By James Blackburn

Andrien White ,G, 6’3″

Jon Davis, PG, 6’2″


Ive been fortunate enough to be able to see both White and Davis play live numerous times this year and come away each time more and more impressed. Coming into Charlotte’s last home game vs UTEP, White was averaging 11 ppg while leading the team in steals with 44 on the season. Davis leads the team in assists while also scoring 11.6 ppg. These two players have a great chemistry with one another and the future looks very bright for 49er fans with Davis running the show and White shooting on the perimeter.

Scouting Reports

Andrien White

Terrific shooter who is excellent in catch and shoot situations. Has deep range on his 3 and is more then likely the best pure shooter on the team- release is a bit slow but shot is pure. Plays with a high motor on the defensive end, defends the passing lanes, and has great instincts on the defensive end of the floor, which is rare for a freshman. Terrific athlete who can finish above the rim. Needs to continue to improve his midrange game- good slasher but over penetrates at times.

Jon Davis

True PG and floor general who is a solid passer and also makes plays for teammates. Solid on the defensive end as well and is 2nd on the team in steals.  Is pretty quick and is dangerous in transition. Does an excellent job of probing the defense with the dribble and getting to the lane. Needs to improve shot selection and his range.  Tends to over-dribble at times and still makes some freshman mistakes.