CP3 elite guard camp 2013

The CP3 Elite Guard Camp is a no-nonsense chance for some of the best guards in high school and college to work on their games with one of the best point guards in the NBA. Every year, Chris works directly with the players in attendance to share some of his NBA All-Star knowledge in his hometown of Winston-Salem, NC. While the purpose of the event is not specifically game play or evaluation, it is beneficial to see some of the best guards in the country go against each other and see how well they do in the overall guard drill work. Here are some of our notes from this year’s event.

Tyus Jones (PG, 6’1″, 2014) Apple Valley HS (MN) Jones is the top high school point guard in the country and it’s easy to see why. He does so many things well, from absorbing contact, finding open teammates with elite precision passing and a deadly shooting touch, that the only real knocks stem from the fact that the game looks so easy for him, he always looks like he is going half speed.

Tyler Ulis (PG, 5’9″, 2014)

One of the top guards here all week. Brought ton of energy. Terrific on-ball defender- probably the best in HS group. Quick player. Excellent ball handler- went through the ball handling drills w/ quickness and precision. Tough to stop in 1 on 1.

Xavier Mills (G, 6′, 2014) Greenfield (NC) Mills is a high motor guard with great length and an excellent first step. Makes an impact.

Seventh Woods (SG, 6’2″, 2016) Woods is a pure scorer with elite athleticism and serious bounce. Right now he’s a 2 guard who is deadly with the change of speed, even against elite guards.

Kwe Parker (SG, 6’2, 2016) Explosive and active, Parker has great bounce off of the floor and plays above the rim.

Jalen Sanders (G, 6′, 2016) Sanders has a great build and is already a strong guard; he plays under control and has the poise of a player with much more experience. He needs to improve his outside shot to make defenders play him closer, where he can use his strength to bully them.

Gabe Devoe (G, 6’3″, 2014) Recent Clemson commit Devoe is physically stronger than most guards at the high school level, and he uses it effectively. He also has continued to develop his point guard skills and he can either score or make something happen with the pass.

College Players

Quinn Cook (6’2”, Junior, Duke)

Shot the ball very well from 3-point line. One of the better shooters here. Did the best out of any college guard I saw in 2-ball dribbling drills. Really competed and got after it in contact drills w/ partner. Shifty scorer- good mid-range shot in addition to his 3.

Briante Weber (6’3”, Junior, VCU)

Loved his competitiveness, energy, and motor. Took full advantage of his time here at camp. Really got after it in contact ball handling drills w/ partner. Did better than anyone in ball handling drills. Handed the ball like a pro- good quickness, tight handle. Love his demeanor and leadership. Vocal. Went off of 2-feet in the finishing drills. Needs to improve his 3-point shooting. Its a 2-hand flick shot w/ a low release. Excellent on-ball defender (best at camp). Active hands. Needs to get stronger- vulnerable to post-ups by stronger guards. Had a tough time scoring the ball in days 1 and 2, but did a much better job scoring the ball outside the perimeter in day 3 during the 5 on 5 games. Even hit a 3 pointer. Scored in the post w/ mismatch b/c of his good length. Quick flick of a release. Scoring on drives- took the bumps and scored w/ his right hand floater. Needs to improve PG screen and roll offense and passing- but I love his motor. Averaged 2.7 steals per game in 20 minutes a game. More of a combo guard than PG.

Treveon Graham (6’5”, Junior, VCU)
Great build. Needs to improve ball handling and shooting. Not very quick in 2-ball drills. Did decent for his size. Slow.

Keith Appling (6’2”, Senior, Michigan State)

Can shoot the ball above average. Attacks the rim. Great court vision. Impressed with Keith all weekend- from the drills to 1 on 1 to 5 on 5. Loved the fact that he really battled and went after Chris Paul in the games. Tough kid. Good looking stroke. Moved well w/ out the ball. Created his own offense. You can tell he knows how to play and has been here before.

Jerian Grant (6’5”, Senior, Notre Dame)

Shacky in 2-ball drills. Needs a tighter handle. Quick release. Excellent pull-up jump shot.

