“Everywhere” Coverage: NBA News and College Basketball News Sources

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It’s no longer a secret that our sports world is more connected than ever. From blogs, to Twitter and even Facebook, there are hundreds…no, thousands…of ways for us to follow and cover the top athletes and sports teams from all over the world. To be honest, for some time, the pro leagues were behind in keeping up with technology, and weren’t considered even the best source of news regarding their own leagues. But now leagues such as the NBA have been working hard to be the top source of basketball information, and they’ve really come a long way. While they will never be the choice for NBA betting news, it could be said at one time that the NBA’s site was the last place to find out information about things like the NBA summer league.

Yes, it’s true that there are still other sites out there that cover pro and college basketball in a way that is better than the leagues, and there’s a reason for that. It’s the same reason why YouTube can put up thousands of new videos every single day. With users all over the world and every possible location, reporting and coverage becomes ubiquitous in a way that no single company could do. This also means that there is a new army of scouts and reporters who are not beholden to any league. That creates more accurate reporting in the long run.

While printed newspapers have been wringing their hands for years about the digital influx of media as it rapidly chips away at their market, the truth is, there is nothing they can do to stop it. Rather than cry foul, those media outlets should be using their considerable networks and resources to carve out new market share. Unfortunately, it seems that most newspapers would rather just “go down with the ship” as opposed to adapting.

Where is all of this going? Only time will tell.

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