Adam Silver

The NBA has talked about potential expansion into countries other than the United States for some time; as it stands now, that expansion only has included a single team in Canada, following the move of the Grizzlies from British Columbia to Memphis. However, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently told the Times of India that the league is actively looking at options outside of the U.S., including India:

“It’s premature to say that we’ll have a league on the lines of NBA… but it’s something we’re looking closely at. I have no doubt that over time, there will be a successful basketball league in India”

Silver commented on several items related to the NBA and even specifically the NBA Finals, but when asked again about expansion in India, he reiterated the league’s goals:

“It is critically important. I travelled to Mumbai in December with Vivek Ranadive, one of our owners who was born in Mumbai. We see it as an incredible exciting market.”

It is interesting that the NBA is looking specifically at India, but may make sense. Competition in England with the British Basketball League as well as Korean, Italian, Chinese and other established leagues could be more difficult. It will be an interesting story to watch. Travel would be an issue of course, so it’s not clear if Silver and the NBA are looking at putting an NBA team in India, or just looking at exhibition games.