Lamont Middleton basketball

By James Blackburn

Game Scouted: NC A&T vs Fayetteville State

NC A&T wins 71-65

Lamont Middleton (G, 6’3”, SR)


37 min, 6-12 FG, 1-4 3 pt, 9-13 FT, 7 reb, 5 assist, 6 TO, 2 steals, 22 TP

Great size and strength for a PG/lead guard. Capable of hitting the contested 3. Good rotation on his shot. Keeps eyes up and scans the court when dribbling. Attacks the rim hard and isn’t afraid to play physical or of contact. Gets to the FT line at a high rate where he is better then average. Uses body to shield ball when attacking rim.  Willing to make the extra pass and is not selfish with the ball. Is patient on the offensive end and is in command and control. Throws direct/hard passes that are on target.

More of a scorer and slasher then a shooter. Loves the spin move going from right to left.

When he does turn the ball over or miss a lay-up, he never gives up on the play and fights and scraps to get it back or get the offensive board.

Slow laterally. Needs to improve overall on defense. Doesn’t put in the same effort on the defensive end as he does on the offensive end. Doesn’t bump cutters, trails his man on cuts, and doesn’t sprint back defensively. Seemed to be a step late/slow on defense this game.

While he is strong and physical, he needs to improve overall finishing ability when he attacks. Part of his finishing problems are due to him attacking the rim recklessly or out of control at times and getting caught trying to finish over more then one defender. Needs to get stronger with the ball in his hands. He had the ball stripped from him more then once and is TO prone. Lacks elite quickness and overall athleticism. Needs to improve shooting consistency from the three point line.

The Aggies looked to utilize Middleton’s size and strength on opposing PG’s by posting him up inside where he was able to establish good deep position. Leader on the court. Played both the PG and the off-guard- equally capable of either, but played more off the ball this game. Middleton will be looked on to provide scoring and leadership to a young team that has eight freshman. Got into a stare down with an opposing player at a critical stage of the game- needs to keep his head at crucial times in the game.  Is better off the ball then on the ball, not a pure PG.

Solid game from Middleton based on the box score. Will continue to receive heavy minutes as the season goes on. I believe he is better then he played tonight and should have some huge games this year.

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