By Marcus Shockley

Little Rock Lightning Logo

The Little Rock Lightning, a new ABA franchise based in Arkansas, is beginning the work for their first season. With tryouts already scheduled for July 16-17, 2011, Bernard Brown, one of the team’s owners, is looking forward to the new endeavor. “We’re probably going to have a couple more tryouts,” says Brown, who is also networking in the Arkansas area to ensure that players are aware of the new opportunity.

The Lightning are not associated with the former ABA team that was located in the Arkansas area in 2004, the Rim Rockers. This team is a completely new team, but Brown is hoping to repeat something that the Rim Rockers did, which was bring some former Arkansas Razorbacks to the roster. The team hasn’t designated a coaching staff yet, as the season does not start until December 2011, but they are already working in the community.

Normally the Lightning expect to play between 30-35 games, but the schedule is still being determined. We will be featuring more information and follow ups with the team as they begin tryouts and of course, follow the team as they kick off their inaugural season.

Basketball Elite is proud to be a media partner for the the Little Rock Lightning and wish them much success in the coming year.

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