Southeast Summer Showcase Reports – Part 2

By Marcus Shockley and Justin Shockley

Brandon Easter (PF/C, 6’7”, 2014) North Davidson HS (Winston-Salem, NC)

Still working on post moves and back to the basket game, but runs the floor very well and has good hands. Had a nice drop step and two handed dunk but needs to add offensive moves. Decent rebounder and above average passer as a big. Needs to get stronger to play the C and looks like he could be most effective at the PF spot with increased shot range. Right now probably tracking as a D2 or low-major collegiate player but with his size and mobility, he’s a guy who could continue to work and is definitely a player for colleges to be monitoring.

Michael Conner (SG, 6’1”, 2014) North Rowan HS (Spencer, NC)

Most effective in transition, he can get end-to-end with the ball in a hurry and score. Solid athlete who needs to work on his outside shot; his release is flat and not consistent. Needs to improve his off-hand (left) dribble. However, his athleticism makes him a prospect to track and since he is only a sophomore has a lot of time to improve. Definitely a player we started tracking earlier this year.

Enoch Koudja (SG/SF, 6’3”, 2013) Christian Sports Academy (Charleston, SC)

Strong bodied player who has good form but lacks consistency on his deep shot. Excellent rebounder and tough player. Will need to improve scoring to play off of the ball at the guard but is a versatile player who plays hard. Hails from France and is still learning the English language but understands the game of basketball.

Omar Chiselom (PG/SG, 6’ 2012) Hibriten HS (Lenoir, NC)

Undersized shooting guard that has good strength and good finishing ability. A streaky outside shooter, Chiselom must improve his shooting as well as his passing to find playing time at the next level. Omar is a good defender that plays hard and is a good rebounder for his height. For his size and skillset, Chiselom is currently a lower D2 or JuCo prospect.

Bobby Stenborg (SF, 6’2″, SF) 2015 (Clayton, NC)

Stenborg is a player to watch for the future, already has decent height for a freshman and has a solid build. Has the footwork and offensive moves that would suggest Stenborg would be well suited as a post player but how much he grows will ultimately determine this. Stenborg plays hard and is not intimidated by older, bigger players but he needs to work on his game to further develop into a scoring threat.

Cameron Kirkman (PG, 5’10″, 2013) Heritage Christian School (Granite Falls, NC)

Kirkman is a true point guard with good court vision and solid ball handling skills who plays unselfishly. Had a few flashy passes on the break that were on the money but needs to learn to be stronger with the ball in the half court. He needs to bulk up this offseason, as stronger defenders gave him some trouble. Long range shot must also be improved. Currently a lower D2 or JuCo prospect.

Broderick Avery-Ellis (PG, 5’8″, 2014) North Hills Christian School (Salisbury, NC)

Undersized but quick and aggressive, Avery-Ellis plays as a true point with a good handle. Avery-Ellis looks to push the ball but needs to be surveying the floor for a look-ahead pass or watching where the defense is trying to cut him off. He dribbles eyes-up but can get into trouble by not anticipating where the defense is trying to push him. Quickness and handle make him a prospect to keep an eye on.

Nigel Williams (PG/SG, 6’2″, 2012) Queen City Prep (Charlotte, NC)

Has good size for a guard and gets the ball up the court quickly as a combo guard. Doesn’t look like a true point but has good athleticism. Shot release is high but needs to improve form and elevation on his shot – doesn’t appear to get his legs under his shot. Active. Has good passing vision and first step and can handle with right or left hand. Will slash and find open man when defense collapses.

Jake Hobson (SF/PF, 6’6″, 2013) Reagan HS (Winston-Salem, NC)

Good hands and plays assertively without fouling. Does have some back-to-the-basket moves but could expand his repertoire to be able to get off more shots in the post. When he plays in the paint he’s undersized and needs to add strength in order to throw his weight around as a post player. Needs to improve ballhandling but is a solid passer from either post position. Would be most effective right now at the PF but has some ability to face the basket and should continue to improve on SF effectiveness.

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