and with a new crop of players coming into the varsity ranks – namely, 2015 and 2016 – we were able to not only catch up on some of the players we’ve been tracking but also added a few new names to keep an eye on in this coming high school season. Here are our combined notes on players we caught in this year’s event. With so many players in attendance, it’s truly impossible to see every player, but here goes:

Deshawn Corprew (SG/SF, 6’5, 2016) Phoebus HS (VA) one of the two best overall prospects at the event, and being a 2016 player, possibly will have the most upside. Corprew already has good height and is a true wing, and he looks like he’s going to be able to add quite a bit of muscle by the time he gets to college. Corprew has tons of natural talent and looked like he might have only needed to go half speed to thoroughly dominate at times. He can shoot from deep with net-stripping accuracy; has a high release and can handle the ball like a true wing. Explosive going to the basket and seems to be a step faster than everyone on the floor. Projecting as a high major, national prospect.

Gary Clark (SF/PF, 6’6, 2014) Clayton HS (NC) Long, versatile athlete and possibly the most well known name coming into the event, Clark is now showing he can effectively play the SF spot and we are now classifying him as a wing after this weekend. Clark is explosive and has great timing, being an excellent shot blocker and rebounder. His strength is slashing and using his length to finish, but his recovery on shot blocking is superb. He can block a shot, land, and bounce back up to block it again if the offensive player tries to get off another shot. In one exchange, he garnered three blocks off of two offensive players in quick succession; note that one of the players was a 6’7 PF. Clark is a MM/HM prospect and already holds several offers; he also now has interest from Clemson.

Cody Hylton (SG, 6’3″, 2013) Northwest Guilford HS (NC) Hylton is a lethal deep shooter with the quickest release seen in some time. Excels at rolling off of a screen, catching and scorching teams. Very confident in his shot and can shoot even when defended. Moves well without the ball to get himself those shots and doesn’t just pick a spot on the perimeter and wait – he actively makes sure he’s an open target for teammates. Hylton is under-recruited – would be a steal for a DII and could definitely play at a low major DI. We scouted Hylton over the summer in the State games and during last year’s high school season and he’s proven his consistency.

Zach Hartle (SF/PF, 6’5″, 2015) West Stokes HS (NC) excellent passing forward and can play multiple positions. Solid shooter and active, has good length and will continue to develop into a pure SF. Has good size and awareness and runs the floor well in transition – had an explosive dunk in transition.

Tristan Reese (PG, 5’8″, 2016) Durham Southern HS (NC) nifty point guard with a great hesitation dribble and good first step. Needs to add strength to be able to finish once he gets in the lane but plays eyes-up and has natural playmaking ability. We will be continuing to track Reese for sure this season.

Jameal Robinson (SG, 6’3″, 2013) Greer HS (SC) A solid shooting guard with big time bounce, Robinson displayed a rock solid shooting form as well as an ability to finish in contact. Active and athletic, Robinson is another player who is under-recruited and plays a very poised game. Definitely a collegiate prospect who plays alongside LaBrian Shiflet in Greer, SC.

Emmett Tilley (PG/SG, 6′, 2016) Northern Durham HS (NC) A really promising prospect with a great build already and a flawless shooting form. Tilley is a versatile combo guard – can handle the ball, shoot from deep or mid range and is athletic with a lot of upside. Tracking as a college prospect already.

Caleb Davis (PG, 6’1″, 2013) Vance HS (NC) Strong bodied guard with great body control and can play on or off of the ball. Plays hard on D, which is rare in these types of events. Tough-minded and aggressive with the ball, plays under control but plays with focus and effort. Needs to improve change of speed with the ball and is undersized at the off guard. A combo guard at this point but a player to track during the coming high school season. Great pull up and squares up on the move.

