College Coaches: Big Ratings, Big Salaries

Mike Krzyzewski

Forbes, which is always happy to share lists of the most highly paid or wealthiest people in the world, has compiled a new list of highest paid college coaches:

Coaches are a different matter. Far from the amateur ranks, experienced and winning coaches get CEO-sized compensation from big public and private universities. More than an ego boost, basketball — the men’s programs, in particular — can bring in tens of millions of dollars and leave a profit sweeter than any last-second three-point shot.

The results coincide with ratings and money brought in to the NCAA, the conferences those coaches are in, and the individual schools involved, but none of this is surprising in the least to college sports fans. This list comes out as the NCAA continues to battle in court against allowing the players on those coaches’ teams from profiting in the same way on their likeness. Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski has come under fire in the past for lending his image to endorsements such as American Express, while his players were not allowed the same luxury. This list doesn’t provide much new information but it is backdrop for the current situation in college sports as the NCAA’s top product, March Madness is currently in full swing.

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