Andre Hollins (6’2”, Junior, Minnesota)
High release on shot. Liked his work/performance in dribbling drills. Can dunk a ball with 1 hand under the basket w/ no step-straight vert- impressive.

PJ Hairston (6’5”, Junior, North Carolina)

Looked a bit lazy in 2-ball drills. Looked tired all week. Not sure if off-the-court issues from this summer have taken a toll. First to sit down and get a break/water out of group. Looked a bit rough, appearance wise all week. Did not look comfortable in floater drills/other PG drills. Did play decently in 5 on 5 games.

Jordan Clarkson (6’5”, Junior, Missouri)
One of the top players in days 1 and 2. Didn’t stand out as much in day 3 in 5 on 5 drills. Has a nice floater. Good build/length. Can go either direction. Smooth. His team won 2 on 2 three times in a row. Loves to attack going to his right. Quick 1st step. Athletic. Could become very good defender. Good body control. Inconsistent shooter from 3- good elevation. Shooting form is out in front of body a bit.

Joe Jackson (6’0”, Senior, Memphis)
Played well all-week. Hustled and really competed. Love his defensive intensity- a top 3 on-ball defender here. Won his group in day 3 of 1 on 1 drills- won his basket in day 2 as well. Shoots a straight ball- a little flat- but it went in. Doesn’t seem to be the quickest. Is unselfish. Attacks the basket well. One of my favorites here. Might be best 3-pt shooter here- def top 3.

Davon Saddler (6’1”, Senior, Delaware)
Competitor and winner. Not very big- is small as a guard, but makes up for it w/ strenght. Very strong finisher- can take bumps and keep line on drives and finish w/ contact. Can hit the perimeter shot including 3’s- shoots out in front of face.

Ryan Boatright (6’0”, Junior, Uconn)
Kept doing the little things well. Looked down multiple times to find his number on the sheet and I kept coming back to him.

Codi Miller-McIntyre (6’2”, Sophomore, Wake Forest)
Great combination of size, strength, and athleticism. Won 1 on 1 drills and was able to score from 15’ and in easily b/c of strength and size advantage over other guards. Shot release has gotten higher since the last time scene- but is still not very good- little hitch and is inconsistent- misses short too much. Played well in 3 on 3 drills. Nifty ball handling moves/finishing moves. Quick laterally on defense. Blended in at times this weekend however- needs to be more vocal.

Shabazz Napier (6’1”, Senior,Uconn)
Smooth player who is a solid shooter. Low motor.

Tyler Lewis (5’11”, Sophomore, NC State)
Moved very well w/ out the ball in 5 on 5. Smart player who doesn’t force the issue. Struggles to create his own shot. Doesn’t have the speed/quickness to get around any one on perimeter. Needs to work to change speeds better. Finishes lay-ups near rim off of cuts by using the rim as protection and he does a lot of reverse lay-ups, puts spin on the ball, and puts ball high on back board. Shot the ball well from 3 pt line this week- made players pay for giving him space- needs a good amount space however- b/c release is not the quickest.

Kevin Pangos (6’1”, Junior, Gonzaga)
Works hard- is in excellent shape. Good form on 3 pt shot. One of the best shooters here.

Top 5 HS Guards (No order)

Jalen Brunson (2015, 6’2”, Vernon Hills, IL)

Tyus Jones (2014, 6’2”, Apple Valley, MN)

Nate Mason (2015, 6’1”, Atlanta, GA)

Tyler Ulis (2014, 5’9”, Matteson, IL)

Gabe Devoe (2014, 6’3”, Shelby, NC) *Clemson Commit

Top 5 College Guards (No order)
*Note- it was a lot harder only picking 5 guards in college group- many of the guards played well to be in top 5

Keith Appling (6’2”, Senior, Michigan State)

Jordan Clarkson (6’5”, Junior, Missouri)

Joe Jackson (6’0”, Senior, Memphis)

Briante Weber (6’3”, Junior, VCU)

Quinn Cook (6’2”, Junior, Duke)

By James Blackburn & Matt Wood

Harrison Barnes Chris Paul Camp 2011

College Players

Bradford Burgess (VCU) – Very strong, physical player. Can get to the rim and finish with contact.