Justice Cuthbertson (PG/SG, 6’3″, 2014) Westchester Day School (NC) Cuthbertson has always been known as a physically strong guard who could hit the deep shot but has developed into much more of a true combo guard. Cuthberton continues to impress with the speed dribble but shows a much improved passing ability. Good first step, plays with his head up and is unselfish on the break. Solid ball handler with the ability to knock down the open shot. Despite being a good shooter, sometimes has poor shot selection at times in half-court offense. Focus needs to be on being under control and not rushing things. Has the athletic ability to be a very good defender but needs to work on footwork; plays good help defense.

Christian Adams (PG, 6’3″, 2015) A promising big guard with great strength already and an ability to absorb contact. Strong ability to slash and get into the paint when the defense is out of position and take advantage. Size for position is a great asset and has excellent footspeed. Definitely a college prospect already with a high upside.

Cory Hanes (SF, 6’5″, 2015) Great strength and power at the SF spot and the speed to play in a high octane offense and will be able to get even stronger. Can play above the rim and plays through contact. Can get frustrated at times and despite having a high motor, can drift if he gets down on his own play. Hanes has made the transition from post player to wing effectively and can play the 3 at the college level. Now tracking as a LM Division I prospect and has been trending upward on scouting reports consistently over the past year.

Nick Sherrod (SF, 6’5″, 2016) St. Christopher (VA)- Sherrod is still a little raw but has a lot of good athletic tools to build on. Needs to get stronger but already looks bigger than some of the older players.

Lepreece Lynch (SG, 6’4″, 2013) The blistering scoring of Lynch really gets a spotlight in high-octane events. Lynch continues to show his downhill scoring style works against all levels of competition; there is no doubt that Lynch is a buckets machine and will be at the collegiate level. Needs to get stronger and still has a tendency to be out of position on defense, but after a stellar AAU summer is poised to really make a name for himself during this high school season. Tracking at the LM/MM level.

Jon Elmore (SG 6’3″ 2014)- While Elmore is not a bulky kid, he plays very strong and is very adept at initiating contact with the ability to finish consistently. Is not afraid of taller defenders and has some quick post moves that work well. Plays very hard on both ends and runs the floor well. Elmore is a pesky defender that plays with good footwork and plays passing lanes well. Must work on ball handling and long range shot consistency.

Ty’Quan Bitting (C, 6’8″, 2013) Athletic player with good length and a soft touch around the basket. Gets lost in the mix at times on defense and must play with more intensity on a consistent basis. Jumps off the floor quickly and will dunk on defenders if given the opportunity. Biting must improve shooting ability and overall strength. He has the potential to be a very good rebounder and defender if he sets his mind to it.

Gejuan “Nate” Long (SF, 6’5″, 2013) Long has good length and is a versatile wing who can also defend the 4 spot. A college prospect that should have a solid season.

Trey Weston (PF, 6’7″, 2014) long but slender forward who runs the floor decently well but desperately needs to add strength to make an impact. Length allows him to bother shots and works hard in the post.

Zane Waterman (SF/PF, 6’7″, 2014) The knock on Waterman has always been his demeanor and his tendency to settle for perimeter shots. None of that was evident during this event as he turned in a rock-solid effort without sulking or reacting to the refs. Had several big time impact plays including one slash from the perimeter and posterizing dunk. Athletic, long wing player that had an impressive day overall. Uses length well on defense and had several good blocks during help defense. Can handle the ball on the break and take slower defenders off the dribble. Plays with a lot of confidence and can knock down open shots from mid-range and long distance. Can get out of control at times, but overall very good potential for this wing player.

Austin Hatfield (PG/SG, 6’1″, 2014) Davie HS (NC) Deceptively quick guard with a nice outside shooting touch. Hatfield hit at least seven threes in one of his games and helped his team pull away in the second half. The lefty does not shy away from contact at the rim and has the ability to finish in traffic. Hatfield plays under control and does not get rattled after a mistake. Has a good basketball IQ and is unselfish but needs to work on passing and on ball defense. Moves well without the ball.

