Basketball Scouting Report: Justin Manns

Justin Manns is a 6’11” center, playing for Kent State and is a redshirt junior.

Justin is agile and plays his game in the paint. Slight of build, he runs the floor well and has good timing on shot blocking and put backs. He needs to add strength to keep from getting pushed out of rebounding position, but he has a lot of potential and already is a factor in paint.

Justin is not a big stiff center, his natural agility and excellent timing mean he can get to offensive alley oops and can get free for jump shots. Did not see much in the way of a drop step or other back-to-the-basket moves during this game, which could be the issue with strength and being able to establish position under the paint.

During the game he was in foul trouble late, but the fouls were somewhat questionable, as it appeared he had good position and did not bring his arm down across the player’s body as he went for shot blocks. With more aggressiveness on rebounds, improved footwork with his back to the basket and more bulk, he could be a beast in the post.

With continued work, definitely a pro player at some level. A player to keep an eye on.


Runs the Floor

Areas for Improvement

Traffic Rebounding

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