Who actually owns G-League teams?

The G-League, or NBA Gatorade League, is a professional basketball league that serves as the official minor league for the National Basketball Association (NBA). It was founded in 2001 and has since become a crucial part of player development for NBA teams.

But who actually owns the G-League teams? The answer is a mix of NBA teams and independent ownership groups.

Most G-League teams are owned by NBA teams, with each team having its own G-League affiliate. This allows for a direct relationship between the two teams, with the G-League team serving as a place for NBA players to get playing time and develop their skills while they are not in the NBA.

However, there are also several G-League teams that are independently owned. These teams are not affiliated with any NBA team, but instead act as their own entities within the G-League.

One example of an independently owned G-League team is the Grand Rapids Drive, which is owned by the Grand Rapids Basketball LLC group. This group consists of several local investors and business leaders who wanted to bring professional basketball to their community.

In addition to NBA teams and independent ownership groups, there are also a few G-League teams that are owned by international basketball organizations. The Rio Grande Valley Vipers, for example, are owned by the Houston Rockets, but are based in Hidalgo, Texas, which is just south of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Overall, the ownership structure of G-League teams is diverse and includes both NBA teams and independent ownership groups. This allows for a variety of perspectives and approaches to player development and team management within the league.