Giovonne Woods Update

Gio Woods 2012

By James Blackburn

Basketball Elite prides itself in following and scouting all levels of basketball, not just HS or college basketball. We have been fortunate enough to be able to scout overseas combine events, NBA games, and NBA Summer Leagues in the past.

Giovonne (Gio) Woods was a player that James Blackburn first scouted 3 years ago in Raleigh, NC at the Overseas
Basketball Camp ( Gio was fresh out of college after a terrific career at Central Washington University and was looking to pave a way for himself playing professionally overseas. After playing a year in Spain, the 6’3” guard was back in the gym working out and ready for his next opportunity where ever that may be.
Gio attended the Overseas Basketball Camp again this July, which was held in Las Vegas and then went to the Courtside Camp in Vegas later the same week. He performed well at both events, which have yielded results. He signed with the Courtside agency and just landed a job in Austria, playing for the ECE Kapfenberg Bulls basketball club. ECE competes in the top division in Austria which is called the Austria-A Bundesliga.

“I look forward to meeting my new team in a different country”, says Woods. “It’s a new start and a blessing after being off for a year. I am looking forward to getting out there and competing and helping my team. I appreciate Basketball Elite keeping up with me and following me”.

We enjoy watching and following the careers of players and Gio has been one of our favorites. Seeing him go from college to playing professionally and now playing again after being off for a year is a testament to his dedication to the game and work ethic. We wish him well and will continue to track and document his career as it unfolds.


  • This guy is a very special player and has put in tons of effort and hard work. Time to let the world see your gifts and talent.

  • He is someone special to watch, having entered the NBA draft right out of College and not going overseas his first year, seem to be a life listen. With two NBDL contracts and getting drafted after being told he would be,would make a person quit. Not Gio coming from a military family were everyone hasbeen apart of the game. With one season in Spain,IBL and know Austria the next step should very well be the NBA Summer League 2013. This young man has a story for the world to embrace.

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