Jack Gibbs

Jack Gibbs

By James Blackburn

Game Scouted: Davidson vs Rhode Island

Davidson wins 65-54

Jack Gibbs (6’0″, G, JR)

Stats: 36 min, 7-16 FG, 1-8 3pt, 2-3 FT, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 TO, 1 ST, 17 TP 


We will start with Gibbs shooting and scoring because this is what Jack does a lot of. He doesn’t need a lot of room to get shot off. Has a compact shot and a super quick release. Can score with contact. Strong body- draws fouls at high rate. Can take contact well with a wide/strong body.  Creates space to get his shot off- tremendous rip through move. Can easily create his own offense. Changes speeds pretty well. Can score in the paint with pull-ups and floaters- his floater is what makes him so tough because he can get to paint practically at will partly because he is such a good shooter and partly because of the defensive rules. Very efficient scorer especially off the bounce.
Uses ball screens pretty effectively to score- attacks the rim and goes down hill off the ball screen. Pretty explosive going right. Can score in the half court and in transition. Does a nice job of probing the defense with the dribble and knows his scoring spots.
Passing ability has really improved since the first game I saw him play this year. Gets the ball up court pretty quickly either with the pass ahead or the dribble. Was making terrific reads this game off the ball screen hitting the screener with passes- if he rolled or slipped- both on the ball and off the ball screens set for him.

Defensively he is solid. He moves his feet and has good hands. Fights around ball screens. He is an excellent shape.

Handle is a little loose and is TO prone. Even though he is passing the ball better, Id still like to see him be more of a playmaker off the dribble drive too- is always looking to score off the drive or attacking the basket- like to see him make more dump off passes and plays for the bigs.
Size hurts him on both ends, but especially when trying to finish all the way at the rim. Needs to improve left hand- not as explosive going left.
Shot selection needs to improve- settles for some contested 3’s but part of that is because he gets the ball at the end of the shot clock a lot. He is a better 3 pt shooter then his % shows but this is lower because of him taking too many contested shots.


Gibbs is having a terrific junior season. He entered this game averaging 25.3 points and 4.8 assists per game. He has scored 40 points or more 3 times this year and has gone for 35 or more 7 times, proving to be one of the best scoring guards in college basketball. If Gibbs can continue to improve his 3 pt % (Get it to low to mid 40’s next year) and his play-making ability, he could earn a spot in a training camp next year if all goes perfectly. He should definitely be a PIT invite and on a summer league roster after next season, baring any injuries.