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By Marcus Shockley

Dime magazine Blake Griffin Basketball Elite

So we’re featured in this month’s issue of Dime magazine’s Tangled Web feature, and there’s a lot of reasons to appreciate being featured in this issue. First, if you aren’t reading Dime magazine, honestly, are you even a basketball fan? Dime is one of the most respected and hardcore basketball publications in existence.

Secondly, the player who is featured on this month’s cover is none other than Blake Griffin, who we see as the NBA’s brightest rising star and have no shame in admitting it. In a league that’s full of players who don’t know how to win and think that getting on ESPN’s highlight list is the same thing as winning a title, Blake is the real deal; awesome, amazing and humble. Coincidence that we’re in the same issue? I think not. (Okay, throw ‘humble’ out the window)

Third, (and this is the most important), Dime magazine lists our scouting of players at all levels and offers praise for what we do and how we do it. That’s appreciated and we try hard to give accurate, objective scouting reports and steer clear from the rah-rah over hyped fawning that fills up so many other websites. Yeah, highlight reels are fun and cool (and we’ve done some) but the reality is that even players in the NBA still need to work on their game, and one of the best tools to be great at anything is objective feedback. That’s why we don’t just talk about how great Kyrie Irving is (which he is) or how Austin Rivers is the Next Great Superstar. You can get that anywhere. Here, it’s important to us to give you the real assessment.

Thanks to Dime for the shout out, pick up this months issue and thanks to the readers who have been with us on the ride so far. Trust me, we’ve got a lot planned and more coming, bigger and better in the future!

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