Brandon Triche (Syracuse)– Extremely athletic for PG.

Jordan Taylor (Wisconsin)– Hard worker, winner.

High School Players

Ryan Arcidiacono– Looked really good in dribbling drills in the mourning- has a low dribble- below knees- tight. Keeps eyes up. Great attitude. Verbally committed to Villanova.

Bronson Koenig– Pure jump shot- one of the best looking jumpers in his group- nothing missed short- had good misses.

LJ Rose– Did a great job of talking in shooting drills.

Jevon Thomas– Very impressive in 3 on 3 games. Had a nice up and under reverse lay- up with the foul. Very tough, hard nosed player. Can get into the paint. Uses body well to shield defenders and uses creativity to finish around basket. Verbally committed to play at St. Johns.

Patrick Rooks – High volume scorer. Smooth. Verbally committed to Clemson.

Codi Mller-Mcintyre– Under control through out games, whether it was 3 on 3, 4 on 4 with no dribble, or Full court 5 on 5. Has an automatic pull up jump shot. Committed to Wake Forest.

Jaquel Richmond– Very quick. Has the ability to break man down with dribble and get to painted area, where he can hit the open man. Better than average shooter with 3 point range. Competes and plays hard. Solid young PG to keep an eye on.

Anthony Stitt (PG, 6’1″, 2011) is a fundamentally strong guard, with solid ball handling and shot release. He’s confident with the ball in his hands and has a solid understanding of the PG position, dribbles looking ahead and understands how to work the play and attack the defense. Definitely can run a half court offense.

He knows how to push the break or when to slow down the pace or push to the basket. Appears to be solid, poised player but not a burner. A DI prospect with a good maturity and is capable of running an offense. Has good form on his shots and layups, has a hard working attitude and is coachable. Probably a starter at PG by his sophomore or junior year if he finds the right fit at the collegiate level. Would excel at a mid major with today’s skill set, and continues to show improvement in his mid-range jump shot. He can use the mid range shot to keep faster defenders from playing him too closely and improving his effectiveness.

Stitt has offers from Cinncinati, Clemson, VCU, Richmond and ECU and will take all five visits before making a decision. The feedback he’s gotten from college coaches is that they want him to be able to consistently hit the mid range knock down jumper, and it appears he’s been working on this.

+ fundamentals
+ ball handling

By Marcus Shockley

Jabari Brown (PG/SG, 6’3″, 2011) is a special player.

This is, of course, not news to fans of several colleges that have offered Jabari, which he is still considering, and it’s the reason we featured an interview with him just a few days ago.

The scouting report for Jabari is that he’s got great size for a guard and definitely has the ball handling ability to play point or shooting guard. He also is very smooth, very polished and handled the exhausting ball handling drills at the Chris Paul Elite Guard camp exceedingly well.

He looks very comfortable with his dribble, can slash effectively and has a deadly jump shot.

His jump shot is equally strong from both outside the arc and mid range. He’s a dangerous offensive player that has a very fluid game and a high basketball IQ.

But all of that doesn’t really describe the ease and charismatic nature that Brown brings to the court.

It’s immediately obvious that Brown is grounded and competitive, but he’s so smooth with his play that it’s almost easy to forget that he can explode past the defense with the dribble and throw it down. Jabari Brown is without question a player that has the intangibles that, when combined with great athletic ability, could make him a star.

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to see Jabari working in any defensive drills, but he’s a player that will make an impact at the college level and if he continues to work and improve on his already solid game, will be a High School All American.

Jabari had a visit at Wake Forest immediately following the camp and intends to take all five of his visits before making a decision. He also says that college coaches have told him that he needs to continue to work on being a multi-positional player, which Jabari has definitely taken to heart.


+ Multi positional player
+ Scorer
+ Perimeter Shot
+ Slasher
+ Athletic
+ Poise
+ Excellent ball handler