Boost Mobile Reboost; A Solid Option

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

Covering basketball across the country, in small gyms and large arenas, means we have to be on the move a lot, and we communicate with each other wherever we might be. This means we use our mobile phones a lot, and not just to talk with each other, but for connecting and updating online.

Boost Mobile is known for their flexibility in being able to limit your mobile phone charges, with their various plans that eliminate contracts. Honestly, this is something that more mobile phone companies should take note of. The ubiquitous nature and usage of mobile phones has not improved our options, at least not in billing. We still have to agree to silly contracts and breaking them ends up in significant charges, even when we are unhappy with the service.

That’s why the Boost Mobile Reboost program is so slick. It not only leverages the ability to avoid contracts, it has flexible payment options, and even a family member or friend can pay someone’s bill with Re-Boost. That’s certainly not true with other mobile phone plans. There are even options for automatic payments. The Boost Mobile phones allow users to enjoy the social aspects of online media that we are coming to rely on more, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Popular options for phones such as Blackberry are available as well. Find out more at Boost’s Blackberry page.

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