Darius Miles is not the typical summer league player. Most of the players in the NBA basketball summer league are younger, playing in their first two or even three years in the league. Miles, having been the third pick in the 2000 draft, doesn’t fit that profile.

After a career of promise, injury and controversy, Miles was back in the summer league trying to get himself back into the mix after an injury this season. However, he never stepped on the court, and BasketballElite.com James Blackburn talked with Miles in Orlando about his appearance in the summer league and his career.

“My [injury] is back, fully recovered, but we’ve decided that we should not take a chance on playing right now”, says Miles, “I’m just working out, but it’s summer league, so it’s not worth hurting it again.”

When asked about where he came up for his infamous “double fisted head bump”, he laughed and called another player over to talk about it. Finally, he said “I know where I came up with it, but I can’t tell you”, leaving that question for another day.

Finally, when asked about his experience in Charlotte, and playing around Michael Jordan, Darius responds, “you know, I’ve been knowing Jordan since I was sixteen. I’ve had a relationship with them for years, so going back to see them is just like going back to see family.”


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