James Blackburn covered the Overseas Evaluation Camp during the past weekend, and filed several reports regarding the players in attendance.

Here’s the first rundown of some of the players James interviewed, including a former UNC alum.


Marc Cambell (PG, 6’0”, 175lbs., UNC)

Marc Campbell profile

Mark did well in the ball handling and shooting drills. During the games he did a decent job of controlling the tempo of the game and his team. He has excellent court vision, but also has a problem of forcing passes and this leads to a lot of unforced turnovers. His shot was not falling during the games but he did enough to secure himself a spot during Day 2.

Mark had some interesting stories to share about himself and his days at UNC. He is actually from Italy and hopes to eventually play there, and he is currently working toward obtaining Italian citizenship.

He is going to attend a couple more exposure camps in Vegas this summer to improve his chances of playing professionally. He said the UNC coaching staff is putting together film for him to send to overseas teams. He enjoyed his 4 years at UNC where he won a national championship and “collected a ton of shoes”.

He said one of his favorite and most memorable experiences at UNC was the 100th anniversary weekend where he was able to play with Vince Carter and Antwain Jamison amongst other UNC alumni.

He also remembers Michael Jordan pulling right up through the Smith Center tunnel in a red Ferrari. (Editor’s note: It’s not clear if this is always where Michael Jordan parks at the Smith Center)

Desmond Blue ( C, 6’11”, 265 lbs., Lee University)
Desmond Blue profile

Desmond is big, strong, and physical.

He displayed good footwork and hands in the post workouts. He did a good job of throwing his weight around in the games and about brought the goal down on one dunk. He is athletic for his size and has a 10-12 ft. range on his jumper.

His main problem is his conditioning as he was easily winded from the up-temp style of the games.

Desmond says he plans on attending the Mike Hart camp in Vegas this summer, and is considering going to the IBL camp as well. The general consensus around camp was that Desmond could be a monster in the paint if he lost some more weight and got into better shape.

Brian Fisher (G, 6’3”, 185lbs., Winston-Salem State Univ.)

Brian Fisher profile

Brian only came to the camp on Saturday, so [James] did not get to see him as much as he would have liked.

He did watch him in his individual workout and Brian did well. He has deep range on his 3 ball and has good form on his jumper. He also displayed good footwork.

In his words, Brian is “trying to get across the water” after graduating from WSSU in June. He plans on attending a few other exposure clinics as well. He has been invited to ones in Myrtle Beach and in his home town Atlanta.

He is currently looking for an agent in addition to attending the exposure camps.

When asked about what he thought about Winston-Salem State going back to the CIAA and D-II NCAA, he was not pleased and thought they were taking a step back after being D-I the last 4 years.

He enjoyed his time at State and said it was worth playing the big schools such as Wake, Georgia Tech, and Oregon for the experience even though they did not win many games against the D-I competition. He said it made them better as a team and also liked the fact that it showed him what it takes to play at that level.

One of the main differences according to Brian was the basketball IQ.

Best of luck to each one of these guys in their endeavors of playing professionally.

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