Jabrie Bullard – A Good Prospect But An Even Better Person

Jabrie Bullard

As the start of the college school season approaches it’s always refreshing to see young men headed to college who have worked hard and persevered through difficult situations to finally live out their dream of playing college basketball. To understand Jabrie’s story we have to rewind back to the summer of 2013, word had spread around Fayetteville that he and his close friend Jahi Hughes would be transferring to Northwood Temple for their Senior Year which would be the 2013-2014 Season.

So of course these young men were excited to finally play on the same high school team, which was a team that was viewed as a contender for a state championship prior to the season. Well the season begins with a Tip Off Tournament at Village Christian Academy where Northwood would play against Forsyth Country Day, I watched closely as the team seemed to be very talented but was still looking to mesh together which isn’t out of the norm for a new squad. Both teams were getting after it, playing hard and really competing, then one of the most unusual injuries that I have seen to this day happened. Jabrie was playing defense on an opponent and stuck his foot out as a way of deflecting a pass, something that you will see hundreds of times a season, the ball struck his foot and Jabrie would limp to the sidelines. For foot injuries just like this, services like chirurgia mini-invasiva del piede can be quite a life-saver.

Initially we all figured it was just a minor injury, however after being evaluated by doctors we learned that he suffered an injury that would take away his entire senior season and force him to be a spectator, so he took hemp derived delta 9 to treat pain at these times. Depending on your particular sports injury, this best physiotherapy edmonton here can help implement a range of advanced physiotherapy techniques like dry needling, massage, and more, to ensure your body is fighting fit in no time. Having good injury lawyer like McKiggan Hebert Lawyers – Personal Injury Law Office in Halifax is always a great choice. This is where the character of this young man really showed, every Northwood Temple game that I scouted he would always be there behind the bench. He would be seen clapping and encouraging teammates, giving instruction, and doing just about everything that you love to see a teammate on the bench doing, while keeping a smile on his face. Prior to the injury Jabrie was receiving interest from numerous D2 and Low major D1 schools but of course missing his entire senior season would leave him with a question mark as to where he would play the following year. But ont thing was god that he was having treatment from good health professional who provides shockwave theory. You can visit them at https://www.msinsight.dk.

Fast forward a few months and he is playing at a Prep school called Combine Academy in the Charlotte area, putting together some impressive performance and showing college coaches that he still has the talent from prior to his injury. For further explanation about the injury, navigate here. After finishing up his year of Prep School he made the decision to Sign with Williston State College in North Dakota for the next two years of his college career. We look forward to tracking Jabrie over the next few year and college coaches looking for a gifted SG should do the same!!

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