Name: Coby White

Height: 6’4

Weight: 160

High School: The Greenfield School

AAU Team: Team Wall

Class: 2018

Position: Combo Guard

Recruitment: Wake Forest, High Point University

Projected Level of Play: High Major Division 1

Coby White

Our First time really seeing Coby White play was at the NCISAA State Championships last year in Asheville, NC,  at that point in his HS career we saw some sparks and flashes of his potential and that he would be one to keep a close eye on. Fast forward a few months to October 2015 where Coby showed up at Fab 40 Camp and showed out. He had grown to 6’4 and you could tell that he had been spending a lot of time perfecting his game as he had become an overall better player. During his HS season this year he has absolutely been putting on a show with some outstanding numbers and performances!


  • This young man is definitely the type of Point Guard that college coaches will love, first and foremost because he’s a taller guard that knows how to use his height, at 6’4 he sees over a lot of opponents which gives him the opportunity to make reads that smaller guards would have much more difficulty doing. He also has an advanced basketball IQ on both end of the floor as he makes very good decisions that most young players his age don’t make.
  • Coby is hands down of the best scorers in the state, throughout this season he has put together numerous impressive scoring performance such as: 46 Points Vs Neuse Christian, 35 Points vs Parrot Academy, 34 Points vs Wake Christian, Christ School, and numerous other schools. What makes him such a dangerous scorer is that he’s a versatile scorer, he has the ability to knock down shots from 3 point range as well as pull ups from midrange. Once he gets into the paint he has a nice variety of moves that he uses to finish as well as a floater that he brings out when he wants to finish over taller opponents. Of course we can’t forget about the athleticism he has added to his game as well, although he’s not throwing down windmill dunks at this point, we believe that it’s only a matter of time before he is.
  • Even though Coby is an outstanding scorer he still is a willing and gifted passer, he’s not the type of players that looks teammates off and tries to get his own shot first. Instead he uses his ability to score to attract extra attention from opponent’s defense and drops passes of to open teammates. One aspect of his game that I truly was impressed with was how he always keep his head up and loves to kick the ball ahead up the court to open teammate instead of over dribbling and slowing down the possible transition opportunities.

Areas for Improvement

  •  Even though he’s only a sophomore he must remember to put in a lot of time in the weight room over these next few years , as of right now he has somewhat of a slim/slender frame but that is to be expected for a young man who is only in the 10th grade.
  • Defensively I would love to see him stay honest, at times he reached for a steal or overplayed the passing lane, when he stays honest and slides his feet he can be a very good on ball defender.