The inaugural NC Top 80 was held on March 29, 2014 in Greensboro, NC and I was fortunate enough to attend and see many of the top players in the state under one roof. I wasn’t able to fully scout the event due to the fact that we were broadcasting six of the games live on NetCast Sports Network, but I still had quite a few notes and I’m putting up them here broken out by each game to try and make it as easy to review as possible. So without further ado:

Game One:

Full Event Roster

The first game we broadcast was Team 3 vs. Team 4, with the following rosters:

Team 3

# Name Class Height School
1 Darion Slade 2016 5’11” West Forsyth HS
15 JJ Watson 2017 6’1″ Smith HS
16 Lavar Batts, Jr. 2017 6’1″ JM Robinson HS
17 Derek McKnight 2015 6’1″ Gaston Day
39 Ian Dubose 2017 6’3″ Ravenscroft
48 TyShon Alexander 2017 6’4″ Concord HS
60 Harrison Curry 2015 6’6″ Elite Prep
67 Micheal Pippins 2016 6’7″ Conley HS
68 Quate McKinzie 2016 6’7″ Harrells Christian
70 Isaiah Maurice 2015 6’8″ Bull City Prep

Team 4

# Name Class Height School
5 Juan Munoz 2016 6′ Panther Creek
6 Darriel Brown 2017 6′ FCDS
7 Kenny Hairston 2015 6′ Davidson Day
18 Quayson Williams 2015 6’1″ Eastern Guilford
28 Emmett Tilley 2016 6’2″ Northern Durham
49 Charles Minlend, Jr. 2015 6’4″ First Assembly
54 Zach Cottrell 2016 6’5″ Hayesville HS
61 Peter Agba 2015 6’6″ Greensboro Day
69 Matt Kalaf 2016 6’7″ Nuese Christian
74 Papa N’Diaye 2016 6’9″ Quality Education


Papa N’Diaye (PF/C, 6’9″, 2016) is one of the best post prospects in the Southeast right now. His natural skill set is his length, high shot release and fluid ability to score from the mid range. I’ve seen N’Diaye play multiple times and have always been impressed with his ability to play – and score – against other true big men. His go-to move is a turn around jumper but he has a college build and will be playing at the Division I level somewhere. Great hands, good footwork and can even finish a bit slashing on the move. N’Diaye should be considered a national prospect.

Lavar Batts, Jr. (PG, 6’1″, 2017) is an elite passer. He has an ability to find teammates on the break that is uncanny, one of the best passers I’ve seen at the high school level in some time. He does have the ability to create off of the dribble, slashing to the basket at times but where he really impresses is when he carves up the defense on the break with precision passes.

Derek McKnight (PG, 6’1″, 2015) elite crossover and tough to stop on the drive. Slasher, good passer who can run the team but also puts pressure on the defense in the half court with his quickness.

Harrison Curry (SF/PF, 6’6″, 2015) a player who impressed me all day with his ability to be involved at all times. At his size, he was forced to play in the post a lot but also found a way to disrupt the passing lanes, has a great build that he will continue to add to on his way to the college game, and showed an ability to score. Definitely one of my favorite players of the day.

Isaiah Maurice (PF/C, 6’8″, 2015) was matched up against some of the top post players most of the day and held his own. Good hands, good length, active and an ability to score. More of a facing-the-basket PF in today’s game and a lot to like.

Darion Slade (G, 5’11”, 2016) hard nosed combo guard who played effectively both on and off of the ball. Showed an ability to drive the lane but also worked to get open looks from deep. Another guard who likes to put pressure on the defense in the half court with the dribble. Ability to take contact in the lane.

Juan Munoz (PG, 6′, 2016) very quick guard with a deft dribble. All over the floor on both ends and held his own against several top players.

Charles Minlend, Jr. (SG/SF, 6’4″, 2015) one of the top performers of the day and definitely had the scouts talking. Showed a versatile game and at times looked unstoppable. In on every play, has a natural ability to get buckets, but I want to be clear that although Minland is an effective SG/SF who can score the ball, he isn’t the type of player who just drives for his shot as soon as the ball touches his hands. He showed an ability and willingness to drive and kick to teammates or give up the ball in the half court when it made sense. Easily arrived on the scene as one of the top prospects in the state in the class of 2015.

Emmett Tilley (PG, 6’2″, 2016) Tilley is another player who I’ve seen several times and is a solid college guard prospect. Showed his ability to get to the bucket and has a quick release on the drive that makes him hard to stop going at the basket. Can run the team but today showed his ability to play and move without the ball, but was still very much involved in the game.

Zach Cottrell (SF, 6’5″, 2016) Cottrell was active and played a lot of perimeter today, showing an ability to hit from deep and a willingness to play scrappy. Good passer and awareness.

Matt Kalaf (SF, 6’7″, 2016) Great deep shooter with length. College coaches have to like what they see in Kalaf, who has the size to play the small forward spot at the collegiate level. He has a high, fluid release on his jump shot and his height gives him an ability to shoot right over smaller guards and forwards. He also has the range to scorch teams from outside. Moves without the ball to get shots but doesn’t just set up on the perimeter, also gets inside on defense and posts up at times when he sees the right match up.

Peter Agba (PF/C, 6’6″, 2015) Agba is a rebounding machine and a physical presence in the post. Although he is undersized for a collegiate center, he outrebounded many players today who had an inch or two on him. A beast inside, he relishes and plays through contact all day long.

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