Adrian Rich (PG/SG, 6’2″, 2014) Village Christian Academy (NC) Good athlete overall and very quick feet defensively but just a couple of correctable habits – tends to watch the ball instead of the stomach of the player he’s defending and still is able to cut off the offensive player, which shows his speed. Quick release on offense but drops his hands on follow through. Quick reflexes.

Colton Bishop (PG, 6’1″, 2014) Forsyth Country Day (NC) eyes-up point guard who is always on the attack and likes to push the ball. Always looking to make something happen but can score as well. Has really improved in his ability to finish with contact. Athletic point guard with the ability to adapt well to any situation his team needs. Sometimes he was a great orchestrator of the offense and got others involved but when he needed to would score with ease with the ability to break down defenders with the dribble or knock down a three. Solid upside for this young point guard. Consistently has trended upward on our scouting reports over the past year and now is considered a solid Division I guard.

Troy Warren (C, 6’8″, 2013) Really nice big man prospect who runs the floor well and has some solid post offense. Had a couple of big time interior moves but most impressive was a rundown on defense and fingertip swat off of the backboard without fouling. High motor and when matched up with another true big really got after it. Battle between he and Tyler Creammer was a solid match up.

Derrick Bass (SF, 6’5″, 2014) Person HS (NC) Solid athlete with a good physique and an ability to hit the mid range jumper. Can be explosive and a player who should be on a lot of college radars. Active and can play inside or outside but would be most effective at the 3 with the ability to also play at the 4. Definitely a player we are tracking as a college prospect.

TJ Evans (PG, ) Super fast guard with tons of potential. Good strength and dynamic player. Definitely tracking.

Tate Small (PF, 6’5″, 2013) Ardrey Kell HS (NC) High motor big man who is somewhat undersized but does not take plays off and has the strength to play in the paint. Would be most effective at the four spot. Also moves well without the ball.

Patrell Rogers (PG/SG, 6’3″, 2013) Wilson HS (SC) really impressed with his fearless shot and showed that he could shoot with defenders in his face and even was hitting when being knocked to the floor.

Malik Gaffney (PG/SG 5’11″, 2013)- Undersized combo guard with the ability to really light it up offensively, was hitting shots from all over the floor with confidence. Plays hard and looks for open teammates but if he is given a chance can stroke it or take it in. Good upside despite size.

Cameron Gottried (SG 6’3″, 2014)- Solid player with a high basketball IQ that plays under control. Plays unselfishly and plays good help defense. Has the ability to knock down the open jumper or take it to the rim and had a couple of nice dunks on the fastbreak as well. Absorbs contact well while handling the ball and plays through fouls without complaining. This lefty has good potential.

Daryl Roby (SF 6’4″ 2013)-While not super athletic, Roby plays well for and undersized forward but plays mostly below the rim. Roby is very strong and can finish with contact and has some good power moves in the post. Can take bigger defenders off the dribble and has a strong first step.

Roderick Howell (SF 6’6″, 2013) -Howell has a solid jump shot that he relies especially from midrange. Crashes the offensive glass with consistency and plays hard on defense. Howell is strong but must use his strength better in the post as he could be pushed out by some players. Must work on ball handling and help defense.

Tyler Creammer (PF/C, 6’8″, 2015) Creammer is improving by leaps and bounds – plays hard, runs the floor hard and is a big-bodied post player. Has a lot to build on in the post and looks like he’s been putting in work. Doesn’t foul much in the post and uses his size effectively. Not an elite athlete but a smart post player with good footwork already.

Varun Piplani (SF/PF, 6’7″, 2016) a long shooter who can knock down the mid range or deep shot, has a high release that is consistent and solid. Needs to bulk up – length allows him to bother shots but isn’t a banger at this point and will be best served by working on explosiveness, ballhandling to make the move to be a true wing. High ceiling and a lot of room to grow.

