Rolesville (NC) Women’s Basketball Team Removed From Playoffs


CHAPEL HILL, NC – The North Carolina High School Athletic Association has announced that Rolesville High School’s Women’s Basketball team has been removed from the playoffs after self-reporting an ineligible player during the final four games of the regular season.

The report led to forfeiture of two games in the final week of the regular season as well as two games in the conference tournamentwhich affected the seeding and record for the Rolesville squad. By Section 3.2.3 (a) (3) of the NCHSAA Handbook, “The team shall not participate in playoffs if, after the brackets have been finalized, forfeited contests cause an adjustment in its record and seed.”

The removal of Rolesville from the playoffs means that their opponent, J.H. Rose, will advance to the second round and no opponent will be inserted into the field (Section 3.2.3 (e)).

NCHSAA Commissioner Que Tucker said, “We received a call from Rolesville High School administration today about their discovery of using an ineligible player in four games this season. Upon review, we recognize that it is an unfortunate situation, but the rules are clear-cut on the use of an ineligible player discovered after playoff brackets have been finalized. I feel for the players, particularly the seniors on the team, affected by the outcome of this ruling. It is a heart-breaking situation but we have to follow our rules.”

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