Alvin Brown basketball USC Aiken Sleeper Report

By James Blackburn

Games Scouted:
USC Aiken @ Mt Olive
USC Aiken @ UNC-P

Alvin Brown (F/C, 6’10”, SR)

Shot blocking machine- does a great job of blocking shots from the weakside and altering or blocking his own man’s shot- good timing and showed excellent anticipation. Good help defender. Good length. Communicates and talks on both ends. Shows good energy and motor. Boxes out and calls out screens. Has some decent back to basket moves- showed a spin move and a nice drop step move. Does a good job of selling the fact that he is going one way in post, then going opposite way- has a nice slide dribble. When he takes time in post- he is not bad. Good athlete- had several big time above rim finishes. Closes out on perimeter under control and showed he could defend decently on perimeter because of decent lateral quickness and excellent length. One of the best defenders I have seen this year- all around- does more on defense besides just block shots. Able to block shots and doesn’t get a lot of fouls- only fouls when he brings his arms down- but stays straight up most of the time. Doesn’t go for pump fakes.

High Ceiling- potential filled player.

Needs to get stronger w/ the ball. Needs to add more weight to frame- shouldn’t be hard to do w/ his frame. Had a better attitude when things are going his way- needs to be like that all the time- good kid off the court. Does not run the floor very well- runs better on offensive end then defensive end- always trails in transition D. Needs to improve screening and overall passing as well.

Not  a good free throw shooter- not terrible- but could definitely improve. Not a bad back-to-basket player on the offensive end because he shows good aggression, but must slow down- out of control in post- makes moves way too quickly. Needs to improve as a rebounder- gets low and boxes out decently but is so light that he can be pushed out of position and he is not very strong w/ the ball. Falls down more than he should- needs to improve balance. Does not have a jump shot- everything is post offensively- wont even look to shoot open 10-15’. Seems to space sometimes- basketball IQ needs improvement.

Top shot blocker and interior defender I have seen this year in any division. In the 2 games I saw him play, he blocked over 10 shots and influenced countless others. Is averaging over 5 blocks per game on the season. Reminds me of Tyson Chandler in this aspect. Has great length and athleticism.
Is a D1 transfer from James Madison University. Is a great kid with a good personality. If he can add about 20 lbs to his frame, he would be a beast. Has a frame that he should be able to add weight too.

Has the potential to be an impact player on the defensive end at the next level in Europe. Would be a player that if he can add some muscle weight, would be a good candidate for D-League. At his height and ability to change the game on defense, he won’t be hard pressed to find a job in Europe when he finishes the season.


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