Steph Curry NBA Finals

You want your very own, year-long NBA League Pass for the 2015-16 season? Well, here’s your chance to earn it for free.

This contest gives you a shot at proving you actually know what you’re talking about in the game of basketball, or at least, NBA basketball.

The rules are simple. Winning will not be. The prize is awesome. A full year of NBA League Pass for nest season, allowing you to take in every second of action over the course of the year.

Think you have what it takes to be one of the top NBA analysts during the Finals? Here’s your chance to prove it.

What you will need:

1. You will need to be able to provide analysis of the games BEFORE the tip offs. Meaning, you can’t wait until the second quarter to start making pre-game predictions. Come on! We are only looking for people who are willing to stick their necks out and actually analyze the game.2. You will need to actively update, tweet and talk about the games during the Finals and tag @bball_elite so we can retweet you. This won’t be hard, you are already watching the games and live tweeting, might as well be competing to win something with your awesome insights. You can link to instagram. You can link to your blog. You can link to a Facebook post. It doesn’t matter, but your analysis has to be OUT THERE SOMEWHERE where we can see it.

3. Your analysis needs to be more than score predictions or who will win. It needs to have REASONS why teams will win, what adjustments will be made (or should be made), match ups, things like that. and you can get BONUS POINTS – check the section for extra points you can get in the ‘How to Enter’ section below.

How to Enter

Step 1: Follow @bball_elite on Twitter!

Step 2: Tweet out the contest! (It’s so easy, just click below)

Step 3. Sign up to the contest email list (form below), to make sure you get contest updates.

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4. Tweet your game analysis! (Here’s where the pros get separated from the amatuers!)

Okay, so you know the game. What you need to do is tweet out analysis, predictions, match ups, ANYTHING that you think will show up (or not show up) as a factor in the NBA Finals. You really need to get as deep as possible. Multiple tweets are okay. Linking to your blog is okay if you need more space to write. What you MUST do is tag @bball_elite in the posts with the hashtag #NBAFinalsContest so we can retweet you AND we know where to find your analysis. We are looking for the BEST analysis, not the most tweets or the most trash talk. We want to see how much you know the game! Just predicting who will win is not enough! You need to have your analysis out there BEFORE THE TIP of each game.


Oh, you want some extra chances at winning? We’ve got that for ya. Like we said, you have to have your pre-game analysis out before the game, but once the tip happens you can earn bonus points by pointing out things happening live, during the game but you HAVE TO TAG @bball_elite with the hashtag #NBAFinalsContest so people know you are doing live analysis. You can get bonus points for humor, for pointing out things the coaches might be missing, making corrections of the game announcers, BUT KEEP IT CIVIL. Read the full contest rules below and anyone making hate-filled or similar speech will be disqualified.

After the game? Bonus points if you tweet out post-game thoughts as well. Of course, EVERYTHING is going to depend on how accurate you are, not how much you tweet. We’re also going to be looking at other contest followers to see which analyst gets the most support (but that’s not the only indicator).

The winner will be announced after the Finals are over, the confetti drops and we’ve had a chance to review everyone’s analysis. We’ll have to review the replay footage to make sure everyone followed the rules and all of that stuff. Then BOOM – whoever came out on top gets free NBA basketball ALL YEAR LONG.

Contest Disclaimers:

  • This contest is in no way affiliated with the NBA, NBA League Pass or any cable or satellite television provider. The prize is exclusively being offered by
  • If no cable or satellite provider has a service area that covers the winner’s residence or location, the winner will be awarded the cash equivalent.
  • This contest is void where prohibited.
  • Winners are determined after review by writers and staff.
  • reserves the right not to award a winner in the event that any form of cheating or contest manipulation has been attempted or occurred.
  • Contestants who do not follow the rules for participating in full will be disqualified.
  • The contest will be in effect ONLY during the 2015 NBA Finals. Entering after the beginning of Game One will disqualify contestants, and entries submitted after the final game, regardless of length of the series, will be disqualified.
  • reserves the right not to declare a winner in the event that not enough contestants have completed the contest or no suitable candidate has submitted an entry.
  • Profanity over social media, racist or otherwise defamatory or illegal speech in relation to the contest will result in disqualification.
  • Contest is available to U.S. residents only.
  • Contest is not available to NBA players currently participating in the NBA Finals.
  • Contest is not available to any person(s) or orgnanization(s) where participation would constitute a violation of local or federal regulations.