Basketball Elite Teams Up With Krossover

It’s never been done before.

Hyperbole is common in sports, but this is the real thing. Krossover, the video software that lets you index every possession of every game, is sponsoring the video from the Southeast Summer Showcase, which means that not
only will every coach in the country get the chance to scout the event, they’ll get to use the Krossover software to review the players’ performances like never before.

This will be the first time a showcase has provided coaches and colleges with such a prolific way to extend their scouting efforts. Krossover has been featured by ESPN in some of the high school tournaments this season and recently, the Miami Heat turned to Krossover to review the video from their Game 5 loss and try to make adjustments. It’s a world class video software designed specifically for sports.


Southeast Summer Showcase basketball north carolina

The Krossover software will also make it possible for colleges attending the showcase to review what they witnessed in person using the best available tools, and get the most out of their scouting efforts. With most events, it’s hard to see all players adequately, and coaches have to be very judicious about who they choose to scout. Unfortunately, that means that all too often, some players get missed when showing their best performances.

To find out more about Krossover and what the software can do for coaches, players and fans, visit their website at

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