Nebraska Wake Forest basketball

Nebraska Wins 79-63
Box Score

Game Recap/Thoughts
1st Half
Wake wins the tip and CJ scores the games first points on the Wake’s first possession, prompting Coach Miles of Nebraska to take off his jacket.
Cornhuskers respond with a 8-0 run.

Wake is struggling to find a rhythm offensively to start shooting 2-9 from the field w/ 5 turnovers and find themselves down 11 to 4 with 13 minutes remaining.

Andre Washington, Wake Forest 7’ freshman checks in 7 minutes in- some of the first action he has seen all season (played 5 minutes up to this point).
Wake has employed a Full court press that has rattled Nebraska a bit and has them playing outside their comfort zone.
Wake is throwing fresh legs in the game and is turning Nebraska over to tie the game.

Fischer is on fire…he is 3-3 from the field since entering game- giving Wake a huge boost and getting the crowd into the game like I haven’t seen this year.

Nebraska’s center Andre Almeida is a load to handle inside….he is 6’11” and weighs 314lbs. He moves his feet pretty well for his size and has great touch.

Wake finishes half struggling offensively and getting beat on the boards and finds itself down 28-24.

2nd Half

Rountree is starting to open up the second half.

Nebraska is beginning to get into foul trouble, but Wake can covert on the line.

Codi Miller-McIntyre turns the corner on a P/R and gets the lay-up to go pulling Wake with in 5.

Ray Gallegos for Nebraska can really stroke it from deep- Nebraska on a run to go up double digits with 13 minutes remaining.

Wake is getting beat on the boards and fins themselves down 12 half way through the second period.

Ray Gallegos is 5 for 5 for his last five shots and Nebraska has extended its lead to 18 w/ 8 minutes and change remaining. Time Out Wake Forest.

Nebraska is shooting a blistering 70% from the field this half so far and Wake is turning the ball over….the result…a 24 point Wake deficit.

Wake making a run to pull with in 13 w/ 2 min. remaining. A little too late I am afraid.

Scouting Reports

Wake Forest

Aaron Rountree (F, 6’8”, FR)
Another great performance from the freshman forward after his breakout game the other night against William & Mary. Came in game and again (like last game) made an immediate impact- making a defensive play and a nice tip in offensive rebound basket with in the first minute on the floor. He plays so hard every possession and never gives up on plays on either end. He has the highest motor on the team and is very active. Versatile and active defender who can defend up to 4 positions. His length causes problems and he plays the passing lanes well and tries to block everything in and outside his area. He was out of position a few times defensively and gets a little over anxious at times and picks up a cheap foul, but over all is the best defender on the team in my opinion.

On the offensive end, he is still adjusting to the college game but he does impact the game on this side of the ball in a positive way as well. He is a highly underrated passer and is constantly making plays and setting up teammates perfectly. He can lead the break and is a pretty good decision maker in the open court. He isn’t afraid to attack the basket. His shooting is still suspect and he needs to develop a consistent mid range game but it will come. He also needs to develop a tighter handle and get stronger, but overall he is a solid prospect with great upside.

He has been the longest player on the court every game I have seen him in this year. If they did +/- scores in college basketball, he would constantly have a positive score- makes such an impact. Competitor on the floor- leads by example and by communicating- something you usually don’t see from a freshman. He finished this game with 7 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, and 3 blocks in just 16 minutes of play. He should be getting at least 20 minutes a night from this point forward for the rest of the season. With his length, versatility, youth, motor, great on court attitude, and his ability to rebound the basketball, I would say overall he is the best NBA prospect on the team, with Travis McKie being a close second.

Chase Fischer (G, 6’3”, SO)
Came off the bench and knocked a couple of spot up 3’s after struggling with his shot in recent contests. He is still a knock down set shooter who has great form and gets his feet and shoulders square to the rim. He can also knock down shots coming off screens. But Fischer’s overall game has improved from being strictly a set shooter like last year. This is what he is best at and known for, but this game he was talking and directing traffic while on the court and was the leader for this young Wake team. He is also passing the ball and defending better then last season and is creating shots for teammates. Overall he is much more active on the court and especially on the defensive end this year. Finished with 9 points on 3 of 5 shooting, 1 assist, 1 steal, and 1 block in only 13 minutes of action. If he continues to play like this, its going to be hard to keep him on the bench that long and his minutes will increase.


Dylan Talley (G, 6’5”, SR)
Dylan entered tonight’s game leading the Cornhuskers in points per game and assists per game, but struggled most of the night going 4 of 16 from the field. He needs to improve his ball handling and his ability to go left. He does pass the look test and appears to have an NBA ready body with good size for the guard position and a solid frame, but he doesn’t have the speed/quickness to by defenders on the perimeter. He is a great FT shooter however and a superb rebounder. He draws fouls at a high rate and attacks the rim. He has a quick second jump and attacks the offensive boards. Didn’t show the ability to turn the corner on the P/R even going to his strong, hand which is right and struggled to create his own shot this game. Had a quite 14 points on 4-16 shooting but was 6-8 from FT line and grabbed 8 rebounds. As far as his professional projections, I think he would be a great option for some 2nd division teams in Europe or possibly a first division team in a country that is not a major basketball spot, like Italy or Spain.

Brandon Ubel (F, 6’10”, SR)
Ubel was limited with foul trouble most of this game and would eventually foul out, but not before he cracked double digits in the scoring column. He has a good frame/build and a solid back to the basket game as well. He displayed anice up and under drop step move and the ability to score with either hand. Fundamental player who is solid in most areas. He sets good hard screens and uses his strength to not allow any of Wake Forests post players to get good position. Showed he could put ball on floor for straight line drives to the rim and score. Struggles to defend on the perimeter but does a nice job defending the post. Not an above the rim type player but works hard and has a high IQ. Will probably receive a couple work out invitations come draft time from NBA teams if he continues his solid play in Big Ten games (Currently averaging 15.6 ppg and 8 rpg), but will most likely ultimately end up playing his professional ball overseas.

Andre Almeida (C, 6’11”,SR)
Big time performance this game from the powerful center. Andre does a great job of carving space inside and getting solid post position. He is highly efficient offensively 5 ft and in and even showed he could hit the open midrange jumper. He has great hands and a soft shooting touch. He displayed a decent back to the basket game and has a hook and drop step in his repertoire. He proved virtually un- guardable one on one tonight and only missed 1 shot the entire game. He moves his very feet for someone with a 300+lb frame, showing the ability to hedge screens decently. He is foul prone and plays under the rim, but knows his limitations and doesn’t force anything. He does a good job blocking shots and protecting the paint and uses his body to get good rebounding position. Almeida also gets up and down floor decently as well for someone his size and played 27 minutes tonight. Completely dominated this game on both sides of the floor by shooting 9-10 from the field with 20 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 blocked shots (Also shot 2-2 from FT line). He has already dropped 40 lbs since arriving on campus and is down to 314 lbs. He is coming off a red-shirt year because of an injury and has had a solid senior campaign so far. If he can continue to drop weight and get in the 290 range, he would be an attractive D-League prospect being a legit back to the basket big, who can move his feet decently and has a great shooting touch.