Dalen Dotson (PG, 5’10”, 2015) Charlotte Christian (NC) Dotson is a quick ballhandler with an efficient game – a lot of coaches lament guards who ‘overdribble’ and that’s not an issue with Dotson. Still needs to take ownership role of offense and be a bit more of a floor general but speed and ballhandling make him one of the prospects we are actively tracking.

Carlee Clemons (PG/SG 6’1, 2014)- Clemons is actually closer to 5’10 or 5’11 rather than his listed height which makes his jumping ability even more impressive. Clemons had several break away dunks during the day, one of which was a two handed jam in traffic which garnered a thunderous reaction from the crowd. While Clemons is more of a shooting guard in a point guard’s body, his attributes include a great first step, the ability to finish with contact, and quick feet. Clemons has a soft touch and his mid-range shot is consistent but needs to work on his outside range overall. He is unselfish on the break and shows good court vision. Crashes offensive glass with consistency and is a solid ball handler. Sometimes tries to be too flashy and can be demonstrative after big plays. Good potential, low to mid major possibility with height a possible limiting factor.

Tucker Thompson (C, 6’9″ 2014)- Tucker has good footwork in the post but his foot speed is slow. Tucker needs to get stronger as he was pushed out easily by stronger defenders. Good finesse moves with a soft touch and the ability to hit shots with both hands. Needs to improve jumper from 15-17 feet and must be stronger with the ball, good rebounder and plays hard.

Michael White (PG, 6’1″, 2015) Charlotte Country Day (NC) quick handed guard who impresses with his ability to play under control at full speed. Decent athlete and good awareness and high basketball IQ.

Torin Dorn (SG/SF 6’4″, 2014)- Athletic wing player with a good jump shot and the ability to run the break with ease. Can knock down the open three or mid-range jumper and is a solid ball handler. His length helps him on defense but he also showed some good footwork on his on-ball defense.

Jalen Gaddy (SG, 6’3″, 2015) Aggressive scorer who continues to improve in transition and has a high motor. Has good size and athleticism for the 2G and excels at slashing from the wing.

Ricky Council (SG, 6’4″, 2014) Northern Durham HS (NC) had the dunk of the day with a Tomahawk slam and impressed with his overall athleticism. Pushed the ball relentlessly and showed he has an incredibly high motor. Was able to knock down long threes when left open.

Additional players of note –

Caron Corpening (PG, 5’9″, 2016) St. Stephens HS (NC)
Jame’z Rogers (SG, 6’3″, 2016) Wando HS (SC)
Thaxter Spruill (PF/C, 6’8″, 2014) Clinton HS (NC)
Jimmy Marshall (SG, 6’7″, 2013) Douglas Freeman (VA)
Daniel Bridges (SF/PF, 6’7″, 2013) Landrum HS (SC)
Taylor Hatfield (SG, 6′, 2014) Davie HS (NC)
Spencer Scott (PG/SG, 6’2″, 2014) Charlotte Christian (NC)
Solomon Hawkins (PG/SG, 6’2″, 2014) Kings Mountain (NC)
Zach Cottrell (SG, 6’4″, 2016) Hayesville (NC)
Devin Cooper (PG, 6′, 2015) Walnut Grove HS
Justice Kithcart (PG, 6’1″, 2016) Kestrel Heights HS (NC)

All of these players are being tracked in our Basketball Elite Player Database, which uses the Scouting Confidence Rating System™ to accurately track prospects over time and weighs in age, reclassifying and potential. The Basketball Elite Player Database is approved by the NCAA and is used by colleges at the Division I, Division II and Division III level ranging from the ACC, SEC and Big South to the Peach Belt and NAIA conferences.

You can follow our scouts on Twitter: Marcus Shockley, Justin Byerly and Justin Shockley

Want even more reports? Check out Corey Pegram’s write up here or Paul Biancardi’s write up here.


  • Great info.. Do you guys do anything up north???

  • We scout national events during the summer – including some in the Northern US – but our primary focus is on the Southeast.

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