Basketball Elite Pro Team: Salem City Slam

Salem City Slam

The Pro Team for 2016 is coming! Last year our pro team did a little jaunt through Europe and we decided to expand this year by jumping into The Basketball Tournament with a squad repping our home base in North Carolina. Although we cover national events and love basketball from coast to coast we do hail from the #HoopState. Thus, when the TBT modified the rules this year to eliminate some team names (like…’Elite’) we decided to use our headquarters in Winston-Salem as our base.

And thus – the Salem City Slam were born.

We have a strong roster – including former NBA All-Star and Wake Forest alum Josh Howard and Florida State star Mike Joyner – but we’ll need our fans’ help. And the best part? Fans get a cut of the prize money if they jump in and we do win it all.

So here’s what I need you to do: follow me on Twitter @m_shockley, to start. I am the GM of the Salem City Slam and I will be posting a lot of info as we near the time to vote and sign up as a fan. Definitely pay attention over the next two weeks!! I can’t stress this enough. We’ll be releasing our full roster soon and we really need our fans to help us by getting out on Twitter, Intagram, Facebook, Snapchat, everywhere you can to help get the word out.

Oh! And you should sign up for the Basketball Elite mailing list, so you can get updates when we send out more info, links, stuff like that:

Stay Tuned!

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