The No Look Pass Movie: Real Basketball, Real Life

Emily Tay is a baller. Like most athletes who find a love of the game on the hardwood, a college career doesn’t come easy, having to fight to prove oneself every time they step on the court. Families who may not believe in them, or perhaps believe in them too much, injuries, financial difficulties and scholastic work all stand as obstacles to a collegiate career as a basketball player.

Getting to the pros is even more difficult, with even top flight collegiate players having to find their way to a career overseas, far from the adoring U.S. fans who cheered them on in college.

This is they way for so many basketball players. Emily Tay’s story is so much like theirs and yet, it’s not. Emily is Asian and a woman, sort of a double whammy of cultures that would not be considered destined for basketball stardom. The movie project ‘No Look Pass’ intends to tell the story of a woman from a Burmese family who works her way into playing college basketball at Harvard and is working on a career as a professional basketball player overseas. The project is currently listed on Kickstarter, and you should take a moment, check out the trailer and consider donating to help the movie to completion. It’s a great story and there aren’t enough great basketball documentaries out there that show real life like this one promises to do.

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