By Marcus Shockley

Note: A couple of typos on current schools have been corrected.

People who are familiar with me know that I’m not crazy about publishing rankings. However, I do have rankings of each position for various regions. So here I’m sharing my current 2013 point guard rankings for the state of North Carolina just in time for the July period to start in a few weeks.

A quick couple of notes about these rankings: First, these are my rankings, not a cumulative ranking of our scouts – each scout generally keeps his own personal rankings about players and we don’t always agree. Secondly, these rankings are based entirely on having seen these players in person multiple times. Third, players who are native to NC but are leaving next season to play out of state, aren’t on this list. Fourth, this is by no means our entire list of players – even though each of these players is indeed in the Basketball Elite Player Database, these are just my rankings for the point guards in the state heading into the summer evaluation period. Finally, I am aware of several players who are coming into NC and will play in the state next season, but since they haven’t yet played a game where I could see them, they aren’t yet in the rankings.

1. Josh Newkirk 6’2″ Word of God (Raleigh, NC)
2. Sam Hunt 6’0″ Dudley HS (Greensboro, NC)
3. Alec Wintering 5’9″ United Faith (Charlotte, NC)
4. Raekwon Harney 6’0″ Winston-Salem Prep (Winston-Salem, NC)
5. Quinton Ray 6’0″ Middle Creek HS (Raleigh, NC)
6. Diante Baldwin 5’11” High Point Christian Academy (High Point, NC)
7. Devonte Graham 6’0″ Broughton HS (Raleigh, NC)
8. Matt Madigan 6’4″ Mt. Tabor HS (Winston-Salem, NC)
9. Jonathan Milligan 6’2″ Christian Faith Center Academy (Raleigh, NC)
10. Tevin Findlay 6’3″ Quality Education Academy (Winston-Salem, NC)
11. Daryl Davender 5’11” Upper Room Christian Academy (Raleigh, NC)
12. Logan Jackson 5’11” Marvin Ridge HS (Waxhaw, NC)
13. Ri’an Holland 6’0″ Southview HS (Hope Mills, NC)
14. Jarrett Thorpe 5’10” United Faith (Charlotte, NC)
15. Jevon Patton 5’9″ Highland Tech (Charlotte, NC)
16. Clay Byrd 6’0″ East Burke HS (Icard, NC)
17. Nehemiah Stafford 5’11” Ashe County HS (West Jefferson, NC)
18. Darren Black 6’0″ Concord HS (Concord, NC)
19. Carlos Rankin, Jr. 6’2″ Thomasville Prep (Thomasville, NC)
20. Josh Spainhour 6’0″ West Stokes HS (King, NC)
21. Josh Dawson 6’1″ Kinston HS (Kinston, NC)
22. Waymond Wright 5’11” Upper Room Christian Academy (Raleigh, NC)
23. Jevon Thomas 5’11” Quality Education Academy (Winston-Salem, NC)
24. Emmit Afam 5’11” Cuthbertson HS (Waxhaw, NC)
25. Parker Smith 6’1″ RJ Reynolds HS (Winston-Salem, NC)
26. Caleb Anthony 6’3″ Reagan HS (Pfafftown, NC)
27. Brett Manning 6’1″ Caldwell Academy (Greensboro, NC)
28. Evan Peatross 6’3″ Reagan HS (Pfafftown, NC)
29. Teco Davis 5’8″ McMicheal HS (Mayodan, NC)
30. Hunter Caldwell 5’10” North Lincoln HS (Lincolnton, NC)

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Marcus Shockley is the founder of Basketball Elite and a member of the US Basketball Writer’s Association. You can follow him on Twitter @m_shockley