By Alex Kline

Kuran Iverson may be related to former NBA All Star Allen Iverson but that doesn’t mean they are anything alike. While Allen stands at 6-feet tall, Kuran is a 6-foot-8 rising sophomore who may be one of the most versatile players out there. The young Iverson has bolted himself into chatter as one of the top three players in the nation in his class.Although his cousin, Allen, proved to be one of the top players in the nation at one point, Kuran could easily be the best in the Iverson family.
Kuran’s game is similar to that of New Jersey’s Kyle Anderson. Both are 6-foot-8 and can play the point guard position, as well as being on the wing. He can do it all as he block shots and rebounds very well for his age of the defensive side. Offensively, he is extremely versatile in that he can dribble like a point guard and distribute the ball like one, too. His shot is developing but he can get to the hole and make it happen. His defense is still picking up as it is considered to be a weaker point in his game.

Iverson knows the hard work will pay off through his recruitment. He has already seen this as he is being looked at by “Georgetown, UConn, Marquette, Rutgers, Florida, Florida State, Georgia Tech and USC.”

Iverson has two schools that really stand out to him in “Kentucky and Georgetown.” Kuran said, “Those two are probably my favorite schools because of all the success they have had.” Iverson says that his cousin Allen has no impact on him and Georgetown though. “Yeah Allen’s my cousin but we don’t really talk,” he said. “He talks with my family but doesn’t have an impact on me. I’m trying to be my own person.”

Amazingly, Kuran only started playing five years ago but his game is much more developed.

As of now, it looks like Kuran Iverson will be the next big thing. His name is starting to get out there and everyone is pressing full front to stop his run at becoming number one. You may not know his name yet, but Kuran Iverson is the next big thing.


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